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    Lost In The Darkness

    I hear a prayer being spoken in the distance, it’s so dark, I don’t know where it’s coming from. I see a light, I feel myself walking towards it. But I feel a hand on my shoulder pulling me away, I want to cry out but I can’t find my voice. I turn to face familiar blue eyes, and I gasp, it’s my cousin who passed away when we were eighteen.

    ”Angelica,” I asked, shocked. I looked around and we were in her old room back home.

    ”Tina, I’ve missed you so,” she said and embraced me. I couldn’t believe I was seeing her again. We were practically raised as sisters, we were born only two months apart, her being older. I was so happy to see her, but then I panicked at the realization of why I am seeing her.

    ”Am I dead? Angelica, is this Heaven?”

    ”No, but you are in limbo.”


    ”Yes, you’re stuck between life and death and for whatever reason you are stuck here until you can find your way out.”

    ”No, I can’t be! How do I get out of here?! I have a life, a family, a wife, I need to leave. Help me leave.”

    ”I can’t Tina, you need to figure a way out for yourself.”

    ”But why am I here? I don’t know what I did to deserve this.”

    ”That’s all up to you little sis.”

    I am in and out of that world. Everything went black again and I could faintly hear talking. Who’s there, someone help me! I scream and shout to no avail, no one can hear me. As I walk around the room, something hits me and I fall to the floor.

    ”Tina please,” I heard in a whisper, ”please come back to me. I can’t do this without you, I can’t live without you please Tee, please wake up.”

    My breathing is rapid, and my heart beats faster. I have to get back, I have to leave this place but how? I search but Angelica is no where to be seen. There has to be a reason I am seeing Angelica, but why?

    I walk around the room, the room which I was so familiar with. I smiled to myself as I saw all the cheer trophies she’d won. She was the cheerleader, and I was the athlete and we complimented each other well. She was at all my games, whether she was cheering or not and I was always at her competitions.

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    1. Bibi28 says

      Wow OliviaKelly,

      You did a amazing job to upload the chapters so fast. And you posted a new chapter. Truly amazing!

      At first i thought it was Bette who was in a coma, but you had Tina living between dead and life.

      I am very happy that you let her wake in this chapter, many writers would have tortured us by letting her waking up after a couple of more chapters 😉

      I am so happy you are back and I hope you will update 50 Shades of Bette Porter soon.

      Thanks again for coming back!

    2. SassyGran says

      I so enjoyed this story first time round but loved how you posted these together, so quickly and added a Chapter. Thanks really great and look forward to you doing it with another of your stories.
      Also glad to see 50 Shades may be updated.
      Nice to have you back and look forward to more of your entertaining writing.

    3. Dainty says

      I have enjoyed this story, don’t think I read it in the past. Hope that their accident was truly an accident and not caused by nadia or eric. nadia is one crazy fool and I fear for them while she is out of jail because I don’t think she will go away, quietly or otherwise. You have done a great job writing this one. Now i will go back and find your other stories to read. Patiently waiting for the next chapter. Thanks for posting the story.

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