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    Is this love 16=18

    “Well it’s the least you deserve after we skipped dinner “
    “I wouldn’t say an 18-inch pizza and garlic bread followed by ice cream and beer is skipping dinner”
    “We burned a lot of calories last night “Bette replied sitting down with her own plate of pancakes and pouring herself a coffee. Tina sat down and they both fell silent as they ate hungrily – Bette had been right – they were both starving after the night be fore’s passion.
    Bette washed some pancake down with a mouthful of juice and touched Tina’s hand.
    “I like you more than I know how to say – please say that we can see each other again “
    Tina’s heart just melted – how could you say no to that – to that obvious modesty and kindness.
    “Last night blew me away “Tina said “Yes I want to see you again – and again and again “
    Bette’s beaming smile was just glorious in Tina’s opinion
    “Did we agree that we were both free tonight? “Bette asked
    “I am going to see how charming I can be to your mother and then we are meeting up for a sandwich “
    Bette smiled “Of course – tonight?”
    “We could try to go out “
    “Or I could cook for you – that way we might eat more classy food than pizza and beer “
    “Do you cook everything as well as you do pancakes?”
    “Yes “Bette said without a trace of hiding her pride “Anything you don’t like – I don’t think you are a veggie “
    “No, I am not – not keen on lamb or sweet corn or octopus “
    Bette looked at her with a straight face “Damn my octopus curry is a delight “
    Tina raised one eyebrow as Bette laughed at her own humour “Funny girl “
    “I am – so – I’ll cook for you – around 8?”
    Tina nodded “Can I bring anything?”
    “Just yourself “Bette replied “
    “I’ll bring some ice cream – we ate the last of that tub last night “

    “Fair enough “Bette said – she lent closer and kissed Tina on the lips for several minutes
    “Let’s see how long we can hold out before we end up in bed this time – I reckon it took us less than 15
    minutes last night “
    “If I had known how hot you are in bed Bette it would have been in single figures “


    1. Hola Ally que bien que subiste este capítulo la verdad me encanto quiero ver que pasara después pero tus historias siempre me dejan con ganas de leer más gracias y esperando que subas el otro capitulo pronto

    2. This chapter makes me smile…This is really not their first date…I would consider it their fourth date. Dinner at Paramount, and the two lunches and then this one. Even though the first three were for other purposes, they managed to have plenty of getting to know you conversation. And they had talked on the phone multiple times to set up their plans. Of course it’s all in how you define what a date is.

      These two seem well suited for each other. They are arriving in each other’s lives at exactly the right time – when they are ready to form a permanent and long term relationship.

      I find this story to be absolutely intriguing. I really like it a lot. Can’t wait for more.

    3. Oh, the date! Thanks a lot for posting so soon again.

      They really are good for each other and obviously very compatible in bed as well. I like how open they are with each other about their past, their weaknesses, their likes.
      Their mothers might notice that something happend in the lifes of their daughters. Would they notice that B + T probably are beaming with happiness?
      I’m looking forward to Tina’s first meeting with Bette’s mom. :-)

    4. Lovely story and your depiction of my favorite couple. Looking forward to the scene where the Mothers realize they have been had. Watching them run around in circles is entertaining. Thank you!

    5. I think they should add to the tease by them both telling parents they meet someone .. lol but tell them just that they really think it’s going to go somewhere.. . What would moms do then lol.. ok I like slow burns so in my opinion they went to quick I like te tease and the feelings they were having but just a little slower.. great story line thank you for posting

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