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    Is this love 16=18

    Is this love
    Chapter 16
    Tina looked at Bette
    “You are asking me on a date?”
    Bette nodded and picked her sandwich up again and took a bite. She was desperately hoping that Tina would say yes – if she didn’t it was going to be a major blow to her ego. Tina was the cutest and hottest woman she had met in months – years even and she wanted to get to know her in every sense of the expression. She wanted to make Tina just see how she saw her – that should be enough to encourage her to say yes to Bette
    “Maybe the movies or dinner or both “
    Tina swallowed “Did you know what I was thinking just then?”
    “Well I hope it wasn’t – god that Bette Porter is a pain in the butt. “
    “It wasn’t “Tina smiled
    “I think “Bette said taking her courage in her hands and ploughing on hoping that she had read the
    situation right “That you are as aware as me of the way we are looking at one another and the way that we flirt and God Ti – -there is something there between us and we both know that “
    Tina looked at Bette and nodded “Yes “
    “So, let’s have some fun and see where it goes “
    Tina could feel her heart beating – Bette was really asking her on a date – wow and wow again. Tina smiled at Bette
    “You know that I really like you, don’t you?”
    “I think it’s fair to say that we really like each other “Bette said “I really want to get to know you and see what happens between us. I think that it could be something good”
    Tina nodded “Yes – I think that too “
    Bette gave her most winning and hopefully hard to resist smile
    “So wanna go out with me?”
    Tina regarded Bette – how could she say no? well the answer was that she couldn’t possibly say no. It was a pleasant surprise that Bette wanted to date her – she had been half hoping that Bette would come onto her – what she hadn’t expected was a “date “
    “I would love to go on a date with you” Tina replied
    Bette grinned “Thank you – you won’t regret it “
    “Neither will you “Tina replied
    Bette laughed and letting go of Tina’s hand she applied her attentions back to her sandwich. After a few minutes during which they both ate while shyly looking at the other person Tina spoke
    “I am a bit of mess after Jane “
    “I am not Jane “Bette replied simply “I am a good person who believes in treating the woman she is dating with the up most respect and tenderness. I will treat you right Tina”
    Tina swallowed – the hottest woman she had be in contact with in years and not only was she asking her out but she was also promising to treat her right – that was a heady combination. Tina hadn’t been planning to get back into dating so soon after coming out the relationship with Jane but this was too
    delicious an offer to refuse.
    “I will treat you right as well – I really like you Bette “
    Bette smiled “You are aware that we sound like a couple of teenagers?”
    Tina nodded “Yeah – well there is always something silly about asking someone out. You either sound crude or juvenile “
    “It’s never easy dating “Bette said “I guess everyone picks up their fair share of crazy moments “
    “I hope that I am not going to be one of your crazy moments “
    “You won’t – we seem to get on well and as we have both acknowledged there is a chemistry”
    “Let’s hope it’s not dynamite “
    “Well it might be but in a good way “Bette replied
    Tina blushed and then laughed at her own embarrassment at Bette’s comment. Bette grinned; it was always a good sign when she could make a woman laugh
    “We seem to have things in common and there is a good chemistry and we currently have a shared goal
    to make our mother’s pay for interfering in our lives “Tina said
    “Speaking of which I really wouldn’t hear the end of it if my mother found out that the two of us were stepping out “Bette raised her eyebrows to emphasis that she knew the phrase she had used was absurd
    “My mother doesn’t think that I can cross the road without her supervision – so there is no way that I am telling her that I am seeing you “
    Bette sipped her coffee
    “When I was a teenager, I was pretty geeky and awkward and I think my mother was in despair that I was never going to get a date with anyone. She would get me invites to parties with what she thought were nice boys who I would like. I never did which maybe was when she came to the conclusion that I maybe liked girls a little more than I liked boys “

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    1. Hola Ally que bien que subiste este capítulo la verdad me encanto quiero ver que pasara después pero tus historias siempre me dejan con ganas de leer más gracias y esperando que subas el otro capitulo pronto

    2. This chapter makes me smile…This is really not their first date…I would consider it their fourth date. Dinner at Paramount, and the two lunches and then this one. Even though the first three were for other purposes, they managed to have plenty of getting to know you conversation. And they had talked on the phone multiple times to set up their plans. Of course it’s all in how you define what a date is.

      These two seem well suited for each other. They are arriving in each other’s lives at exactly the right time – when they are ready to form a permanent and long term relationship.

      I find this story to be absolutely intriguing. I really like it a lot. Can’t wait for more.

    3. Oh, the date! Thanks a lot for posting so soon again.

      They really are good for each other and obviously very compatible in bed as well. I like how open they are with each other about their past, their weaknesses, their likes.
      Their mothers might notice that something happend in the lifes of their daughters. Would they notice that B + T probably are beaming with happiness?
      I’m looking forward to Tina’s first meeting with Bette’s mom. :-)

    4. Lovely story and your depiction of my favorite couple. Looking forward to the scene where the Mothers realize they have been had. Watching them run around in circles is entertaining. Thank you!

    5. I think they should add to the tease by them both telling parents they meet someone .. lol but tell them just that they really think it’s going to go somewhere.. . What would moms do then lol.. ok I like slow burns so in my opinion they went to quick I like te tease and the feelings they were having but just a little slower.. great story line thank you for posting

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