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    is this love – chapter 132

    CHAPTER 132.

    Tina looked at Bette and grinned at the look of shock on her face.
    “I think they are perfect “
    “It took a lot of motherly skills not to let Helena have a couple of cats herself – we got them from the cat shelter.”
    “Yeah but you are going to change your mind aren’t you ?” Helena said looking at Emma
    “Emma “
    “Behave – this is about Tina and Bette’s cats not you getting some “
    Bette looked at Tina
    “What do you think ?”
    Tina picked up the Siamese who was just beautiful
    “I think I am in love – what a lovely kitten”
    “Two girls by the way “ Emma said “Boys are menaces “
    Bette picked up the black kitten and put her on her knees. The kitten explored Bette and found her satisfactory
    “ I don’t know what to say – thank you – thank you both of you “
    “We thought of all sort of things to buy you and in the end I agreed with Helena that two cats would be good for you both. I know Tina always wanted a kitten when she was little”
    “Mom had an allergy so when our first cat died we didn’t get another one “ Tina said “So this is my first kitten and she is just the most lovely little thing – thank you “
    “You two have to stay together now “ Peggy said “ Custody battles for cats are so undignified “
    “I have fought a divorce case when the main subject of contention between the couple was the custody of their dogs “ Emma said smiling at Peggy.
    “I can believe that – well – I have brought the two of you a housewarming gift but it doesn’t come close to how lovely that gift is” Peggy removed a pink envelope from her handbag and placed it on the table
    “Peggy “
    “Its just some gift vouchers from Bloomingdales – looks like you will be spending it in the pet department “
    “No – they will be spending it on themselves and their house – the litter trays and food and God only knows what else will be arriving around 3pm. I love shopping as well you know “ Emma spoke to Peggy
    Peggy smiled “Well you both have great taste – those are beautiful kittens – now did you say you had champagne – we all have a lot to celebrate “
    “In the kitchen – Helena – could you get it ?“ Bette looked at her friend
    “I will “ Peggy said “I never miss a chance to look at other peoples alcohol – perhaps you would help me Emma “
    “Of course “
    The two older women left the room leaving Bette, Tina and Helena alone
    “I think I should go referee “ Helena got up
    “Leave them “ Bette said “Your mom seems in the mood to be consolatory and Emma seems to have softened – just let them be “
    Helena looked at Tina
    “Bette is right – just let them talk – they don’t seem to want to resume hostilities. They need to make their peace and then you need to make your peace with Peggy. She has spoken about wanting to give the two of you a chance””
    “Really ?”
    “She has missed you “ Tina said
    “I have missed her – Thanksgiving was great with Emma – lots of sun and cocktails and sex but it was odd not to even talk to mom “
    “Just give them some time – this is an amazing gift Helena”
    “I love them – I am seriously thinking about going back to the shelter and getting her” she pointed to the Siamese “ sisters. You know my weakness for Siamese “
    “I do – I remember the tears when your Siamese died “
    Helena nodded “I should have gone straight out and replaced him – I really do want those two kittens”
    “Why did mom stop you ?”
    “Because we went to the Shelter to get a couple of kittens for you two – she was right”
    “How’s it going with mom ?” Tina asked
    “Fantastically well – your mom is something else”
    “She must be if she’d got you off your ass “ Bette said
    Helena nodded “I needed the motivation she’s been giving me. We do have something special “
    “Obviously “ Bette said “Come on Tina – lets swap kittens – I want to have a look at my other girl”
    “I think its just as well that we swapped your bed for my giant bed because its not going to take long for these two to take up residence “

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    1. Hi allyemmerson,

      Welcome back!

      I missed your almost daily update on this fantastic story!

      Let we hope the problems are over and i agree with you, Jacky does do a amazing job for 16 years to keep this site up and alive ????????????

      Emma and Peggy had a good conversation and try to be nice to each other. They do look alike in certain ways.

      And such a smart and great present of them to give Bette and Tina two kittens.

      I love this story and a little sad it is almost finished.

      Please take care of yourself and stay save and healthy ????

    2. Glad to see Emma and Peggy having a civil conversation. I think Helena and Emma stand a chance to be long-term. That is provided Helena gets her very own set of kittens.

      I do love that Bette and Tina have these two kittens. This too, will be a growing experience for both Bette and Tina.

      Thanks for this chapter…. love your stories….

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