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    is this love chp 133-135

    Chapter 133
    “Did you really say that all you wanted from life was a partner and two cats ?” Tina asked Bette. They were sitting together on the sofa, the gas fire was on and the room was warm and snug. The door was closed so the kittens couldn’t escape – the Siamese was sitting in the cat basket but the black kitten was missing – last seen vanishing behind a chair.
    “Yes – I think I told you that when we were just sitting talking one day over coffee “
    “Was that before or after our first date ?”
    “Before – I cursed myself – nothing like showing that you needy or desperate to scare a woman off “
    “I don’t think I have ever thought that about you Bette “
    “I thought it about myself. The funny thing is that I think I inadvertently encouraged mom to match make the two of us because I remember telling her that I wanted to date a normal woman “
    “So I am normal am I ?”
    “Normal as in have opinions on stuff and not live on a celery stick a week “
    “So was that a test when you invited me to have dinner with you ?”
    “Well I could have picked bar to met you but I love good food and I was sick of being the only one at the table who wanted to see what was on the sweet trolley. You passed the test with flying colours and you are cute “
    Bette kissed Tina on the nose
    “Thanks – I remember being surprised that you were so down to earth and normal”
    “You thought I wasn’t ?” Bette said smiling
    “In my experience women who look as red hot as you and have unusual jobs tend to be the type who live on celery and organic water from the springs around some Tibetan mountain village “
    Bette laughed “I know the type – I dated the type. Luckily I have never BEEN the type “
    “Look – whose emerging from over there “
    Tina pointed to where the black kitten was emerging from behind a small table in the corner of the room.
    “What do you want to call these two balls of mischief ?” Bette asked
    “Do we need to decide ?”
    “Well I think we should be thinking of names”
    “We could name one each “
    “That will lead to recriminations when your cat does something like pooh in my boots “
    “My cat is not like that ! “ Tina said in mock outrage
    “See – I think we need to decide on names together – they are our family now”
    “What is it with lesbians and cats ?”
    “No idea “ Bette got up and picked the black kitten up and brought it over to sit on her knees.
    “So kitten – how do you feel about living with two women who love each other very much ?”
    “She’s happy about it “ Tina said stroking the tiny animal who was trying to climb up Bette’s sweater. Bette put her hand under the cat’s butt and gave it a shove. The kitten reached Bette’s chest and stopped and snuggled against her
    “See “ Tina said “ She knows the nicest place in the house – your chest “
    Bette laughed and kissed Tina
    “I am sure you don’t mind sharing it now and again “
    “As long as she doesn’t make a habit of it “
    “Jealous ?”
    “Just as much as you will get when you cannot get near me for cat limbs “
    “I think my love for you is mature enough that I can not get too upset about it “
    “Good “

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    1. Hi allyemmerson,

      So sad that this story has finished, it was a beautiful journey!

      Bette and Tina found with each other the love of their life!

      Is there any change that you will write a sequel? I can’t get enough of them and would love to see what the future bring them.

      Thank you for this wonderful story!

    2. I love this story so much. I am even on board with Helena and Emma. And as you know I was not a fan. I will miss these seven characters very much. Nine if you add Bonnie and Clyde. Love that Peggy and Emma hung out. And a visit from Bette’s mom is always enjoyable. I know there is so much more to Bette and Tina’s journey. They are young and just starting out. So much pure and authentic love. This is one of my absolute favorite stories. Perhaps an epilogue?

    3. I love the imagination and the story line and the characters of this story. I love that in the end, they are all just one big family. Tibette are perfect – full of energy and love and ambition. With the addition of Bonnie and Clyde, they are in for years of joy and adventure.

      Bette and Tina have a solid beginning and the endorsements of their families and friends. That means a lot.

      I so loved this story. I love the humor between these two. Bette is really a great humorist. I love the drama and I love the love. Thank you for this and I hope you do more sometime in the future. I have read some of you other stories…. you are really good and the stories are very entertaining…. My best wishes to you. Hope to see something new in the future.

    4. I join all others in saying how much I love this story.

      Please consider a Sequel or at the least a nice long Epilogue.

      So love your writing and your characters Ally, Thank you
      Stay safe

    5. Thank You. The story is really great and it was a real pleasure to read it!!!

      I must also express my hope that you have the desire to continue with many more new chapter one of my all-time favorite fanfics – The L Wing. I repeated so many times through the years and now I am planning to reread again. So I really hope you feel like taking that story :).

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