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    is this love chapters 1-7

    Is this love

    Chapter One

    New York City

    Emma Kennard looked with sadness at her daughter – yet again Tina was in floods of tears over her damn girlfriend. If she thought for a second that she would get away with it she would strangle Stephanie bloody Braun with her bare hands. Emma handed Tina a tissue and sighed.
    She loved her beautiful and kind daughter but there were times when she wished that Tina was a bit more ruthless.
    “Tell me what she said”
    “She was so angry with me for staying late when I should have been with her at the show”
    “Why did you stay late?”
    “An old man came into the centre and he needed help because his daughter was very sick and he didn’t have the bus fare to Newark “
    “Where none of the other helpers there?”
    “A couple but they had to leave “
    “And you had to leave because you had to see your girlfriend perform in her play “
    “I know – I kept trying to get him to leave but I couldn’t “
    Emma knew that Tina wasn’t as weak as she was sounding at the moment but every row with Stephanie did this to her. Every time they had a fight Tina thought it was the end of the world and she crumbled. By Emma’s estimation this was the third time this month that she had arrived for lunch with her daughter and discovered her in tears.
    “You have a right to a life Tina “
    “I know but this man was so upset about his daughter and I had to help him “
    “Did he get the fare to Newark?”
    “I put him on the bus myself “
    “What time was that?”
    “7:45 “
    “And Stephanie’s show starts when?”
    “7:30 “
    “What time DID you arrive?”
    “8:45 “
    “It took you an hour to get from the bus station to the theatre?”
    “I had to go and change “
    “Well at least that’s something “
    “But Steph said that she would rather that I had arrived wearing what I was for work and be reasonably on time “
    “Presumably if you had done that, she would have complained about how you were dressed “
    Tina smiled and took a sip of her coffee
    “She isn’t that bad “
    “She is a bad imitation of what an actress is supposed to be “
    “Mom “
    “You know that I don’t like her Tina “
    “I know “

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    1. this read is very familiar, Tina in bad relationships like bette’s fleeting trophy arm candy women. beg me t ask, is this the story where tine decides to join Emma’s firm and become part of the legal profession? and bette and Tina do meet and begin a relationship with the blessings of everyone.

      *****( ahh but I digress. the story I recall is when Emma does have a wife Kate whom Tina adores until Emma and Kate’s relationship ends due to infidelity on the part of one partner,, emma’s relationship with Tina was volatile at best on the better days, Tina ends up joining Emma’s firm, starts a relationship with bette and Emma begins to resent bette and Tina’s relationship due to…hw can it be said, “jealousy” of bette being with Tina? )******

      this story seems to be a combination of two stories combined with one. thank you for sharing.

    2. Nice one, Ally. Did you write it before “One and only”? I like the re-use of the parents’ characters.

      I’d love to read more of it. Wonder what you have in mind for Bette and Tina. Feels like Helena might bump into T first and set her eyes on her. The parents’ matchmaking could go wrong. Or even funnier if Tina meets Bette while running in Central Park and they start dating without their parents knowing.

      Your first chapters were enough for me to be very curious of where you might take this story, so please continue.

      Thanks for this New Year’s posting!

    3. Hi allyemmerson,

      Happy New Year 🥂

      This story sounds familiar and mm mentioned about it. Emma’s wife Kate was still alive and it ended because Emma cheated. I think that Tina went to work with Rosemary and not with her mother in the firm. And if my memory is correct, Rosemary and Emma or Kate were involved in a romance in the very past, college or present.

      Any way, i am very happy to see you back with a Tibette story. You are a fantastic writer and i am currently rereading The L Wing. Any chance you are going to finish that one like you did with New York Minute a few years ago?

      Welcome back!!!

    4. Yes I remember that story but if my memory serves me right, Bette and Tina met when they were way younger, The background was more or less the same….
      But I love this new version, it’s really great and well written as usaul with you Ally !
      Thank you for this and please post very soon.

    5. Hola Allyemmerson

      Feliz año nuevo

      Me encantó esta historia esperando que subas los siguientes capítulos que quede con ganas de leer más y si esta historias es parecida a one and only
      pero me encanto que las juntaras

    6. I’m so happy for you come back and for still can read your great happy tibette stories!
      I hope you continue with one of my favorite fanfic ever – The l Wing!!!

      Have a great New 2020 Year!

    7. Happy New Year Ally! What a joy to have you back.

      I love how you are using some of the characters from previous stories and can’t wait for the next instalment.

      Such a tease that they have not even met yet and we are 7 Chapters in!

      Welcome back,

    8. Happy New Year Ally!

      I thought I posted earlier today but I guess it didn’t take…

      I remember this story line loved it then and I know I will love the repost!

      I hope you continue to write New and repost old stories I absolutely love the way you write!

      Happy New year!


    9. Thank you for the chapter!

      I wonder if plot twist about Bette and her jokes about asking out Emma is not inspired by Gen. Q and some crazy fans who wants that Bette to hook up with this young version of her – Dani?

    10. Hey your back!.. great.
      Interesting story and I know I have read these characters before but I loved them and even more now because they are in a new story. A BnT story I feel a slow burn coming on.. lol especially if it’s taking this long for them to meet and now Bette’s suspicious of her mom setting her up but the only good thing is we know she will be surprised that there is a younger version she can make a real life with .. both their futures are about to collide they just dont know it yet.. why can’t very parent be like thank you and welcome back.

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