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    The bitterest Pill

    The Bitterest Pill (I ever had to swallow)

    “For the bitterest pill is hard to swallow
    The love I gave hangs in sad coloured, mocking shadows” (Paul Weller)

    Alice Pieszecki looked up from her iPhone – it wasn’t like Bette Porter to be late. Hell, the number of times Bette had torn several stripes off Alice for her tardiness were impossible to remember. Still it allowed Alice to work on her proposal that her hugely successful podcast “Alice in Lezzy Land” would work as a TV show. She had an important presentation to a Network executive in 3 weeks’ time and this presentation had to be right.
    “Sorry I am late Alice – the traffic is horrendous because of some pile up 10 km away “
    Alice dropped her phone on her napkin and stood up to greet her oldest friend. Put simply Bette looked as devastating hot as she had over 20 years ago when they had first met. She was still the most attractive, cool and organised person Alice knew. Bette stood over 5ft 10in tall in her inevitable high heels and killer business suit – as the Dean of West LA University she looked like she had come from Central Casting
    They hugged and Bette removed her jacket to reveal a crisp white blouse open enough to hint at her breasts. Alice sat down and handed Bette the menu
    “Lunch is on me “
    “Thank you Alice – how are you? I haven’t seen you for a few weeks – how is the podcast ?”
    “Oh man – we recorded one last night and we had this foaming at the mouth full scale Trump fanatic on “
    “There are a worrying number of those “
    “And this was a woman – god she was total bat crazed and she said that he was the second coming of the Lord – it just all kicked off after that – have you seen him latest senile ramblings about migration? “
    Bette sighed and held up her hands “Alice – you know my views on that man – and you know that I stay well away from any form of media that features him. I read what he says and that is more than enough for me to be informed about what Donald is up to “
    “Well let me tell you “
    “Alice – can we at least order lunch before you go off on one of your diatribes against deranged Donny ?”
    “Sure – of course “
    Bette picked up the menu
    “I got an email from Shane at the weekend “
    Alice regarded Bette over her glasses “And where in the world is, she ?”
    “Paris “
    “How is her French ?”
    “As bad as you might expect “
    “Shane doesn’t need to speak French – she can let people know what she wants without words”
    “That tends to only apply to lesbians Al “
    “Well from what she was telling me on Skype – there are plenty of those swooning at her feet in her salon “
    Bette was silent for a few minutes – her eyes skimming the menu but not really taking in the words
    “I am worried about her “
    “She is loaded and traveling the world with a staggering hot wife “
    Bette moved her neck from side to side as if trying to ease the tensions in her body
    “She isn’t happy “
    “Why do you say that?” Alice challenged back
    Bette shrugged “Because I know her – like I know you and I know Helena and everyone. Like I knew on Tuesday that Angie was coming down with a bug – sure enough on Thursday we get a call from the school to say she has fainted during gym and has a soaring temperature “
    “Oh no – how is she now ?”
    “Back at school and 100% – it was just a bug and she slept for two days and before we knew it she was demanding soda and candy and toast “
    “You are getting worryingly like Tina – anyway – Shane has everything – she is fine “
    Bette didn’t answer and finally concentrated on the menu as a waiter had appeared at their table. Alice ordered burger with all the extras and a coffee. The waiter lingered beside Bette for a couple of minutes until she finally ordered a tuna salad and sparkling water
    “The last episode of the podcast has over 200,000 downloads – I got an email from Benbecula – I bet you don’t know where the hell that is?”
    “Where ?”
    “Benbecula “
    Bette pondered the question “Scotland “
    “Oh, for crying out for all that is holy Bette Porter – how in God’s name did you know THAT?”
    “Helena “
    “As in Dame Peabody?”
    Bette laughed “Yes – Helena as in Peabody – her latest investment project is in the Shetland Islands and she send me a map of the place and some links to YouTube. I was bored so I looked up how many people lived on the Shetland Islands and there is about 20,000. Benbecula was on the list “
    “Has anyone told you told JUST how annoying you are Dean Porter?”
    “You mainly “
    Bette smiled – it was always fun to take the wind out of Alice now and again
    “So, tell me about your email ?”
    “Oh that – it was just cool that’s all. I am starting a world map and giving every country where we have listeners a pink “Alice in Lezzy Land “sticker
    Bette winched – she seemed to be the only person who HATED the title of Alice’s wildly successful podcast

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    1. Yeah, yeah. lets all blame Tina. When Bette cheated – lets understand and forgive, and even find some excuse for her, like someone tried after s1 TLW – how she was miserable and not got any attention from Tina (hmm, forget that Tina just have miscarriage, yeah). And mostly they forgot how Bette sometime treat with Tina like a servant, how she dismissed her in front of her father, how even before miscarriage she asked herself – if she fallen out love with Tina.
      Yeah, Bette we all can forgive.
      But when Tina left her in s3 – she’s traitor, not excuse. Lets even in fanfic paired Bette with someone else, they all better for her, that this traitor.

    2. Hi allyemmerson,

      Good to see you back!

      My heart broke to 💔💔💔 when i read in previews that Tina left Bette and broke again reading this short story. I don’t know if this was a one time story, but i must admit that i will only read Tibette stories with a happy Tibette ending.

      Happy Boxing Day!

    3. You always were brave in your writing, and you continue to be by writing from a point of view you knew wouldn’t be popular. And, you did such a great job! Thanks Ally…and it’s so great to have you writing L Word fanfic again! :-)

      Now, since we did challenge each other, I guess it’s my turn. Yikes! :-)

    4. This is a well written story…..I am one who believes that breakups are seldom sudden and seldom because someone fell in love with someone else instantaneously and then decided to to leave. It may seem that way to begin with in the first few days or weeks. But when a real examination of the history of the couple is taken, there will always be signs of discord or inattentiveness or the avoidance of the other in the couple. How can Tina say that she was miserable with Bette and not show some signs of being miserable? Happiness which is not real can only be faked but for a short period of time. Then most people do the run, hide and avoidance mode or the argue and antagonism modes. And most of these signs are apparent long before an affair takes place.

      When Bette says we were talking and giving each other time. My question would be what was the depth of your conversations? Did both of you really hear and understand the feelings and emotions which were the support structure of the relationships. If every conversation was about how terrible work is and horrible some person was treating you at work, that may be talking, but its not communicating.

      Another author of this stories said once that in a relationship it’s always harder to be present, to commit and to stand and fight for a relationship. Running and seeking alternatives is always an easier solution. And to sustain any relationship, it takes both parties to want the relationship and to work at it or it is doomed to failure. In this story, if Tina has decided that she no longer wants the relationship with Bette then there is no chance for reconciliation. The only reason they were able to come back together in the past was because they both wanted their relationship and they were willing to make changes in their behaviors to make that happen. But if Tina has decided that the relationship with Bette cost more than the benefits she receives or she’s tired of making an effort or she simply would rather have someone else, then there is no hope. That is why the divorce rate is 50% in the US and higher than that in the United Kingdom. It’s easier to give up than to stay and fight.

      We really know little about what has happened here with Tina and Bette. We know little of what really has been going on for the previous months and years in their relationship. I do not think we have near enough information to affix blame one way or another. Yes, having an affair is detrimental to a relationship, but usually it reflects a failure on both parties to deal with each other as to the other problems going on in the relationship in an honest and forthright manner as problems, hurts and fears arise.

    5. Great to see that you are back, Ally! But I have to admit that I didn’t read your comeback story. I simply can’t bare to read any story with either Tina or Bette cheating on the other (or falling out of love) without a chance of reconsiliation.

      I sure though that I’m not the only one who would be excited if you’d pick up writing Tibette stories again. Well, stories without the cheating or final separation part ;-)

    6. Hi Ally,

      Great to read a story by you again despite the reasons.

      Not happy that Tibette split in the new Show and will remain reading their stories on this Site.

      Happy New Year, off to read Seahurst.

      BTW would always like to read an L Wing continuance:-)


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