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    Is this love – chp 102


    CHAPTER 102

    “Its no good Bette – I am too damn sticky – I need to get up and have a wash”
    Bette grunted a reply leading Tina to conclude that her partner was asleep. So she eased out of bed and headed into the bathroom careful not to turn any lights on until she was safe behind the bathroom door and the light would not disturb Bette.
    Tina reached the bathroom and turned the shower on – it was a hot night and the A/C was pulling hard to try and keep the temperature down. On top of that they had only recently stopped making love after a long two hour session where they had barely given one another time to get their breath back. Tina tied her hair back and stepped into the shower – she switched the shower setting to cool and stood under the water for several minutes. She was oblivious to everything but her own body when the shower door opened and Bette stepped in to join her
    “I thought you were asleep “
    “I made the mistake of rolling over into the wet patch “
    “I had been lying in that “
    “So I got up to change the sheet – we have no chance of getting to sleep otherwise – then I realised you were in the shower -so here I am “
    Bette kissed Tina and joined her under the cooling water
    “Oh – that is so good “
    “It is “
    Bette held Tina by the waist as they held one another
    “Do you know its quarter to two in the morning ?” Tina asked
    “I couldn’t see the clock my eyes were so heavy “
    “So you got up – stripped the bed and now you are having a shower ?”
    “I figured we would both sleep better if we were comfortable – which we would have not been both of us sweating and lying in a pool of our juices “
    “That’s an exaggeration – but I blame you “Tina replied leaning against Bette’s shoulder
    “How do you figure that out- you were the one who went commando ?”
    “You didn’t have to react “
    “Yeah – like that was going to happen – and you didn’t want it to happen either”
    Tina chuckled “It was actually your fault “
    “Explain “
    “You wore the teddy “
    “How long are you going to bring that up ?”
    “As often as I need to “
    “Right “
    Bette opened her eyes “I feel so much better for this “
    Tina took the shower head “Here – let me clean you up properly “
    For a few minutes Tina gently washed Bette’s private parts – she knew that they would be sensitive because hers were as well. So it was important that she didn’t hurt her lover – not that she would ever do that. After Tina had washed Bette – the brunette took the shower head and gently sponged Tina down. When that was done Tina switched the shower off and they stepped out together. After towelling each other down they returned to bed and climbed in
    “Oh – that is so much better” Bette said leaning her head into the cool pillow
    “It is “ Tina took hold of Bette’s hand and squeezed it “I love you Bette “
    Bette smiled and kissed Tina on the cheek “I love you as well “
    Bette closed her eyes and waited for sleep to claim her . After a few minutes she opened her eyes again
    “You asleep ?” Bette asked
    “No- wide awake “
    “Me too “
    Bette rolled over and stroked Tina’s cheek “ You looked beautiful tonight “
    “I hope I didn’t show you up “
    “No – of course not – that crowd hunt in packs – they would have hoped to freak you out – I am glad that they didn’t “
    “Most certainly not – I know your reputation Bette. Its been more of a surprise that we have not encountered some of your fan club sooner “
    “Yeah – that is true I guess. I am very proud of how cool you were “
    “Thanks – there was no way I was going to let any of them intimidate me “
    “Good for you “
    “I think if we had encountered them when we had just started out I would have been really freaked “
    “That lot are not worth losing any sleep over. They wont try again and the word will get around that Bette’s woman is someone who you do not mess with. There might be one or two women who will keep on but you will see them off “
    “I remember one of the picnics that I went to before college – I must have been 17-18 and the husband of one of the new women was drunk and coming onto Kate. I thought that mom would have taken this guy’s balls off with one laser look. She was very calm and dealt with it very
    smoothly. I remember asking her about it and she said that the one thing that you never do when someone is hitting onto your partner is over-react because that’s just a signal that you have something to be afraid of”
    “You were not afraid of them – good for you babe “
    “Have you heard how Helena and Emma are doing “
    Bette sighed – this probably was not a conversation for just after 2:15 in the morning. But at least they were awake, clean and not likely to be disturb from the conversation
    “Yes “
    “That really sounded a very negative yes “
    “It was “
    “What happened ?”
    “Helena came over – she wanted to know what my story was about the painting”
    “Was she spoiling for an argument ?”
    “No” Bette rolled onto her back to get comfortable “She was upset – it was obvious that she had been crying “
    “Oh great – what had my mother done ?”
    “They had argued – mainly because your mom was hitting out at everyone “
    “I can imagine what she was like – she was blaming everyone but herself “
    “Yeah – it must have been a nightmare for Helena – Emma vs. her mom, my parents and me”
    “She is close to your father – that came over the other night – that was really obvious”
    “She was struggling when she was taken under my parents wing. She was still really in mourning for her father and dad was funny and sweet with her. She turned to him for a lot of advice – there is a real bond there “
    “Damn my mother”
    “You know I cannot help thinking that none of this would have happened if I had held the painting back until after Helena’s birthday “
    “You didn’t know that it would arrive so soon and obviously you hadn’t factored in what a spoilt ass my mother is being “
    “I don’t know Tina “
    “Bette – this has all been a really unfortunate set of events – but basically my mother does not come out of this well. She should have checked the providence of the painting. How hard is it to get in touch with the Maritime authorities and find out who owned the damn yacht ? That was sloppy – none of this would have happened if she had checked and then told someone. She was careless and she added that she was secretive. You flipped because you felt she had personally screwed you – of course add Peggy’s reaction and you have a bad mix “
    Bette sighed “Do you think I should have said nothing when I found the picture ?”
    “No – Bette – do not let my mom and Helena falling out make you feel that it is your fault. We should have maybe acted a little calmer but this whole relationship has been eating away at us “
    “You have been very calm”
    “I am about the two of them – Helena has made my mom very happy and she has earned some happiness and fun. But – well I am not surprised at how she has reacted to a set back. She has always acted like that when she doesn’t get her own way. She is utterly unbearable if she loses a big case “
    “What now Tina ?“
    Tina yawned “Well apart from the two of us trying to get some sleep – I assume you mean what do we do ?”
    “Yeah – Helena is miserable and its her birthday on Thursday “
    “Is she doing anything ?”
    “Emma was planning to arrange something but Helena wants to hang out with us and some of her other friends – you will like Phyllis and Jodie – they are really good laughs “
    “Are they going to ask questions about our sex life ?”
    “I imagine Phyllis will be curious about you but she is great. “ Bette yawned “Its Helena’s 30th birthday – someone should have a party for her “
    “We are going to have to get involved aren’t we ?”
    “Its her 30th birthday Tina “
    Tina sighed – well their good intentions to keep out of the Helena and Emma soap opera had predictably not lasted that long.
    “I will go and see her tomorrow – or later today. God I am tired “
    Bette was silent – Tina opened her eyes and looked across – Bette was asleep. Tina smiled and gently kissed her lover on the cheek
    “I love how kind your heart is Bette Porter”

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    1. Great chapter.

      Loved the late night convo with B & T. They are so sweet with each other.

      Glad that Tina finally told her mother which way is right.

      Emma purposely caused all of her own troubles. Still a bitch in my eyes. Asking forgiveness isn’t the problem – she’s got to mean it & change her behaviors.

      Thanks for the post & looking forward to your next one.

      Have a great weekend!

    2. Great chapter!

      A lovely talk in the midle of the night. They are so good together!

      Tina saw right through Emma’s lies and called her on it.

      Lets see if Emma is capabele to change and admit she was in the wrong. But apologizes doesn’t mean anything if she doesn’t mean them and she show the same bitch behaviour in the future.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    3. Enjoyed the talk between Bette and Tina. Sadly, I do not like Helena with Emma. The fact that she lied about the painting and only admitted it after Tina caught her does not make Emma more sympathetic, but rather it makes her more despicable. She would have kept up the charade if Tina had not called her out on it. None of this is a positive thing. That Tina knew her mother was a liar? And had to drag it out if her? I really don’t like anything about Emma. Kate knew how to deal with her? Why should Helena have to put up with a spoiled petulant lying child? I just do not like her at all. The product of your good writing I suppose. One apology because Tina goaded her into it changes nothing for me. Do not like Tina pretty much accepting her mother’s lies and manipulative behavior as the norm. Maybe ‘raising Emma’ is one reason why Tina doesn’t want children.

    4. Bette and Tina are so comfortable together. They just keep getting stronger and stronger. The reason – they are completely honest with each other. They can even talk about things which are uncomfortable to talk about. They hear what the other is saying and they can even disagree and see it as a personal affront to themselves but just a part of the partner they love.

      Emma may go and apologize to Helena. But if she does not change her behavior, it will only happen again and again. This deal of not being honest and straightforward in her dealings with people will not attract friends and influence people. Lying about something to make yourself look better always results in others tending not to believe what you are saying. If she goes to others and they find out that she knew the complete story on the painting and then acted like a victim hiding the truth, they will have a hard time finding her apology sincere and meaningful. It will appear that she is apologizing just so she can get back into the good graces of Helena. The trust factor in Emma Kennard will be close to nil. She will lose her reputation as an aggressive competitor and sink to a lying ruthless manipulator. Who wants to associate with a manipulator? Tina’s advice to apologize and do what it takes to get Helena back should include getting therapy and becoming a more honest and less deceptive individual in which she acts like every setback is some personal assault. Emma is emerging not as a strong minded woman who gets what she wants, but a scared little girl who would bully and lie to get what she wants. That does not draw people closer to you. People avoid that type person. Helena is no different. And at the age of 57, what is the possibility that Emma will see the error of her ways? None. More than likely, she will not seen that she acted wrongly with the whole incident, but that she made a mistake in the execution of her plan by having a temper tantrum. Will that be enough for Helena? I hope not.

      Great chapter… I would really like to see Helena gain her independence from Peggy. And I would like to see Helena find someone who she really loves and wants to have a family with. As for Emma? Emma needs a lot of therapy and learn how destructive her behavior is. She is working hard to alinenant every person she cares anything about – Tina, Bette, Helena, Rosemary, and Melvin. She needs to change or she will be alone.

      Thank you for this…..

    5. Martha summed it all up perfectly. I could not agree more. Looking forward to the big birthday party, I have a feeling it will not bode well for Emma. Thanks for a great chapter and lovely story!

    6. Good posts. Agree with all. I hope the party does not bode well for Emma. Helena deserves so much better. Emma is a powerful attorney used to winning and getting her way. At all costs. Enough said.

    7. Bette and Tina are doing a really great job building their relationship. They still have a big cloud looming but I think it will work itself out. Tina has grown in strength and spirit with their love. She knows Emma’s ways and was able to see through the great lawyer sham. She was the only one that bring Emma to ground. Now, let’s see if Emma follows through. Thanks again, Ally, for posting during these worrisome times. PPS

    8. Well done Tina! Don’t know if it will do much good but well done for trying.

      Looking forward to your continuance of this plot with this lovely TiBette.

      Post soon, stay safe

    9. For me, Emma’s admission of her deception without prompting or being caught in the act would show much more maturity and truly reflect her character.

      Tina has a tough job with her very complicated relationship with her mother. It appears Tina is much more grounded in spirit.

      I don’t envy Bette at all. What a horrible position to be in. As always, Bette handles it with grace and dignity.

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