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    is this love chp 104=105


    CHAPTER 104

    “So then I said that they could rip one another’s heads off on Friday for all I cared but they would show their love for Helena on Thursday – then I thanked them for taking time from their busy days to listen to me and I hung up “
    Bette was explaining to Tina as they walked back to Bette’s house on Tuesday after work.
    Tina kissed Bette on the cheek
    “Oh I wish I could have heard you – even better seen the looks on their face when you were laying down the line to both of them “
    “it’s a high risk strategy “ Bette admitted
    “But it says so much about you that you were prepared to take that risk for her”
    Bette smiled “I hope so – Helena doesn’t deserve to be dreading her own birthday”
    “But you think she has taken up your suggestion about throwing herself a party ?”
    “Oh totally – she loves arranging parties – and give her two days notice and its her own party – yes – Helena will throw the party for herself that she wants”
    “Do you think we should have arranged something for her ?”
    “I think our gift to her is going to be a show-stopper “
    “it’s a lovely gift and I love that you are stocking it up for her “
    “it’s a rare 50’s jukebox and she loves that whole period and its in great condition”
    “Have you wrapped it up yet ?”
    “James is still loading it up with records for me – it holds 100 – I thought I would put 20 records in but I decided I wanted a few more. Finding genuine 45s has been a real labour of love for James “
    “So have you decided how we are going to deliver it to her ?”
    “Yes – I think we will take it round on Thursday morning – you and I can do it before work — wake her up “
    Tina smiled “it’s a lovely present Bette – thank you for including me in it “
    “Well you paid for half of it and it means a lot to me that we are starting to give gifts to people as a couple “
    “How did Helena seem to you ?” Tina asked
    “I think she was much happier – she is frustrated by the whole thing and she is also secretly pleased that Emma climbed down”
    “She is going to take mom back isn’t she ?”
    “Yes – she loves her “
    “it’s a surprise that my mom has climbed down – even though she was in the wrong – that usually doesn’t push her any closer to admitting it”
    “it’s a learning experience for her – it is good that she is prepared to take the criticism that you and I have dished out to her “
    “She still needs to say sorry to you “
    “Tina – it doesn’t matter”
    “Yes it does – it matters to me that she shows you respect “
    They arrived at Bette’s house and she unlocked the door and they went inside. Bette removed her jacket and walked into the kitchen to check out the fridge
    “I am not sure if we have enough beer “
    “You can nip out and stock up – is there any white wine in the fridge ?”
    “Bottle and a half “
    “Well that should be enough for Helena – what about you and I ?”
    Bette laughed “Is it okay that I invited her ?”
    “Of course it is – she is our friend and we haven’t seen enough of her lately. I know that you have been missing her “
    “I have – do you want a coffee or a drink ?”
    “No thanks – I think I will go and get changed then I can start on dinner – what about you ?”
    “Think I will nip out and get some beer – I should check on our scotch supplies “
    “Okay “ Tina kissed Bette softly and hugged her “I just love what a good kind heart you have “
    “You are a good influence on me “ Bette replied “Okay – I will just be a few minutes – I will just go to the liquer store on the other street “
    “Okay “
    Bette picked her wallet from her bag and headed out of the door again. Tina wandered around for a few minutes checking on what she would need for dinner before heading upstairs. Tina took a long hot shower – when she emerged and walked into Bette’s bedroom the brunette was stripping off
    “Did you get what you wanted ?”
    “Yes – nice shower ?”
    “Lovely – really nice – its really hot at the moment “
    “It is – I think we need a thunder storm to clear the air – its stifling “
    Tina watched as Bette finished undressing and putting her clothes in the laundry basket. Stripped down to just a black bra and pants Tina found herself just watching Bette move – she moved so smoothly and with such utter grace. Bette bent down to pick her shoes up giving Tina who was sitting on the bed a full view of the full curves of her ass. Tina groaned making Bette turn and look at her
    “What ?”
    “Have you ever seen your own ass ?”
    Bette sat down on the bed after she had put her shoes away and looked at Tina
    “No – should I ?”
    “Really – one of these days you should – you appreciate fine things and fuck me your ass is a fine thing “
    “You are so full of bull” Bette replied smiling at the comment. Tina pulled Bette back so she was lying flat on her back on the bed. Tina smiled and straddled Bette
    “You have a fucking sensational ass “ Tina repeated leaning forward and kissing her on the lips “You also have lips that are so kissable “ Tina kept kissing Bette again and again. Bette moved as if she was going to struggle out of Tina’s clutches but Tina grabbed Bette’s wrists and pinned her down and kissed her harder. Bette struggled briefly but Tina was kissing her with such passion that she soon gave in and returned the kiss with force. Tina moved her hands so that she was holding Bette’s arms above her head and holding her wrists . Bette tried to move again but Tina was not releasing her hold over her lover. Tina started to move down Bette’s body with her kisses – nibbling and sucking at the brunette’s flesh. Reaching Bette’s bra Tina grabbed some of the material between her teeth and pulled at it. She tugged at the bra a few times before she released a breast. Once the boob was free Tina took it in her mouth and started kissing and sucking at the sweet tasting skin. Bette’s squirming now was more about passion and less about resistance to what Tina was doing to her. Tina briefly ended the kiss and looked up at Bette
    “If I let go of your hands will you try and get away from me ?”
    “No “ Bette smiled “I was trying to get on top of you but fuck you on top of me is such a turn on – especially when you have your leg pressing against me “
    Tina hadn’t realised that she was inadvertently doing that to Bette – she released Bette’s hands and put her hands on Bette’s breast that was out of her bra. She squeezed it and sucked down on it.
    “Oh Tina – I want you “
    Tina eased up and lent back and took a couple of deep breaths “I keep thinking that some day I will not look at you and get wet almost straight away but its not showing any signs of happening – and I don’t want it to”
    “Lets fuck one another “ Bette suggested raising one eyebrow.
    “That’s a truly great idea that had not crossed my mind “ Tina remarked as she started to remove Bette’s bra. Tina quickly wiped off Bette’s bra and settled herself down again and started a delicious session of tasting Bette’s breasts and lazily bringing her nipples to their peaks. As she was running her tongue around Bette’s nipple she slipped her hand into Bette’s pants and found her wetness.
    “Oh fuck “ Bette groaned in pleasure. Tina rarely needed any more encouragement than hearing Bette’s sounds of sexual needs. Tina stroked Bette – loving how wet she was. She easily found Bette’s clit and started to explore it – Bette was bucking her hips upwards wanting Tina to touch her more – something that Tina was more than happy to do. Tina shuffled her body down lower so she could keep rubbing Bette’s clit and she pushed one finger deep inside Bette
    “Oh fuck yes Tina “
    Tina started hard – she wanted to see Bette come and come really without any restraint. Bette was gasping as she moved in tune with Tina’s thrusts.
    “Oh Tina- god – harder – please – really harder “
    Tina pushed a second finger inside Bette and kept fucking her as hard as she could. Bette was groaning and crying out. Tina loved fucking Bette – it was the most wonderful experience to be so close and to know that Bette trusted her so intimately. This was no casual sexual relationship – this was real love for both of them
    “Oh Tina – god Tina – harder – please – more “
    Tina obeyed and really started to fuck Bette as hard as she could – for several long minutes she thrust in and out of her lover. Bette was crying out more and more – her sounds getting louder until finally she almost screamed she was so loud and she came hard against Tina’s hand.
    “Oh – Tina – gee – oh fuck “
    Tina stopped thrusting and slipped her fingers out of Bette and kissed her
    “I love fucking you hard – I love seeing you losing control “
    “Oh “ Bette gasped trying to get her breathe back – she gasped again before finally swallowing
    “Sweet Lord -you are the best fucking lover ever “
    Tina grinned – that would more than do her as praise. She had always known that she was a good lover but it was really good to know that Bette was so satisfied with her sexual skills – being so sexual compatible wouldn’t solely keep them together but it wouldn’t hurt them either. Tina smiled as Bette closed her eyes and yawned
    “Oh God I could really happily just fall asleep “
    “I don’t’ think it would go down well with Helena if she shows up and we are asleep in bed “
    “Yeah – you are right- just give me a few minutes right “
    Tina eased up and watched Bette who was lying on her back with a very contented smile on her face. Tina stroked Bette’s face
    “I love you so much Bette – you are never going to know how much you mean to me. I want to spend my whole life with you and die in your arms one day. God you are so beautiful and loving – you just have no idea what you do to me “
    Tina was lost in the sheer intensity of her love for Bette – she didn’t notice Bette open her eyes and see that Tina was miles away. She smiled and looked at her for a few seconds deciding on her next move. So if Tina thought she was the strong one – that one who was so dominant in bed – well maybe it was time to show her that Bette could still bring moves of her own to their love life. Tina opened her eyes and saw Bette looking at her without any obvious signs of tiredness
    “You got a seco “Tina began but before she could finish her sentence she was on her back and Bette was on top of her. Bette gave her a grin of sheer triumph. Tina laughed – well that would teach her to not expect the unexpected with Bette.
    “And what’s next ?” Tina asked
    “I am going to eat you “ Bette replied moving down the bed so she was between Tina’s thighs – Tina shuffled herself up the bed so Bette would have enough room to do what they both wanted her to do. Bette got herself comfortable and when she did she eased Tina’s thighs apart and smiled – this was where she loved to be.
    Bette began by licking Tina’s thighs – making her squirm as she moved higher to her obvious destination. Bette usually liked to linger – to explore and to tease but she was limited by time which so often happened – so she was just going to satisfy Tina and in the process show the blonde yet again how much she loved her. Bette started by kissing Tina’s clit for a few seconds then she started to lick and suck at it. Tina was already very aroused and it only took a few minutes of Bette’s skilled loving to make her start moaning
    “Oh God Bette – that is so good – oh Bette – yes – yes – yes Bette “
    Bette loved oral sex with Tina – just loved how she tasted and how it was the most pure expression of their love for one another. Bette would have happily spent all night between Tina’s thighs tasting her but Tina’s orgasm was coming by the way that her thighs were shaking and she was moaning.
    “Yes – COMING – YESSSS “
    Tina screamed out loud before letting out a little yelp and collapsing
    “Oh God “
    Bette looked up and grinned at Tina – she moved closer to her lips and kissed her
    “I love you Tina “
    “Ah – I love you too “
    Tina opened her eyes and gasped “God – thank you – thank you Bette “
    “Any time “ Bette replied “Any time you want me to do that to you – please just say so – anywhere we are – any time – just tell me and I will gladly lick you off “
    Tina sighed “So tempting “
    “I know “
    “We better get dressed or Helena is going to get some eyeful when she shows up”
    “I made you all sticky and dirty again “ Bette said smiling
    “I know – come on – lets get up and have a shower – no more messing around or we will be eating raw food later “
    Bette rolled onto her back and watched as Tina got up and picked up Bette’s discarded bra. Bette smiled at her
    “You are very beautiful “ Bette said
    “So are you – so damn hot – now stop distracting me by looking so wanton “
    “Wanton ?” Bette exclaimed
    “Wanton “ Tina replied “I can read you Porter “
    Bette smiled and sat up “ Come on then – lets get in the shower “
    Bette followed Tina into the bathroom and Tina switched on the shower and looked at Bette who was removing her soaked pants – this just was so right. Nothing in her life had ever felt so long lasting and real. Tina stepped into the shower and Bette joined her
    “Now lets just get washed “
    “Right “
    “No more messing around – we don’t have time “
    “Absolutely “ Bette agreed
    “We don’t have the time Bette “
    “I am agreeing with you “ Bette protested her innocence but she knew that she had no intention of stepping out of the shower until she had fucked Tina again – and maybe again after that. Tina turned to pick up the bottle of shower gel but Bette’s hand closed over hers and turned her round
    “We don’t have the time “ Tina began to protest until a scorching hot kiss from Bette silenced her. Tina wanted to object – she wanted to tell Bette that they had to get on with getting washed so they could start dinner in time for Helena arriving but her brain was being fried by the way that Bette was kissing her – they kissed for a few minutes until Bette pushed Tina’s thighs apart and took her roughly – Tina cried out and held on as Bette fucked her hard. She came in almost record time – coming over Bette’s hand as she pushed her fingers deeply inside her.
    “Oh God “ Tina gasped “God – that was so fast – I don’t believe I came that quickly “
    “You did “
    “Oh God – keep hold of me Bette “
    Bette obliged by wrapping an arm around her lover and holding her as they stood under the hot water – it was a truly sensual feeling. Tina rested her head against Bette’s shoulder and held on while she recovered – finally she eased away and looked deep into Bette’s dark eyes
    “I love you Bette “
    “I love you more “ Bette replied grinning “ Now shall we get on with getting washed or Helena is going to know what a couple of horny lesbians you and I really are “

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    1. Phyllis and Jodie? Are they a couple? Whatever Jodie said to Bette, she was not happy about it. And when Bette tells Tina, then Jodie will not be on her friends list.

      Interesting party so far…. again… a ton of drinking is going to occur. They haven’t been here 30 minutes and Rosemary is about to get her 2nd woo woo. Oh well, I hope they all have the day off tomorrow.

      Nice chapter… need to see more of this party…. can’t wait for a showdown between Emma and Peggy. But maybe they will both behave.

      Love to see the next chapter soon…. Thanks for this.

    2. That will be a fantastic party with a lot of drinks. I hope Peggy and Emma will both hold in and be civil to each other for Helena’s sake. Helena deserves a great party.

      I can’t say it enough, your Bette and Tina are so great. They have one of a kind relationship and are really happy and in love.

      So Jodie, a past lover of Bette, is she the one who Bette proposed to and got very hurt by? And what did she sign to Bette, she was clearly not happy when she walked away. Jodie better watch out, Tina is not a woman to mess with and very protective about Bette.

      Great chapter, look forward to the next chapter? Thank you!

    3. Ugh. Why would Bette want Jodi at the party and tell Tina she would like Phyllis and Jodi only to have Jodi immediately do something to upset her? Bette is portrayed as being super romantic and having been hurt in the past. Please don’t make Bette and Tina drama. A lot of alcohol floating around. Loose lips Rosemary? Hope Helena has a good party and Jodi does not ruin in for Bette. This is a great story. I love your version of Bette and Tina and Melvin and Rosemary and Helena and Peggy very much!!!

    4. Here comes ole Jodie to stir the pot… love it. Sign away Jodie, Bette is taken and in love. Let the alcohol flow and the drama will follow. I will pop some popcorn and watch the fireworks….

    5. Well, well here comes Jodie! I have always hated Jodie, all the way through he appearances in The L Word! Please let Tina deal with her in your own superb way!

      Loved the Post, waiting impatiently for more,
      stay safe,

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