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    is this love – chap 106

    Is this love

    Chapter 106

    “Are you going to be able to play nice with my mother ?” Bette and her parents had gone over to talk to Phyllis and Jodie leaving Tina alone with Peggy. Peggy sipped her champagne and shrugged
    “I will do my best “
    “I know she was insufferably vile the other week but – that was her being defensive. She felt under attack with all of us on one side and her and Helena on the other. She isn’t as bad as she is acting
    Peggy smiled
    “Its usually the parent who has to say sorry for the behaviour of their children – its unusual for it to be happening the other way round”
    “And Helena has never said sorry for your more outrageous conduct ?”
    Peggy smiled “It has been known “
    Tina shook her head in amusement “The point I am making Peggy is that my mom is a good person – she is the way she is because of her job – because of being the smartest lawyer in New York who also happens to be a lesbian. If 20 – 25 years ago the best lawyer had been a gay woman no one would have ever known because it was such a WASP all boys club “
    Peggy nodded “I am not de-cry what she has achieved in her professional life – or the job that she did raising a lovely daughter “
    “You are objecting to her choice of lover “
    “Yes and only that Tina. When I first met her I did find her prickly. We had a conversation one night and she was very defensive about her attitude towards you and how she was reacting to your relationship with Bette “
    “She doesn’t deal with failure or criticism and that’s the way she is. It doesn’t make her a bad person. Do you see something of Bette in her ?”
    “In what way ?”
    “I think sometimes that Bette would be more like her if she didn’t have the fantastic influence of Melvin and Rosemary. Bette is just as much a perfectionist as my mother”
    “Bette is one of the sweetest people I know. Maybe I do not know Emma well enough but “
    “I know – that’s what I am saying. My mother CAN be sweet but she is not that good at dealing with not getting her own way. Bette hates it when things don’t go her way but she is more placid. She meditates and runs a lot – she has hinted to me that she has a very fiery temper “
    “She has been known to explode in the past – usually her anger is caused when she believes that someone is being mistreated. I don’t think she loses her cool in arguments – she is too polite and well educated for that but I do know that she has really lost her cool when she sees others being mistreated”
    “Like she saw my mother needling me”
    Peggy smiled “Yes – she talked to me about it and I could see that it was upsetting her”
    “She handled it really well. I don’t know what happened – I suspect neither of them will ever tell me exactly what was said but my mother said to Helena that Bette “ marked her card “ for her. She told Emma exactly what would happen if she kept on being horrible to me . Now- not much puts the fear of God into my mother but that did.”
    Peggy sighed “I wish I could say that I m thrilled about their relationship Tina but I just do not see what either of them are going to get out of it in the long term “
    Tina looked over to make sure this conversation wasn’t going to be overheard
    “I don’t think it is long term “
    “Its looking long term to me”
    “Its seem that way because when it started everyone gave it a week if that. To be utterly honest with you Peggy – I can see what is there between them. Mom doesn’t give two hoots about Helena being a millionaire Peabody – it doesn’t bother her cos she’s not that far away from that in terms of what she earns, her investments and all that stuff. You know its not that easy being a Peabody – out of all the people here tonight – there is what – about 70-80 people here so far. How many of them would you say would not treat Helena any different if she lost ever red dime she has ?”
    Peggy sighed “You could well be right Tina – probably your girlfriend and her parents are some of the few who would be there for her in that eventuality. I just don’t see Helena being happy long term with your mother – or visa versa “
    “Having said that I can see what is between them I can also see it getting very stale sooner or later if – and only if – everyone stopped making a big deal of it. Mom is getting a buzz from doing something so utterly out of character. If a beautiful young woman came onto her in a restaurant or at work my mother would be terrified. She gets offers because of who she is in the firm – I get offers because of who she is. I just want her to be happy. Its coming up to the anniversary of my mom’s death – that’s not going to be easy for her”
    “Or you “
    Tina sipped her drink and looked over at Bette
    “I am thinking of asking Bette to come up the cemetery with me. “
    “Do you go there a lot ?”
    “Less so recently but I do go and take flowers up to her grave. It would mean a lot if Bette joined me”
    “I am sure she will – she is a very special young woman “
    “I know – Peggy – is Jodie one of Bette’s exes ?”
    Peggy raised an eyebrow at Tina “ Jodie would like to have been one of Bette’s exes but Bette has always resisted her. Jodie is a very determined young woman who doesn’t take to not getting what she wants and what she has wanted for a long time is Bette. According to my daughter Bette isn’t interested but Jodie has always taken the attitude that sooner or later Bette would give in “
    “And she hasn’t ?”
    “Not to my knowledge – but Jodie plays head games. Maybe because of her deafness – she is very and I mean very attuned to body language and lip reading. Be careful what you say to anyone in here that you do not want Jodie to hear”
    “She has her back to us “
    “That’s why I am saying what I am – just be careful of her. Frankly its irrelevant if Bette and her had a history or not – because Bette is devoted to only one woman”
    Tina smiled “Thank you Peggy – I will keep in mind what you have said – and please think about what I have said – let them get bored with one another “
    “And what if they do not “
    “If they do not then you are going to have to accept them – speak of the devil “
    Tina gestured to Peggy to where Emma had just walked into the room. She was wearing a nice black cocktail dress with high heels – she looked lovely and despite herself Tina smiled – her mother had made a major effort. Bette must have seen her at the same time as Tina and Peggy because she turned round and looked at Tina who nodded.
    “Before this evening starts to really rock and roll – will you come and see me on Monday around noon. I think its about time you and I got down to details about you joining the Peabody organisation on a full time basis “
    “Of course – should I bring anything ?”
    “You might like to skip breakfast – I like to take my new executives out to lunch and I have a table reserved for us”
    “Thank you Peggy – I will not let you down “
    “I know that darling – any chance of wedding bells with Bette ?”
    “If that happens you will be one of the first people we tell but for now Bette and I are very happy”
    “I know – I can see it on her face – she’s been waiting for you her whole life Tina”
    Tina grinned mischievously “At some point we will turn our attention to your love life Peggy – you never tried playing for our team ?”
    “Can you image the lesbian drama I would cause ? I think being heterosexual is the safest option all round “
    “Never knock what you haven’t tried “
    “Who says I haven’t “ Peggy drained her champagne “I better go and see if a peace treaty will last for a few hours between your mother and I – duty calls darling “

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    1. Forgiveness does not equal forgetting. Another incident and forgiveness will be out the window. This behavior by Emma at the party simply isn’t enough to convince me that she is truly repentant for her actions and words.

      And trying to get one up on Peggy? Really? Why not try to make things as smooth as possible not some kind of competition. That is a guaranteed path to making sure she is an opponent. Not a very smart move. How do you help your relationship along when you purposely make her mother your opponent? This is not a move to defend Helena from her mother, this is a move to turn her attention from Helen to Emma. How does that help?

      Great story…. still need to figure out what is going on with Jodi. She’s another one which I do not trust. That is not fair to this Jodi as she may not be anything like TLC Jodi. I will try to keep an open mind with respect to her. But Peggy’s opinion is that she is not good news.

      Thanks for this story and this chapter…. love it so much….Thanks again.

    2. I agree 💯 with Martha’s comment.

      Don’t trust Jodie and still don’t trust that Emma is really sincere in her apology.

      Bette shows again what a fantasic woman she is.

    3. Love this story and agree with all comments. Love this Bette and Tina so much. Tina really has come into her own. Don’t like Emma no matter what and want Helena with someone else. Wish Tina wasn’t doing her bidding but I get it. Given what Peggy said about Jodie the trouble maker probably said that she was still available. Maybe it was just me but I did have some trouble following who was speaking during the Tina and Peggy conversation. Who was saying what. I think I figured out most of it. So it is Tina saying they her mother and Helena won’t last, correct?

    4. Really love this story and the comments.

      Not convinced by Emma’s apology at all.
      Love Peggy! You make her even nicer than on the Show.
      Needless to say totally in love with Bette and Tina!

      Look forward to more

    5. Great update. Looking forward to Helena arriving.

      Emma – still don’t trust her. I am still having a hard time accepting why Kate put up with Emma’s dark side – it’s just sooooo bad. More than a normal person would want to endure for a relationship no matter how much you might love someone. I get that she’s a shark as a lawyer, but she treats everyone the same – terribly.

      Jodi in any story is trouble with that old capital T. I love many of the roles that Marlee Matlin has portray over the years & she’s a fabulous actress. But absolutely HATED the Jodie character. She & Bette just didn’t fit.

      Looking forward for more to come.

      Thanks so much.

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