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    is this love – chp 109

    CHAPTER 109

    Bette looked down at Tina who she was dancing romantically with. The party was a great success with everyone mixing and the food and drink just adding to the great atmosphere. Helena was having the best time which Bette was delighted about – she loved her best friend and in the last few days and weeks she had certainly taken a verbal battering over who she had fallen in love with. For now though Helena was mixing with everyone – though Bette had noticed that she had been looking across to where Emma was sitting with Bette’s parents. Bette knew from her mother ( an increasingly drunk mother ) that Emma had made her peace with her two oldest friends from college and they were now catching up and Bette was sure that Rosemary was filling Emma in on who all the various people at the party were and how why they meant so much to Helena.
    “You okay ?” Bette asked
    “Just fine – you ?”
    “Great – – I am really happy for Helena “
    Tina lifted her head from Bette’s shoulder where she had been resting it while they had been dancing. Tina smiled
    “You are just a sweetie aren’t you Porter ?”
    “I try my best “ Bette replied
    “You try your best to hide it more likely “
    “No I don’t “
    “You do “ Tina kissed Bette “And I love you for it “
    Bette accepted the kiss and returned it “And you seem to have chilled out about my harem”
    Tina shrugged “ They can only upset me if I let them. Jodie has been trying to get me wound up but I can see that she is a wind up merchant. She is a chancer – if she can find a chink in my armour she will keep niggling away at me – but I am not going to let her. She isn’t going to get what she wants – which is obviously one Ms Bette Porter”
    “I just love how laid back you are about things like that “
    “I am sorry that I flirted with Dylan “
    Bette grinned “I think I proved to you that I am only interested in you “
    Tina laughed “Yes you did – yes you did in such a wonderful way – thank you “
    They kissed again. Bette stroked Tina’s hair and they finished their dance
    “Do you want another dance or another drink ?” Bette asked
    “I need a trip to the bathroom “
    Bette raised an eyebrow “Is that a euphemism ?”
    Tina laughed “ No – it Tina needing to go for a pee “
    “As long as you don’t let anyone “ Bette began
    “I won’t – you know that I won’t – I only want one woman to touch me the way that you do”
    Bette knew that which was why she felt so at ease teasing Tina. Tina kissed Bette again – a long slow and very loving kiss before walking off. Bette looked around and decided that she needed a beer. She was just taking a drink of the cold beer when Helena walked up
    “Beer – you are getting common Porter ?”
    “I have been dancing “
    “Yeah and other things “
    Bette raised her eyebrow in question
    “Half an hour is a long time for you two to have a bathroom visit “
    Bette smiled “You using a stop watch ? though its not possible to have one hidden in that dress – – which is lovely by the way “
    “Thanks – I just noticed you storming out after Tina had been flirting with Dylan – that did make me laugh – Dylan thought she had hit the jackpot until she realised she had been used by Tina to get your attention”
    “Tina didn’t know the significance of her choice – when I told her she was amused “
    “Not as amused as I was – have you two drunk that champagne already “
    “What champagne – I do not remember champagne – other than the very expensive bottle you sent over for Peggy “
    “Damn – I bought a case of that champagne – it should be behind the bar – a bottle for you and Tina, one for my mother and one for your folks “
    “That’s very sweet Helena “
    “Do not leave or let your parents go without the champagne – it’s a very nice vintage and I want it for the people that I am closest to”
    “How are things with Peggy ?”
    “She’s on her best behaviour – charming and witty “
    “She is in good form “ Bette agreed “What about Emma ?”
    “Pretty much the same – you do how alike they are ?”
    “I do – Emma is more defensive than Peggy but they have more in common than they realise”
    “Emma is looking lovely “
    “She does “ Bette agreed” Phyllis is flirting with her “
    Helena indicated for Bette to step away from where they might be overheard.
    “I had to listen to Phyllis telling me how hot Emma is but she wouldn’t expect me to understand that “
    Bette smiled “That cannot be easy for you “
    Helena shrugged “If this hadn’t happened – the argument and the falling out – I have been wondering if I would have used this party as a coming out thing for us “
    “And would you ?”
    “I don’t know – I can just see how Dylan would react “
    “Dylan is an idiot and a user of people and she has hurt you way too many times. What Dylan thinks of you and whoever is of no consequence. Emma may have her faults but at least she is not that nasty piece of work”
    “I know that and I have been sitting her watching the two of them – Emma is so graceful and smart and “ Helena fell silent
    “She doesn’t exploit the fact that you are Peabody “
    “Yeah “
    “You miss her “ It wasn’t a question it was a statement
    “I do and seeing her and she does really seem to have regretted what went on “
    “She is sorry – what matters is how she moves on from that and makes her amends llnot with my folks or with me but with you”
    “I have asked her to stay after the party and we could talk “
    “That is the one thing that you do need to do “
    Helena took Bette by the hand – Bette looked at the gesture
    “I want to thank you for banging their heads together and making them play nice. I don’t think anyone else could have done that and it wouldn’t have backfired. You are a really fantastic friend to have Bette “
    Helena tended not to go in for what she called “ mushy stuff “ so this was a rare scene between the two friends. Bette blushed
    “You have been drinking “
    “Yes I have but both Emma and Peggy have said that they would have not come here tonight if it hadn’t been for you saying what you did and not taking any nonsense. Thanks buddy”
    Helena embraced Bette “Thank you “
    Bette pushed her away and laughed “Idiot – how’s the juke box ?”
    “Oh God – you have no idea how much I love it “
    “I do – it was Tina’s idea by the way – I was lucky enough to be able to find it”
    “Its fantastic “
    “There are some slow songs on it – that will be nice for you and Emma”
    “I think we will be going back to my place tonight “
    Bette nodded “I think she has been in the dog house long enough – its time to let her back. But you two are going to have to do some talking after the making up fun”
    “I know – I think she’s a great person “
    “I know – listen – this is just a suggestion and I am not sure how you would feel about it but it would be a way of showing her that you are serious and that you are in this for the long haul”
    “Tell me “
    “It’s coming up to the anniversary of Kate’s death. Normally Tina and Emma would go up to the cemetery together but Tina really wants me to go with her this year and I know how much it matters to Tina. Which means that Emma is going to be alone “
    “Right “ Helena rubbed her face “Its not the easiest thing knowing how to compete against a ghost “
    “I can imagine “
    “I know that she thinks about her a lot and Tina has to be a constant reminder to her of her wife”
    “Because she still loves Kate doesn’t take away for a second how she feels about you. Everything I hear about Tina’s mom says that she was a really nice person – and one of the things that she wanted – one of the things that she made Emma promise was that she would date again. There is no reason why Emma and you cannot be as happy as Emma and Kate – just not in the same ways because you are not Kate and you should never try to be. But Kate is still a part of Emma’s life in the memories and as you say when she looks at her daughter”
    “You think she would let me go to the cemetery with her ?”
    “I think offering would be sweet and then leave it up to her – the offer might be enough – she might genuinely want to be on her own. Tina rather waded in earlier on and Emma covered it up by saying that she had to work next Saturday”
    Helena took all of this in and nodded “I will wait until it comes up in conversation – if it doesn’t – if she isn’t going to say anything – I will bring it up later in the week”
    Bette nodded “That’s a good idea – she is bound to be low next week “
    “So will Tina “
    “Tina is abut to get a job offer from your mother “
    Helena grinned “Yes I know “
    “You do ?”
    “Yes “
    “You and Peggy talking ?”
    “She came to see me yesterday afternoon – fair play to her she didn’t mention that I had spend the whole day organising this party and Tina had been doing some of my work”
    Bette smiled – she knew that Tina had offered when Bette had talked Helena into having the party.
    “So you two are friends again ?”
    “I think like Emma and I – there is some work that is going to have to be done”
    “Is Peggy coming round about Emma ?”
    “Good grief no but after all we are both Peabody’s and that means that we can work together regardless of feuds and arguments and heaven knows what else”
    “Are you going to follow your mother’s lead and have the picture of your dad’s yacht in your office ?”
    “I haven’t decided “
    “You want my advice ?” Bette asked
    “As an Art dealer or as my best friend ?”
    “The latter “
    “Go on “
    “I would put it in the apartment “
    “You say that for artistic or personal reasons ?”
    “I think it would look good in the hallway of your apartment and also – I don’t think it would do any harm for Emma to see it and remember what happens when she gets out of her depth”

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    1. Fantastic chapter!!!

      Bette and Tina are so right for each other.♥️

      Emma seems to be really serious in apologizing to everyone and Helena, but I really doubt her whether she really is the woman who makes Helena happy for the longer term.

      We will see what the future holds.

      Thanks for the update!

      Stay save and healthy 🙏

    2. So Emma and Helena have come together. I think the key to the entire conversation for Emma was when Helen said “I don’t want you to compete with my mother. “ If Emma stands a snowball chance in hell, she has to understand and live by that statement. Where if Tina had to choose between Bette and Emma, she would choose Bette. Helena is not in the same camp. Peggy has been Helena’s only parent for fifteen years. Emma has been Tina’s only parent for three years and those years were her adult years in which Tina was establishing her own life and her own independence. The closeness factor is simply not the same.

      At some point, Peggy and Helena have to have a conversation as well. Helena needs to know Peggy’s reason for her disapproval. Then she has to decide if the reason is a reasonable position and decide if she will address it or not. It is dishonest and a detriment to Peggy’s relationship with her daughter if she does not know her motivation for her disapproval. It may not influence Helena in the least if she chooses to stay with Emma, but at least all the cards will be on the table.

      I do like this story. Things do not always go as I expect, but I do enjoy a good surprise.

      Thanks for your new chapter.

    3. Nice Chapter, thank you.

      So love Bette and Tina’s relation ship.

      Pleased Emma is trying, I like this Helena very much so I hope she’s on the level. Anyway only you know.

      Stay safe and well and post again soon

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