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    is this love – chap 110

    CHAPTER 110

    “So I think what we need to do is make sure that the couriers pick that piece up for Coulson and get it sorted – what a bunch of clueless idiots “
    “I will talk to the General Manager – we have put enough business their way over the years”
    “That’s true – have a look around for other companies – maybe tap into your network of other gallery folk and see who they use. The last thing that we need is to get a bad name for our courier being useless “
    James wrote a couple of things down and looked at Bette
    “Anything else ?”
    “Not off the top of my head – anything else you want to say ?”
    “No – any news of Tina yet ?”
    “What time is it ?”
    “Its just after 3 “
    “And who is she out for lunch with ?”
    “The original party girl Peggy Peabody “
    “The very one – 3 o’clock is far too soon for Tina to be out of Peggy’s clutches – and if they are celebrating Tina’s new job offer then she might not be sober enough to use her phone”
    “Do you think that is likely ?”
    “Expect the worst from a lunch with Peggy “
    “Does Tina have any clues as to what Peggy is going to offer Tina ?”
    Bette exhaled “Helena knows exactly what is on offer but she is not telling me – she did hint that it was big “
    James raised an eyebrow
    “Big as in ?”
    Bette sighed “I don’t know – I only know bits and pieces about the Peabody organisation but Peggy doesn’t promote in a linear way – if she likes someone she decides where they are going to fit in. She had to deal with someone fairly low down on the clerical side because the person’s manager was on leave. Peggy was very impressed with said person and when the manager came back they discovered that their job had been given to their deputy”
    “Bet that made for a fun Monday morning in the office”
    “You know Peggy – dullness is a cardinal sin in her books “
    “Do you think that she is going to give Tina a huge job ?”
    “Yes – I have no doubt about that – Peggy has been giving Tina more and more things to do – she nailed the grant proposals thing so well that Peggy started to throw other things to her “
    “Testing her ?”
    “Oh without a doubt – Tina – from what she thinks – has passed all the tests and Peggy is delighted”
    “How does Tina feel about what she might be offered ?”
    “Thrilled and scared in equal measure I think. She knows that she can do it – she’s got all the skills but its been a while since she has been in a position of responsibility “
    “Where did she used to work ?”
    “She was the executive assistant to one of the people who run CBS “
    “That’s a major league job “
    “It is and she was really good at it – she gave it up to take care of her mom “
    James nodded “Not many kids would do that “
    “Tina is special “
    “You might be ever so slightly biased Bette “

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    1. Life is going to change for Tina and Bette. At least it will until she completes her MBA. And my bets are that Tina will have to do a lot of traveling to scope out new businesses for potential investment. That is going to mean that she and Bette will have a lot less personal time together. And Tina will have a lot less time to spend with friends and family as well. This will put a lot of stress on her and Bette’s relationship. They are very secure in where they are, but with these new obligations then the dynamics will change. Can they handle it? God, I hope so…

      Wonderful chapter. Congratulations to Tina….

    2. Tina deserves the job, she has proven that she can do it. And a MBA course, she will be very busy.

      They both have to work hard to make sure to spend quality time together, but i have faith in them. First step is a well deserved vacation and them moving in.

      They are so good together ❤️

      I really love this story!

      Thank you! Stay save and healthy 🙏

    3. Great Chapter!

      They are going to have to work at their relationship now with the challenges Tina is facing. Looking forward to how they deal with it. Together please Ally:-)

      Stay safe and well

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