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    is this love – chp 124

    Chapter 124
    Tina was packing a box with DVD’s – in the end she had taken Bette and Shane’s advice and decided to hire a team of female removers to shift her stuff from her apartment to Bette’s house. The move was scheduled for the Monday after Thanksgiving so she had about a week to decide what she was taking and what was a relic of her past life that she could throw away or give to charity. She was excited about the future – especially as it looked that she would be starting college in January. She had been put through three interviews so far and the last tutor who she had spoken to her had intimated that she was likely to be offered a place. The money was in place – she had excellent references and she was just waiting to get the final confirmation that she was going back to school. She was just considering breaking for lunch when someone knocked at the door. Tina opened it and found her mother standing there. She held up a brown paper bag
    “Sandwich and some cake ?”
    “Mom ! “
    “So – does the bribe get me in the door ?”
    “Sorry – of course – come in “
    Since their last argument Tina hadn’t seen much of her mom but she did know via Bette that Emma and Helena had taken Rosemary and Melvin to the theatre and then to dinner the night before. Tina was keen to find out how that had gone.
    Emma walked in and looked at the clutter that was scattered around the apartment. Tina waited for some comment but Emma smiled
    “Have you watched all these movies Tina ?”
    “Most of them “
    Emma removed her coat and Tina took it and hung it up. When she came back Emma was sitting on the sofa looking at the DVD’s.
    “Toy Story ?”
    “It’s a great movie mom “
    Emma picked another one up “Oh wow – I have not seen this film in years – this has to be one of the first movies you saw”
    Tina looked at the title
    “Jason and the Argonauts – Ray Harryhausen and stop-motion monsters – it scared me senseless. Yes – it probably is one of the first movies I saw – or remember seeing anyway – I think I saw it with granddad “
    “Probably staying up beyond your bedtime ?” Emma suggested
    “I always did when I stayed with gran and granddad “
    Emma was reading the back of the DVD box “I have a memory of watching this with you and your mom “
    “I saw it a couple of times when I was about 7 or 8 “
    “Would you mind if I borrowed it ?”
    Tina’s eyebrow shot up “You want to watch it ?”
    “I thought it might be a laugh for Helena and I.”
    “Of course you can borrow it – take whatever you want. Less for me to package up and have moved “
    “I take it Bette has a home for all of these “
    “She does – and she is being so kind about all my junk – she has only vetoed a few things “
    Tina went into the kitchen and quickly made some coffee. Her mother seemed so much more relaxed than she had been for a while. Obviously the night before had gone well or she would be like a bear with a sore head. While Tina had been in the kitchen Emma had been sitting looking through more of Tina’s DVD collection.
    “Looking for something in particular ?” Tina asked
    “Can you recommend me some lesbian movies ?”
    Tina stifled a laugh “ Define that “
    Emma blushed “Not that kind of movie – films where the main characters are gay “
    Tina chuckled and turning to the shelves she picked out two movies.
    “Let me know what you think of those two“
    “Don’t you and Bette want to watch them ?”
    “Seen them together and separate – “If these walls could talk 2 “ is good, so is that one”
    Emma took the boxes “The incredible adventures of two girls in love “ – not heard of either”
    “You will enjoy both – Helena might have seen them but its always fun to see a movie again with someone you are close to “
    “Is that what you and Bette do ?”
    “Watch classic movies together ? – yeah – we like making a meal together and then we both pick a movie – its nice and its bringing us closer “
    “If you two get any closer you might fuse into one “
    “I am moving in with her next week “
    Emma smiled “Good – I am glad about that
    “Lets eat “ Tina said “I am really hungry “
    Emma got the sandwiches out and for ten minutes they sat and chatted.
    “Do you know from Bette that Helena and I went out with her mom and dad last night ?”
    “I did know”
    “Have you heard from them ?”
    “No – Bette left for work insanely early this morning and I haven’t heard from her other than a couple of text messages – so how did it go ?”
    Emma puffed out her cheeks “It went well – it went really well “
    “It did ? oh that’s great mom “
    “I know that when we all got together a few months ago it was a disaster “
    “It didn’t go brilliantly but I don’t think it was a disaster “
    “Helena and I were both nervous – I was wound up about the painting – so was Bette and everyone was glad when it was over – I know that we were “
    “Water under the bridge “ Tina said “So tell me about last night “
    “There is a little café bar near where the court building is. I had been in there for a couple of nice lunchtime meals so we went there”
    Tina nodded – smart move. It sounded like an unpretentious place and that would always go down well with Melvin and Rosemary. It also showed that they had thought about where to take them – not assuming that money would buy them the best place in town.
    “We took them to see Jersey Boys “
    “Nice musical “
    “I knew that Rosemary loves that music and so does Melvin – even Helena enjoyed it.”
    “Sounds like you had fun “
    “We all did – it was just two couples having a night out. I know its odd for them to see me with someone who they have known for so long but they were nice about it and we all got on well”
    “I think everyone was trying too hard the last time “
    “Yes – you could be right – but it went well “
    “Good – I am pleased for you mom “
    Emma put her sandwich down “Helena has been making me realise a thing or two”
    Tina nodded
    “Like you are too old to be told what to do and as much as I want the very best for you – I have to let you find your own path to what is your destiny in life. Helena is very sensible and we have talked a lot. The last thing on this earth that I want Tina is to hurt you like Peggy has hurt Helena with this whole mess about setting us up. That has hurt Helena – and I know that she acts like it doesn’t matter and that she enjoys being lazy – she doesn’t. Its knocked her confidence a lot and I hate seeing her doubting herself and the people that she is close to. I have realised that maybe one of the reasons we get on is that we both have put up barbed wire to stop people hurting us and we are probably as prickly as one another “
    “But it’s an act “
    Emma nodded “ I had a disagreement with Helena the other day when she accused me of putting her in the dock “
    Tina tried not to laugh but failed – Emma raised an eyebrow at her
    “Sorry mom but it is like being in the dock – or in the witness stand at the least “
    Emma smiled “I plead guilty “
    Tina was taken aback by her mother’s comment – it wasn’t very often you caught Emma Kennard banged to rights and she held her hands up
    “You have been softened by Helena “ Tina said semi accusingly
    “Again – guilty. I love you Tina. You are my pride and joy – I love knowing that you have succeeded at something and I bask for weeks at the slightest praise of you from a friend or colleague. The difference between me and your other mom was that she was more open about telling you that she loved you and was proud of you and everything you did. I am only beginning to see how my job has made me defensive and jaded to the joys of the world. And my greatest joy is you Tina “
    Tina was totally shocked by her mother’s speech
    “Mom “ she held her hand to her mouth in surprise.
    “I mean it – you are my world Tina. I would kill anyone who harmed a hair on your head and I am so utterly proud of the woman you have become “
    Tina started crying “Mom “
    “It’s the truth “
    “Oh mom “
    Tina got up and sat beside her mom on the sofa and hugged her. Emma took hold of her daughter and held onto her tightly. She was fed up with being the super cool lawyer who always held her feelings in check – she needed to learn to let go now and again. And the night before walking back to Helena’s apartment Emma had made her girlfriend promise that she would teach her how to chill out.
    “That is one of the nicest things that you have ever said to me mom “
    Emma rubbed Tina’s tears away “It’s the truth and I am ashamed that you didn’t know of how I felt. I have watched you change from a child to a young woman who had so much of her future ahead of her and was so enthusiased and happy. Losing your mother really devastated you – I wish I could have done more than just be a shoulder to cry on. I can see that you couldn’t have gone back to work full time in the sort of job that you had before. And “

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    1. Well ! You made me cry with Emma’s words. Mind you I find I do cry easily in these difficult times but still…….
      Nicely written and I look forward to the continuation of this great story.

      As ever Thanks for posting Ally
      Stay safe and don’t travel to Durham:-)

    2. Emma is beginning to become the parent she should be – supportive and not controlling of her child. It appears that Helena is good for her character development as well.

      She is also being honest with Tina giving her the honest reason for not inviting her to their upcoming dinner party. Now that Tina has heard it, she is not going to feel slighted when no invitation is forthcoming. Tina and Emma will get closer if these type of conversations happen from time to time. And since she totally approves of her choice of Bette as a life partner, a major obstacle has been removed from a bad relationship.

      Thanks for this addition to the story… Look forward to more.

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