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    is this love – chp 125

    CHAPTER 125

    “I just cannot believe everything that has happened in the last 10 months “
    “Is that in a good way ?”
    Bette smiled. Tina had decided that they deserved a treat so she was treating Bette to dinner and at a very good restaurant – not their usual great but inexpensive Chinese or Indian place. They were dressed up and regarding it as a 10 month celebration of them first meeting that Bette had arranged to foil their mothers
    “Of course in the best possible way – thank you “ Tina took Bette’s hand “Its Thanksgiving tomorrow and I have so much to be thankful for “
    “Wait until you cannot move from the table because my mother has forced so much food into you “
    “Oh I know your mother of old now – I know what she is like. She’s fantastic – your parents have been nothing but amazing “
    “They adore you – they could not be happier that we are a couple “
    “I couldn’t be happier we are a couple as well “
    Bette smiled and kissing Tina
    “I love you and you are – its been the best 10 months”
    “I know this is the right time for us to move in “
    “It doesn’t scare you ?” Bette asked smiling
    “Oh yeah – I am scared that you are going to be driven insane by my untidy ways “
    “I guess we are both nervous as we haven’t lived with another else before “
    “We spend lots of time together and we get on well. We can work when the other one is around, we are going to be fine – but that doesn’t stop me being nervous “
    “Its understandable – as long as we are both trying our best and know that it will take work. We have both worked hard at our relationship – its been new for both of us to put someone else to the centre as much as we have with one another” Bette said smiling
    Tina nodded “But we have something special –something that doesn’t happen very often “
    Bette nodded “Lets order “
    “Look at who just walked in “` Tina said glancing over to the entrance
    Bette swung round “Peggy – are you going to be okay ?”
    “Yeah sure “
    “Sure ?”
    “I was as mad as hell with her but I am not going to bear a grudge – she’s too much a part of our lives isn’t she ?”
    “She is – and she’s sent you a lot of flowers and fruit baskets to try and get you to forgive her. That’s not her style “
    Tina shrugged “She did what she thought was right – I think what she did was bad. I am not going to hate her – but I don’t want to work for her either “
    Bette nodded – she did understand what Tina meant “Good – I think I am in the mood for a steak “
    “On me “
    “Are you going to keep treating me like this when you are a poor post graduate student ?”
    “Yes – selling the apartment is the right thing to do “
    “As your mom has turned over this new leaf thanks to the love of a good woman – when are you planning to tell her ?”
    “When I find out that I have got into college “
    “You could put it off for a few months – not the telling her but putting the apartment on the market “
    Tina shook her head “No – I am going to move in with you and I don’t want any escape doors. I want to just move in with you and start the next phase of my life – which is to be with you”
    Bette smiled “Thank you for having the faith in us as a couple “
    “I totally trust you – that has never been an issue for me “
    “Good evening girls”
    “Hello Peggy “
    “Its nice to see you both “
    “Its good to see you as well – how are you Peggy ?”
    The older woman sighed “I am a foolish old woman as you both know “
    Bette looked at Tina who smiled “Would you like to join us Peggy ?”
    Tina looked across at the waiter who was hovering “ Could you get a chair for Mrs Peabody and get her a glass of your best brandy “
    “Very good “
    The chair appeared in seconds and Peggy sat down. Bette was pleased that Tina was being so gracious. It showed class to be so polite and respectful to someone who had tried to hurt your mother.
    “Peggy – what you did was nasty and spiteful and it was not what I would expect of someone like you who I look up to. But its water under the bridge – you will always been our favourite badly behaving millionaire “
    Peggy smiled “Thank you Tina – when I tried to break up Helena and Emma it never entered my head that you would find out “
    “And that would have made it okay if I didn’t find out that you had stooped so low to break them up – what are they doing wrong Peggy ?”
    “They have no future “
    Tina sighed “You know what – for months I have agreed with you – I have said that their relationship had a very short lifespan but honestly – they have surprised me – they seem content “
    “TINA ! – You cannot be happy about this “
    “Peggy – she is my mother – my mother who saw the woman she loves cruelly taken away from her 20-30 years before she should have had to face being bereaved. It broke her heart – like when you lost your husband years before you should have had to face that. She and Helena get on – they are good for one another. I have no idea if their relationship does have legs or not – frankly – its none of my business, But they are happy Peggy – you have to get your head around that fact “
    Peggy frowned – her brandy arrived and she took a drink at it “Do you agree Bette ?”
    “Tina is telling you what she thinks about her mother. I can tell you as Helena’s best friend – and her best friend since 1st year at Yale – I can tell you that your daughter is happy. She is not lying around feeling sorry for herself since she resigned – she is making plans”
    “What sort of plans ?”
    “That is something that Helena will tell you when she is ready “
    “Peggy sighed “I could have seen you and Helena running my companies in a few years. I am sorry Tina “
    “Peggy – you are not sorry that you set them up – you probably are sorry that you got found out and even sorrier than you failed “
    Peggy smiled – she almost looked ashamed “I am predictable – how utterly awful “
    “You will never be that “ Bette said “But I do think that you have forgotten one of the basic rules of battle that you taught Helena and I when we were 20 “
    “And what’s that ?”
    “Pick battles that you can win –this isn’t one of them and it has never been. If they break up tomorrow would you be happy or would you be concerned about Helena’s well being ? “
    Tina rubbed her ear “What would have happened if one of them had taken the bait last month ? “
    Peggy at least had the grace to look ashamed – she did look like she was not enjoying being told off
    “I don’t think I thought that far ahead “
    “Peggy – you always think ahead – you are like a chess player – a Grand Master at that. Most smart people think one – maybe two moves ahead – you think 5-6 ahead “ Bette pointed out.
    Peggy looked at them “I am sorry for involving the two of you – the two of you are so young and in love. This should not be something that you have to deal with “
    “We did spend a lot of the first week of our holiday cursing you “ Tina said
    “I deserve that I guess “
    “You did “ Tina agreed “But I like you a lot Peggy – I don’t like how you treat Helena but that’s between the two of you. I will just say that no one has a right to say who someone else should and shouldn’t love. Peggy – you have supported gay rights all your life – I know that you personally gave a lot of money to set up an AIDS helpline back in the 80’s “
    Bette raised an eyebrow “How did you know that ?”
    “I read an article about Peggy in the New York Times archive”
    Bette smiled – she loved that Tina could still surprise her. She looked at Peggy
    “Is that true Peggy ?”
    “It might be “
    “You gave money to AIDS charities in the 80’s when it wasn’t the popular charity cause that it became a couple of years later – you once told me that you didn’t regret that Helena is gay. The basic tenet of gay rights is that no one should discriminate against anyone else because of who they fall in love with. You might not like it Peggy but Helena and Emma are in love and they are making their relationship work. Like the best love affairs its bringing out the best in both of them. I had the most amazing conversation with my mother yesterday – she showed me a side to her that she shows so rarely and I was moved and so happy that she had told me that she loves me and that she is proud of me. All a child wants is to make their parents proud of them. I see so clearly how proud Melvin and Rosemary are of Bette and I just wanted for mom to say that she was proud of me. Well yesterday she did – she reduced me to tears and I was so happy. That’s Helena’s influence and I hope they do stay together if that’s how happy my mother is with your daughter “
    Peggy looked even more ashamed.
    “I am sorry Tina “
    “Sorry but you don’t agree with me ?” Tina suggested
    Peggy shrugged “Maybe I am a foolish old woman but I cannot see how it can work”
    “You don’t have to see how the trick works to enjoy a magician do you Peggy ?” Bette spoke. Tina just blew her away sometimes with her speeches – that one had been special and it just made Bette even happier that Tina was hers.
    Peggy shook her head “I am out-numbered “
    “I know you are in an entrenched position now Peggy but leave them alone – see what happened – maybe they are meant to be together at this moment. Please do not damage your relationship with your daughter “ Tina said “My mom has been telling me what is good for me for years and I didn’t want to listen. I had to find my own way – meeting Bette – that was the trigger – the kick up the pants that I needed. Bette and I are celebrating knowing one another for 10 months – next weekend I move in with her”
    As Tina was speaking her phone rang. She picked it up and swallowed
    “I better take this – excuse me “
    Tina picked the phone up and walked away from the table
    “You have someone special there Bette “
    “I know that Peggy – and I cherish her. Tina is right – which is something that you expect me to say – but leave them alone – let them just have their relationship. You know – your biggest fear for Helena has always been that she would get snared by someone like Dylan who was just looking to fleece her – Emma doesn’t need Helena’s money “
    Peggy nodded “That is true of course. I don’t know what to do Bette “
    “Not like you “
    “I want Tina to come back and work for me”
    “Leave her to do what she wants as well. I don’t know but that might be news about her future “
    Bette watched Tina who had turned away to take the call. When she turned around again there was something in her eyes that Bette could read. Bette stood up and took a few steps towards Tina. Tina was beaming by the time she reached Bette
    “That was the Admissions Director – I will get the formal letter after Thanksgiving – but I am in “
    “YES !! “
    Bette grabbed Tina and swung her round – both of them laughing
    “Oh this is the best news – I am so proud of you – I love you “
    Bette gave Tina a red hot kiss and they hugged again. After several minutes and having the attention of all the other diners finally they sat down. Peggy had watched them with amusement and delight – had there ever been two women who were more perfect for one another than these two ?
    “Whatever it is – it looks great news “
    “Its brilliant news” Bette looked round at the waiter who was eyeing them
    “A bottle of your best champagne – and put another on ice – and Mrs Peabody is joining us for dinner so you might like to get us a bigger table “
    Peggy laughed “I am joining you ?”
    “Don’t argue “ Tina said laughing
    “Well how about you two tell me why the two of you are celebrating “
    “When the champagne arrives “ Tina replied. She couldn’t believe the news – this was just wonderful. It took five minutes before they were found a larger table and the champagne arrived and three glasses. Bette opened the champagne
    “Amazing the skills you learn in your first vacation with Helena as your best friend”
    Bette popped the bottle and poured three glasses
    “So tell me “ Peggy demanded
    “I have been accepted by NYU to do a 18 month Masters degree starting in January – combined Masters – Business and Film Studies”
    Peggy laughed “That’s wonderful – am I not supposed to be putting you through that ?”
    “You were and I realised that going back to college was something that I was looking forward to the most. When we were on holiday we talked about it and I sent an email to ask if there were any places. A couple of people have dropped out and I have been accepted “
    “That is wonderful news – congratulations Tina “
    “I realised that maybe it was for the best that I didn’t take up your job offer. It would have been a very punishing work load and it wouldn’t have been fair on Bette. Bette is the woman for me and we are moving in together and it wouldn’t be right to put us under such a strain so soon in what I hope will be a long and happy life living together “
    Peggy nodded – that was a comment that spoke volumes for Tina’s character – yes she wanted to do well in her career but she wanted much more to make Bette happy. Anyone who made Bette happy was dear to Peggy and maybe Tina was also right that anyone who made her daughter happy was also someone to cherish. Peggy wasn’t sure how easy she would find it to be nice to Emma but maybe she did owe it to her daughter and to Bette and to Tina to swallow her pride and give them a chance.


    1. Oh my god…. is Peggy going to back down? She really needs to . So Peggy is the first to know Tina’s plans. And Tina has made the best decision to turn down the position. It would have devastated her relationship with Bette.

      Great chapter… Tina really is a good person. She admires and likes Peggy as a person, but she will not work for someone who act unethically whether people know about it or not. Of course, I do think that she might reconsider if she believed Peggy showed some true contrition and not the I sorry I got caught scenario.

      Thanks for another chapter…. love this story.

    2. Hey Ally,

      Terrific chapter – tying all the pieces together. Hopefully Peggy will take Tibette’s advice & leave Helena & Emma’s relationship alone.

      Happy that Tina got accepted & now can devote time to Bette as well.

      Sorry to read that the story is nearing it’s end!!!!

      Maybe a sequel ??????

      Thanks so much

    3. Completely agree with Martha and I too wonder if Peggy is going to back down?
      Looking forward to finding out.

      Sorry only 10 Chapters left. Is there a sequel lurking in your talented brain?

    4. I have loved this story so very much and it comes at a time when the distraction is really needed and very much appreciated. Perhaps a time jump towards your finale? And then a Bette and Tina marriage epilogue. And a post epilogue with children? What fun. Assuming Emma and Helena remain together so when Bette and Tina marry Peggy will become Tina’s grandmother. And Helena her mother in law. And then children – I can imagine Emma and Rosemary as grandmothers. Helena as a grandmother? Peggy as a great grandmother? And then we need a sequel. Would have loved more time with Rosemary and Melvin. Thank you so much in advance.

    5. Whoa Ally!! This is a very nice surprise! Been sometime not checking the site and what a JOY when I saw that your name!
      Thank you for your dedication and generosity in sharing your talent! Off to read and catching up (though am not sure how fast I can read before you share the last chapter).
      Stay safe, happy and healthy, please stroke Lord R’s chin for being a good pal. Take care Ally :-)

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