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    is this love – chp 130


    CHAPTER 130

    Tina was standing in the chaos that was her apartment – packing cases were all over the place. At the moment the first van of her stuff was heading its way to Bette’s place. Bette was at her house waiting for the removal firm to arrive and Tina was at her place supervising the moves at her end.
    “Hey there “ Tina turned to see Shane ambling in – most important she was carrying two huge coffees.
    “Sorry I am late “
    “You are forgiven if one of those coffees are is for me”
    “It is “ Shane handed Tina one of the coffees and looked around the room
    “I have seen this place looking better”
    “I am sure that my mother would say that this is about par for the course given my untidy habits “
    “I am sure she wouldn’t “
    “In my defence I have tidied up my act “
    “So – what’s happening ?”
    Tina lent against the wall “Half my stuff is on its way to Bette’s – those boxes have my DVD collection in”
    “Just the DVD’s ? what about the VHS collection ?”
    “I have made the decision to give it to charity “
    Shane smiled “ Its sounds like that upsets you “
    “It does but it also makes sense – most of the films are ones that I now have on DVD or Blu-ray. The ones that I don’t have – well I can always buy.”
    “Did you make the decision ?”
    “Yeah – Bette didn’t say a word and she’s been so sweet about everything and building me a study on the third floor of her house – well – I am not a single woman any more – I am part of a relationship “
    “Compromise comes with the deal “
    “It does – and it’s a small price to pay for moving in with Bette”
    “I think she’s great “
    “She likes you “
    “Is your mom not around – I would have expected that something requiring organisation would be right up Emma’s street “
    “Mom – mom’s been away for Thanksgiving “
    Shane sipped her coffee and glanced at Tina “Not her usual routine “
    “She fancied a change of scene and she’s just scored a big case win – some case that has been going through appeal for years. Its some really technical case and she’s won it on some utterly obscure point of law. So not only has it given her a boost because she’s won but she’s won because of being extremely smart – so she’s on cloud 9 “
    “Eh “
    Tina looked at Shane who was looking at her coffee
    “What ?”
    “There are some rumours going around “
    Tina tensed “What sort of rumours ?”
    Shane shrugged “ You know what sort of small world we live in “
    Tina wondered if her mom and Helena had been rumbled – she didn’t reply.
    “She’s been seen at a couple of fancy events with Helena “
    “Really ?”
    “The word is that your mom is Helena’s lawyer negotiating some deals for her”
    Deals ? Tina thought – well that was one way of describing what they got up to.
    “What sort of deals ?”
    “Helena has been seen in a couple of night clubs “
    “Helena is a clubber “
    “Not at lunchtime “

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    1. Helena in the nightclub business…. sounds good. Just need good managers and staff to keep operations under control. Then just build the right clients and keep them coming in and you can have a very profitable. And then there can be true independence from Peggy.

      Wondered what happened to Shane. Tina is almost settled in. Now she and Bette can enjoy the holidays before they settle into their routines of work and school.

      Christmas is coming…. thanks for this story….

    2. They begin a new step in their relationship. Bette and Tina are just meant to be together ❤️

      Helena is now the proud owner of night clubs, i have no doubt she will be succesfull in her new career.

      I will miss this story so much. I hope you will write a sequel ????

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