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    is this love — chp 129


    CHAPTER 129

    “Please tell me that you only wore this to a bad taste party ?” Bette asked.
    They were packing up the last of Tina’s belongings before she moved all her possessions to Bette’s place the next day. Tina was determined not to take too much stuff that she didn’t need so together they were going through some boxes that Tina hadn’t opened for a few years.
    Tina looked up from sorting out the bookcase in her room – some of the paperbacks she kept in there were falling apart. So she should throw them away – but on the other hand she now had her own study room in Bette’s attic – maybe she could take a few of these with her.
    Bette was holding up a top that Tina remembered as not being one of her wisest purchases. It was patterned and there were so many colours blended into it that it could actually hurt your eyes to look at for too long.
    “I don’t remember why I bought that “
    “Do you want to keep it ?” Bette asked
    Tina smiled “If I say yes will you change your mind about asking me to live with you ?”
    “You asked me “ Bette pointed out “ But regardless of some of your fashion choices I want to share our lives “
    Tina crawled across the floor and joined Bette.
    “I don’t want anything to come between us – so the horrible top can go to the charity “ Tina kissed Bette on the lips. Bette pulled a book out
    “A diary – I didn’t know you kept a diary “
    Tina took the book from Bette and looked at it – she blushed
    “What ?”
    “it’s the diary I used when I was backpacking around Europe when I was 19 “
    Bette raised an eyebrow “ Did you use that because you didn’t have a bedpost to carve the notches on ?”
    Tina was silent reading one entry that the book had fallen open on. Bette smiled and lifted a pair of battered sneakers out of the box – it really was a Pandora’s box of items that Tina had obviously brought from her parents apartment but then had never had the time to look through the box and select the wheat from the chaff. Bette took one of the black bags that was beside her leg and dumped the sneakers in. They would still be doing this next Thanksgiving unless they started to get rid of more of Tina’s clutter. Bette had reached the bottom of the box – she tipped it up and looked inside- a couple of old biro pens and a single sock. As much as Bette loved Tina she could be driven to distraction by her inability to throw things away. Bette threw the pens and sock in the black bag and got up and took the empty box into the sitting room. She flattened it and added it to the pile of dead cardboard boxes. Going back into the bedroom Tina was still reading the journal. Bette sat down beside Tina and read over her shoulder
    “That’s pretty explicit “ Bette said. Tina looked at her
    “I know – I was fancying myself as a writer in those days “
    “Soft porn ?” Bette asked
    “Hard porn in the case of some of these “
    “Bad girl “ Bette said
    Tina bite the side of her lip and read a few more of the entries.
    “I was a tart in those days “
    “You were 19 – blonde and beautiful and you were away from your rather strict mother who would have made mincemeat of any male or female who put a hand on your thigh – you weren’t going to become a nun “
    “Yeah “
    Bette shook her head – Tina was going to be lost in her memories for a while longer. Bette saw the pile of books that Tina had been sorting out – she moved past Tina to look at the books. One of the larger picture books caught her eye – she had looked at that book herself when she was a student but never had the money to buy it. It was a collection of black and white pictures of nude women – a lot of them with a lesbian theme. She pulled the book out of the case and started to look at the pictures – all were really well taken shots and fairly tasteful with one or two exceptions that could be described as explicit. She was just looking at a picture of one very butch woman kissing a very femme girl when she felt Tina move and snuggle up to her back
    “We are not getting much done like this “ Tina said
    “You were reliving your European tour “ Bette said
    “Tina sucks foreign pussy “ Tina said rubbing her body up and down against Bette’s back
    “Lucky foreign girls “
    “I got one hell of an education “
    “There is something about going to another country that does make you go a little crazy “
    “And reading that stuff makes me realise something else “
    “What’s that ?”
    “That it was great – I loved the experience of meeting and exploring new women – touching them, tasting them , finding out how they kissed and what turned them on… but its really made me realise that what I have now – the love of one woman. Knowing her – knowing how good she tastes – knowing how good it feels to be deep inside of her. Knowing how she looks when I am making her cum – that’s the best feeling in the world and I wouldn’t swap this relationship to fuck any other dyke in the world. I love my girlfriend and I am so lucky “
    Bette turned around – Tina was smiling
    “I love you Bette “
    “I love you too “
    Tina moved closer and putting both her hands on Bette’s face she kissed her passionately
    “I don’t want to taste any woman – just you “ Tina said between kisses
    “I only want to feel your long, skilled fingers inside of me and I only want to come to one woman’s touch – yours Bette “
    The naked images and the words that Tina was saying had turned Bette on almost at once. She returned the kiss and forced Tina’s mouth open so their tongues could move together. Bette pushed Tina backwards so she could lie on top of her and they could continue their kissing. Tina was on fire with need for Bette – -reading about how she had fucked other women only made her want to fuck Bette. There were women she didn’t even remember – events that she had read in her own hand that were a faded memory. What wasn’t faded was the reality of her life now – her fantastic life with a truly amazing woman – her woman. Bette was pressing her thigh into between Tina’s legs and moving it slowly – making Tina wetter and driving her crazy with desire. As they kissed Bette started to open Tina’s blouse – needing to taste and touch her lover’s breasts. Tina was grinding her core against Bette’s thigh. For several minutes they kissed hard – both desperate for the other. Finally Tina pulled away
    “I can’t wait any longer “
    The bed was covered in bags and boxes – Bette looked at her
    “We’ll just have to stay down here “
    “Fine by me “
    Tina rolled over and started pulling off her jeans and pants. By the time she had tugged her jeans off and cast them aside Bette had also stripped herself naked. The floor wasn’t totally clean but neither noticed or cared – they only had eyes for the other woman. Bette sat up and moved towards Tina – she might have been on the bottom for the foreplay but for the actual performance she was going to be in control. Tina could handle Bette being in control because it was always a two way thing – before the afternoon was out Tina would get her turn to be in charge.
    Tina lent back so she was now on her back – she opened her legs. Bette swallowed – she could see the wetness on Tina’s hairs – see the juices on her thighs – fuck she was as wet as Bette felt she was. Bette positioned herself so her body was covering Tina’s. for a few minutes they kissed again – Bette wanted to taste Tina’s breasts – there was no such thing as too much of Tina’s boobs.
    “Open yourself for me “ Bette said between kisses
    Tina shuddered – oh God this was going to be so fucking good. She obeyed and watched as Bette parted her own lips and Tina could see Bette’s clit. Bette lowered herself down – first their breasts pressed together – a feeling that always sent fresh waves of electricity through both women. Then once Bette was sure they were both okay she lowered herself so their clits came together
    “Oh fuck that’s good “ Tina gasped
    Bette lowered her face and kissed Tina on the lips
    “Only you” she whispered
    “Only you “ Tina replied
    “Slow and steady ? “
    “Just do it “ Tina replied
    Bette eased her hips back and pushed forward
    “Oh Bette”
    Their joint wetness made their movements slick as Bette started to move back and forth. Tina was grasped Bette’s ass – pushing her in further as she moved. Bette started to grunt as she ground harder and harder into Tina. Tina was crying out – the feeling was sensational and she could see the intense look on Bette’s face as she drove them both towards an orgasm. Bette came first – screaming out Tina’s name and slumping forward and lying still for a few minutes. As Tina stroked Bette’s hair and kissed her she was aware of how close her own orgasm was. The few minutes soon past and Bette started again – more determined and grunting hard as she strove to make Tina have her orgasm. Tina came with a loud yelp – all her sensations were ablaze.
    “Oh BETTE “ Tina managed to say
    “I love you “ Bette whispered kissing Tina’s neck and starting to lick the damp flesh.
    Bette was not finished by any means . She had been amused by the 19 year old Tina’s account of sleeping with a waitress called Simone but Bette knew she was a very different mover than the lovely Simone. Bette moved her body so she could gently slip one finger deep into Tina – her lovely, tight pussy Tina. Tina gasped – not expecting what Bette had done but as Bette moved in and out Tina relaxed – this was just heaven. As Bette entered her with a second finger Tina cried out – she was immediately desperate for a second release from the throbbing that was deep inside her – a throbbing that only Bette could take away. Tina’s second orgasm took a longer time but was worth it as she screamed Bette’s name as she felt her world go black as it overtook her. For what felt like a long time Tina just lay trying to get her breath back – that had been so all consuming – so fucking good. When she opened her eyes Bette was lying looking at her
    “Fuck Bette”
    “Is that a request ?”
    “No – not yet — not just for the moment “
    Bette reached out her free hand and stroked Tina’s face
    “I love you “ Bette said softly
    “I love you and I meant what I said earlier – I only want you “
    “I feel the same “
    Tina smiled “Good – would you sit in that chair for me ?”
    Bette raised her eyebrow – she knew damn well what Tina wanted to do and it was something that she was thinking she would like a lot as well.
    “Sure – but my fingers like being here “
    “They haven’t finished their days work yet – they can have a break for a while”
    Bette grinned and slowly removed her fingers and licked them clean. Tina watched her and then the brunette got up and after moving some papers she sat down in the chair that Tina had indicated
    “Anything else ?” Bette asked
    “Open your legs “ Tina ordered.

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    1. Now this is what I expected the sorting of Tina’s stuff to go. It never goes as quickly as you like. You get distracted with things you forgot you have and then because their desire for each other is always on red alert, it does not take much to get naked and get busy. And the sorting goes by the wayside. Oh well. Tina will have to do it once Bette goes to work on Monday.

      I like these two. They really are good together. The excitement of moving in together is not like most people I know. The reason is that most people are with each other 24/7 and therefore there is very little difference before the move in and after the move in. With theses two, they have maintained two places with an large accumulation of stuff. They are moving in together on purpose. They are disposing of the other place. These two are going to work well together.

      I am so enjoying this story….. not many chapters left. Looking forward to a strong conclusion….

    2. This was simply amazing and hot!

      They are such a great couple and almost ready to start a new part in their lives. When they do get some time between their making love in to do some packing and move Tina in.

      I adore this couple and story ❤️

    3. I am going to miss this story so much. One of my favorites. I see this Bette and Tina happy and content forever. And that makes me very happy. I read your chapters in the morning and it has been a great way to start the day. Will miss it very much. If you have any others that are comparable could you please recommend them? Thank you.

    4. Billy – if you want some good LONG stories of mine that i finished – Something so right springs to mind
      One and Only is a young version of Bette and Tina in NY with the same parents.. Some kind of wonderful is the sequel to One and Only .. Long and Winding road is a post Dana story – eh – i oh and All you need is love is the brady bunch mets l word with them having 6 kids between the two of them…
      that should keep you very busy for a long time ;-)

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