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    Is this love – chp 67&68


    “I propose a toast to the newest member of the Peabody Foundation staff “ Helena said standing up. They were in a private booth in one of New York’s most high class wine bars. Peggy neatly poured champagne into Helena, Bette and Tina’s glasses – she poured some out for herself and lent across to press a buzzer to summon a waiter to get her another bottle
    “Do you make this sort of fuss for all your part time staff ?” Tina asked grinning
    “Only the most beautiful lesbian ones “ Bette said kissing Tina on the cheek. She was really pleased with how everything was going . Tina had changed a lot since they had started dating – her self confidence had really come back and the transformation in the blonde had been marvellous. Bette and Helena had already demolished a bottle of champagne waiting for Peggy’s interview with Tina had been complete as they had gossiped and caught up with what was going on in their lives. Helena was bemoaning the end of a relationship and was feeling a little sorry for herself.
    “Ladies – I give you – Tina Kennard ! “
    Bette, Helena and Peggy all cheered and clapped “Welcome Tina “
    “Speech ! “ Bette called
    “Thank you Helena – Peggy “
    Tina stood up and grinned “ Thank you – Peggy your interview style is unusual “
    “You should see how she interviews young men “ Bette called laughing
    “Thank you darling “ Peggy was grinning
    “What did she do ?” Helena asked
    Tina looked at Peggy “She asked me to make her a cocktail “
    “Ohh – tough – that’s not an easy one “ Bette said “Not enough bourbon and you are sunk “
    “How was the cocktail ?” Helena asked
    “Fantastic “ Peggy said “ In my defence I was checking something she had said on her resume – she sad she worked in a bar during her vacation from university “
    “I did “
    “I was checking “
    “You didn’t check up on my qualifications or what I did at CBS “
    “It was random “ Peggy said smiling “Are you going to make this speech Tina ?”
    “I wanted to thank you for having faith in me – I will not let you down and I am looking forward to the challenge. Helena – I am looking forward to working with you – I am sure we will have a blast . Bette – thank you for everything – we know I would not be sitting here if it wasn’t for your faith and love – I love you and what I have with you is just the best. But today is tinged with sadness for me – today would have been my mom’s wedding anniversary and this morning I spent a few hours with mom who was understandably feeling sad and missing the love of her life. Its so sad that Kate never meet any of you – she would have loved you Peggy – she had a crazy sense of humour and she would have just thought you were adorable. Helena – well – she was a sucker for that accent and your style “ Tina looked at Bette
    “You know that she would have adored you babe – -she would have just loved how kind and gentle you are and you know that she would have approved of how well you take care of me. So I would like to propose a toast to Emma and Kate Kennard – true and eternal lovers “

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    1. Amazing chapter!

      And i am glad that Bette is willing to give Emma a second chance.

      Any chance you will gift us with another chapter?

      To all the people who are so busy to help, wether you are a doctor, nurse, shopping assistent, delivery guy- woman or like my collegeaus who are working very hard to make sure the trains are still running to bring those all who we need in this worrysome time to work. Thank you all 👏👏👏

    2. Wonderful chapters…. Love the fact that Emma has loosened her nickers. It has been a long time coming. This chapter’s Emma is someone I can like. There is nothing wrong with being peculiar. But to be nasty, mean and inconsiderate is simply not acceptable. Tina is her only child and her only living relative. She is also an adult who is whether Emma approves or not will make her own decisions about her life. She will also experience the rewards or the harm which those decisions bring. Emma needs to stop making assumptions like her daughter as no judgement capabilities in choosing a potential mate or she never going to lead a worthwhile life unless she does X, Y or Z. And no one knows more that Emma Kennard. This type of mind set will lead to nothing but unhappiness. I hope these changes in Emma are what we can expect in the future.

      So Tina is just now considering that Bette will be her one and only for the rest of her life? Really?? Where the hell has she been for the past few months? I’ll tell you where. IN BETTE’s BED.!! I guess I’m not accustom to people not thinking any further into the future than this weekend. I can’t imagine saying to yourself how much you love someone without thinking this is my lover for life. But maybe this is some self-defensive mechanism. This is my lover until this isn’t my lover? If that is the thought process, then doesn’t that somewhat insure that the relationship will fall apart at some point? Maybe this is just me. But to me that was just a show stopping statement. Hope both Bette and Tina will be ready to commit to one another for life some time soon…

      Thank you for these chapters.. Love to see more. Stay home if you are not a first responder or a priority service provider.

    3. Love this story, love this chapter, agree 100% with the comments above. We are staying put in my home, all three home from college and doing their classes online. So grateful for the grocery store workers, the warehouse workers, the truck drivers and all the medical staff. I read today that hospital employees are sleeping in their garages or away from the home so that they don’t infect their families. Heartbreaking. Thanks for the smoking hot chapter, please write more when you can.

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