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    Is this love chp 65&66

    CHAPTER 65

    Tina was relieved to get back to Bette’s house just after 11:30pm – it had been a very odd evening and one that she wanted to discuss privately and rationally with Bette. She hadn’t said anything about the conversation with her mother yet. When Bette had returned with two bottles of beer Emma had gone off to dance with Rosemary – which was an event that had so amused Bette that all other conversation was pointless while she had watched and commentated on it.
    Bette re-set the alarm once they were safely inside her house. She removed her jacket before she spoke
    “You are very quiet – is everything alright ?””
    “My mother and I had a conversation “
    Bette raised one eyebrow before sitting on the stairs to remove her shoes – she rubbed her toes. She was too polite to tell Tina just how many times she had stood on her toes during the evening.
    “Anything I need to know about ?”
    “I do want to talk to you about it – lets go to bed though – its nice and warm and cosy “
    “Seems like a plan “ Bette stood up “Your mom was right that we did look sensational tonight “
    Tina accepted Bette’s hand as they started to climb the stairs together “I know we did – you turn heads almost everywhere we go”
    “You don’t do too badly getting your own share of attention “ Bette replied “ Especially with that cleavage “
    “I have my cleavage but you have your cleavage and that smoking hot ass “
    Tina emphasised her point by playfully slapping it as they went to their bedroom.
    It took 20 minutes to get ready for bed but soon they were together. Tina was sitting up resting on three pillows – this was going to take some time and she needed to be comfortable if they were really going to thrash this around. Bette was always much more relaxed – she talked lying down – occasionally opening her eyes at some comment that took her by surprise. Tina had been amused at how sharp and alert Bette could still be even with her eyes closed. Bette settled herself down into a comfortable position
    “Okay – I’m listening “
    “How did my mom seem to you – before you went to get those beers ?”
    “I have seen those who have tried and failed to keep up with Peggy before and your mom didn’t come in the top ten drunks – not even the top 50. She was mellow which is unusual but welcoming. Your mom always seems on edge. I know what she is responsible for – over a hundred staff and god knows how many cases but she never seems to be thinking about anything other than work – that is unless she is undermining you or our relationship “
    “She does struggle to unwind but do you know anyone else who could do what she does – to be responsible for so many people ?”
    “Yes “ Bette said dryly “Peggy Peabody employs over 10,00 people world wide in I think over 30 different countries and her foundation helps many more thousands. I rarely see Peggy worry about anything other than whether a restaurant will run out of champagne “
    Tina cursed to herself – that did rather spoil her defence of her mother
    “I think what she does is amazing “ Tina said
    “So do I – it would just be nice if she took five minutes now and again to see how amazing her daughter is and that she is in a very good relationship “
    “She does think I am amazing “
    That was enough to make Bette open her eyes – she only did that when Tina said something that genuinely surprised her or she really disagreed with a statement.
    “She does ?”
    “Her exact words were – yes I know that I am a snob but nothing you could do would make you any less wonderful in my eyes – unquote “
    “Gee – that’s a turn up “
    “It is “ Tina agreed “She said a lot of stuff that I hadn’t heard before “
    “More amazing than that she is proud of you – which she damn well should be “
    “I know its weird but she was different tonight “
    “How different ?”
    “I think she has been leant on by your mom and by Peggy – and then as you say there was the champagne “
    “No offence babe but King Kong leaning on her would not sway her once she had made her mind up. She is a very strong woman “
    “I think you are right but your mom and Peggy can be very persuasive – I think she finally see that you and I together is a good thing “
    “Of course it damn well is “ Bette said vehemently “Its insane to think that we aren’t”
    Tina smiled – it was a turn on how protective Bette was of her
    “It turns out that my mother’s distrust of you is because you are a player. She told Helena that girls like you don’t have long term relationships with girls like me “
    Bette didn’t just open her eyes this time – she sat up and looked at Tina with angry eyes
    “She said WHAT ?”
    “What it boils down to is that you are seen by my mother as a player and that meant that she thought she understood you and part of that understanding was that you don’t do long term relationships. She apparently knows this because she was a player herself back in the day – though that’s a fact about your mother that you really don’t want to know “
    Tina’s attempt at humour fell flat – Bette was angry
    “Women like me don’t have relationships with women like you – what a disgusting thing to say. I cannot believe it – she said that to Helena about us? I have got a good mind to tell her a thing or two about women like me “
    “Bette – calm down – its okay “
    “Okay ? how can you say that ? its okay to say fucking shit like that about you and about me ? I mean this Tina – this time she has gone too damn far “
    “Bette – calm down – just take a few deep breathes “
    “Who the fuck does the stupid bitch think she is – she must have a twisted view of humanity if she thinks that her daughter’s partner is out to just use and abuse her. The fucking bitch “
    Bette had got up and was walking around the room. It was obvious that she was angry and the rapidity at which had flared up had truly taken Tina by utter surprise. She had been told about the infamous Porter temper – she had never really believed that her kind and gentle Bette could really be so fierce but it was now in front of her. Tina got off the bed and went to Bette who had walked across to the window and wasn’t looking at Tina
    “Babe “ Tina said softly
    Bette didn’t react – Tina put her hands on Bette’s sides and snuggled up to her back
    “Bette – come back to bed “
    “How can she say that about me ?”
    “That’s what she was told you were – the players player – the hottest lesbian in the city and she thought she knew what that meant – mainly because she was a player as well and she knows what the lesbian scene is like. In a way I can see what she means “
    “Tina “ Bette turned round and looked at the blonde – her eyes showed anger as well as hurt. Tina pulled her partner closer and kissed her on the lips
    “”I said that I could see what she meant – I didn’t say that I agreed with her for one second and I told her very strongly that you might have been a player once upon a time but you aren’t any more. You are officially off the market and I doubt if the phrase player is one that you would have ever used to describe yourself “
    “It isn’t – how “
    Tina kissed Bette quiet “I know – I know that you never saw yourself in those terms but for better or worse that’s what other people think. They are all universally wrong but it’s a mistake that if I hadn’t got to know you – its one I would have made. I know the truth – I know how sensitive and sweet and totally honourable you are. “
    Bette let out a long sigh and accepted Tina’s arms around her. She was still angry – Tina could sense it in her body – she held onto Bette praying that their closeness would be enough to quell her fury. Bette took several deep breaths as if she was fighting her own temper. Tina just held on for a few minutes until Bette seemed to shrink in size and she reacted to Tina holding her by wrapping her own arms around the blonde. Tina sighed in relief – that seemed to be over but it had been a scary thing to witness for the first time.
    “You okay ?” Tina asked
    Bette nodded “Sorry “
    “You don’t have anything to apologise for – come back to bed eh. Its not warm enough for us to be standing here stark naked “
    Bette allowed Tina to take her back to bed. This time Tina threw the covers back and climbed inside – Bette joined her and snuggled up next to her
    “I have never been a player – I just despise that phrase – its so cheap“
    “I know – it’s the easy thing to assume when you are as beautiful and so seemingly aloof as you are. All that matters is that you and I know the truth babe. That what seems to be arrogance is really shyness”
    “I hate the word – it implies that I treat women badly “
    “I don’t think you would Bette – its okay and its got to be progress that she is admitting that she felt that way about you and I . It explains a lot and now that she has got it out of her head she might be able to see what is really happening between the two of us,. Come on Bette – that’s a good thing “
    “I guess so “ Bette said sighing. Tina stroked Bette’s hair and kissed it
    “She is finally seeing what we are like together – you heard her tonight saying how great we look together “
    “We do”
    “I know that – you know that –finally she’s seeing that “
    Bette grunted. Tina pulled the brunette closer and held her
    “Bette – its really progress. She was always going to take some coming round – regardless of how much she tried to get us together”
    “Did she say anything else ?”
    “She was very emotional “
    “That would be the champagne “
    “I don’t think it was just that. She said that she was scared when she found out that we were together because she knows what its like to be a player. I swear its going to take me some time to get my head around that concept “
    “You didn’t know she was a player ?” Bette asked
    “Mom once told me how lucky we were to have her because she could have had anything she wanted and she had decided that she wanted mom and to have a family with her. “
    “You didn’t believe her obviously ?”
    “Its not that – they were happy. Emma just idolised Kate – she would have done anything to make here happy or to put a smile on her face “
    “Like getting a cat ?”
    “Yeah – like a cat – like carrying a baby when Kate hadn’t been successful in getting pregnant. Its obvious that she still misses her – I don’t acknowledge that enough – that while I know how deep my pain goes – it runs just as deep for mom. Oh and you will like this “
    “Try me “Bette said dryly – she didn’t like losing her temper and was now frustrated with herself for letting herself lose control.
    “Peggy and Rosemary are going to get her a date or two “
    That did make Bette laugh – she chuckled “That I look forward to seeing “
    “She promised Kate – I think it was a couple of days before she died that she wouldn’t stay single for the rest of her life “
    “And did she mean it ?”
    “No – I thought at the time that she would stay single – she worshipped mom. I know she looks hard and everything and she is in a way but she adored everything that Kate did and said. They argued but with mom it was out of frustration more than anger. “
    “And how do you feel about her dating ?”
    Tina shrugged – Bette sat up further and looked at Tina. The blonde smiled
    “It would be some woman to come close to Kate “
    “No woman could replace your mom and only someone stupid would try. Its about your mom finding someone new . She’s got a lot going for her “
    “Do you think she’s sexy ?” Tina asked
    “Tonight that dress and hairstyle took years from her – she looked great. She always look good but she did look extra specially good tonight. If she puts herself out there she will get offers “
    “I think it would be good for her – she can’t spend the rest of her life just working and doing nothing else. It can’t be much fun for her “
    “I wonder who my mother has in mind “
    “Does she know many gay women ?”
    “Oh you would be surprised “
    “Surprise me “
    “There are a lot of gay women work at the library, there are some older women in dad’s office – I don’t suppose their availability will have escaped my mother’s eagle attention. She can be a terror “
    “And I suppose Peggy’s contact book is full ?“
    “Peggy – Peggy – God what a deadly combination my mother and Helena’s mom are. Your mom can expect dates with lawyers and librarians from my mom and God only knows who with Peggy. Its going to be very interesting . “
    “Are you okay ?” Tina a
    “I am sorry for that out burst “
    “Its okay – you have been very tolerant of everything that she has done since we met. All that stuff about me and Helena must have really hurt you “
    “No woman has ever come between H and I “
    “And no one could – you know that I like Helena but she isn’t my type – you are”
    “Thanks “
    “Well it’s the truth “
    Tina sighed and looked at Bette
    “So that was your temper ?”
    Bette looked ashamed “Yeah “
    “Its is a thing that you need to see before you can believe that it exists – you have always struck me as being so placid “
    “The truth is out “ Bette said – Tina could sense that Bette was really embarrassed about her outburst
    “It shows you are human – I don’t have a problem with it. Wait until you see a Kennard rage – that’s usually entertaining “
    “What makes you angry ?” Bette asked
    “Injustice – being falsely accused – being patronised – god I loathe anyone who tries to talk down to me because I am a woman or because I am not all done up to the nines in a fancy business suit”
    “I must make a note of those things – you might need to get your business suits to the dry cleaners if you are going to be working for Peggy – did you discuss salary ?”
    “No but she told me that she would make it worth my while as it were “
    “I base this on nothing in particular and I haven’t talked to Helena or Peggy about it but it wouldn’t surprise me if Peggy is looking to give you a full time job. Helena is always travelling and with the greatest will in the world she doesn’t have the organisational skills that you do”
    “You think ?”
    “I an not guaranteeing anything but if you impress Peggy as much as you have up to now I would think that she will create a role for you. Peggy didn’t get where she is – or her family by sticking to the rules – the Peabody’s make the rules – not follow them. You would work hard – it wouldn’t be a comfortable number but she will make you a very highly paid one of her team. Depends on whether you and Helena can work together as well “
    Tina stroked Bette’s jaw line
    “You do trust me don’t you ?”
    “With Helena ?”
    “Yes “
    “Yes of course I do. I am a good judge of character and you wouldn’t cheat on me and Helena wouldn’t betray me either. I am secure enough in who I am and who you and Helena are that the notion never crosses my mind. “
    “I wouldn’t cheat on you – I am really crazy about you and its not something I have ever done – be unfaithful I mean. I have been cheated on but I have never cheated on a woman.”
    Tina said “I know I have hang ups but your past doesn’t worry me either”
    “I did wonder about that – they meant nothing to me “

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    1. Great chapter!

      It was great to see how Tina was able to calm down Bette after she got mad.

      They are a great couple and if they communicate about things during hard and good times they will have a long lasting relationship!

      I am still wary about Emma, but i will give her a change.

      Thanks for the update!

    2. I’m disappointed with Tina. She know Bette how long – a few month? And already allow Bette to talk that about her mother – “bitch”??? Tina can say about her mother how she want, but allowed your girlfriend abuse your mother? No, that’s i don’t understand.
      Interesting how Bette would react if Tina say like that about her mother.

      And i don’t really like this Bette – she obliviously don’t understand one important thing – she is Emma, They are the same in everything, but Bette only on 25 years younger, Maybe in future, if Bette would have daughter, her boyfriend or girlfriend would called old Bette “bitch” too. And her daughter wouldn’t defend her.

    3. I like that Tina can calm Bette down with reason and the truth. Emma’s comment are important for her to hear. She just needs to hear all of them – the detrimental and the mitigating comments. It will give her a fuller picture as to who Emma is. Bette also needs to hold her temper until she has heard the entire conversation between Emma and Tina. It is understandable to be angry and upset. But if she sustains that attitude, she will make thing uncomfortable with Tina. The last thing she needs to do is to make Tina feel that she needs to withhold or hide information on Emma. Bette will have a hard time protecting Tina from unknown transgressions from Emma.

      The most important thing for Bette to do is to show Tina that she can be relied upon to do that which is in the best interest for Tina. And that includes to allow and encourage Tina to have a healthy and good relationship with Emma. Bette is a charmer and given an opportunity, she can charm the socks off of Emma. Emma is softening, but both Tina and Bette need to proceed with caution.

      Another great chapter….. write when you can….it can be a great escape and very soothing to raw nerves and the pressures of work. Thanks you

    4. Thanks for posting, Ally, Seems that there is still hope for Emma. Interesting how a more self-assured and happier Tina manges to get through to Emma, even help her address her grief and her shortcomings. They could be on their way to an equal and loving mother-daughter relationship.

      Looking forward to more. Don’t let work consume you. Reading is my salvation from all the crazyness at work right now.


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