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    Chapter 13 – LET’S DANCE

    Author’s Comment –

    Now who could this woman be?? And what role does she play in the evening?? Or in Bette’s life??

    Lots of stuff going on in this chapter. Even one of our heroines’ meets an old friend!!

    For this chapter, I wished to explore Bette’s inner doubts about commitment in a relationship and her reasons for her hesitation. I also wanted to establish the close, sisterly relationship between Bette and her oldest friend. Their bind is deep and they support each other in life and love. They’re protective towards each other. This friend brings Bette to task for her uncertainty towards Tina and what a relationship with the blonde could mean & entail for the long haul.

    Tina finally meets this longtime friend of Bette’s and there is an instant respect between the two women. Tina also shows her assertive side and makes her desire know.

    Will that be enough??

    Just how will Bette respond to the full on come on??

    Can she resist the temptation at her fingertips??

    Can Bette and Tina make it happen???

    As always – thanks for reading & please enjoy this update.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Previously from Doctor of Hope Chapter 12 . . .


    When You Least Expect It – Someone Comes to Call > > >


    Bette was indeed enjoying the show one Tina Kennard was putting on from across the room. The brunette was simply captivated by the beautiful blonde. Her eyes dark and focused as her vision was glued to the pretty American.

    Tina danced freely with her friends and Bette watched every movement. A sly smile appeared on Bette’s face as she followed the blonde. The whiskey in her glass was warm like heated honey as it trickled down her throat as she slowly sipped her drink. She didn’t want to miss one movement, one swing of Tina’s shapely hips or tilt of her head or smile on her gorgeous face. Tina danced with a carefree fluidity and elegant grace.

    Then suddenly, a tall figure obstructed Bette’s view of her lovely roommate. 

    Fuck, what now?

    What the hell?

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    1. Good morning, Collins,

      Wow, what a feeling indeed!!!

      Of course, I did a quick glance at this first thing this morning – I couldn’t resist. And I want to go back and let it all soak in one more time with a slow, thorough read before I post a comment here. There’s so much to absorb – I want to take it all in.

      Off to the salt mine this morning, so will check back in later this weekend with my thoughts.

      Thanks for continuing this marvelous story!

      Be back soon.

    2. Hey Collins,

      What a nice surprise to read a new chapter!

      How are you doing? Everything going ok with you and your family?

      I knew it was Helena at the club, she is a wonderful friend to Bette and it was funny how to get something out of Bette, jeez, it was like Helena was torturing her to get her to say anything but yes Helena in her way knew how to get her to spill. I love their friendship, it’s clearly they love each other very much and their banter was so funny. Helena knew immediately that Tina was not one of those random women Bette took to bed or dated a few hours or days. Bette only thought about why she shouldn’t date Tina while Helena pointed out the many possibilities of how they could make a relationship work as Tina got back to the USA, she has a positive influence on Bette, yes love this Helena.

      Finally, Bette and Tina admitted to each other they wanted more than the friendship they have and move forward and Bette being Bette want their first kiss to be special and not a kiss when both of them were a little tipsy.

      I hope you will post the next chapter soon, it’s a pleasure to read about your Bette & Tina.

      Enjoy your weekend!

      • Hey Z,

        Hope are things with you? Any improvements in the conditions over there? Are you keeping safe?

        I was actually thinking about you the other day, so I am super glad to hear that you are ok at the moment.

        I do hope you enjoy the chapter & that it brings a smile to your face & heart when you read it.

        Please continue to be safe & my prayers & hope for you & your country are with you.

    3. Hey Collins,

      Absolutely love this story! Thanks for the update.
      It’s so real and honest and you have the characters of Bette and Tina down so well.

      Bette, tender and loyal, yet always on guard for her heart.
      Tina,, open and loving and never afraid to voice her feelings.

      So happy that they’ve finally admitted to themselves and each other their attraction and growing feelings for each other. Can’t wait to read how they will finally connect.

      Helena – such a gem. Bette is so lucky to have her as a friend and surrogate sister.. Their bond is deep and equal in measure.
      She can certainly push Bette’s buttons, but just wants the best for her too.
      Bette needs to take her advice and consider all the possibilities for a true relationship with Tina.
      Bette’s falling in love with her and has found her soulmate.

      Tina – lovely and so sweet, especially in everything she does regarding Bette. Love how you’ve portrayed her as a strong character with clear convictions and intentions. She’s falling deeply in love too and their eventual union will be perfect.

      Looking forward to so much more of this story.

      Great pictures this time around too!

      • This Bette is a far better person than me!! Gosh she’s patient. I would have told the One-night stand redhead to F off! And then turned to look for Tina. But this is Y YOU’re the Author/Writer!!!

        Tell your story the way U want Cool Breeze!!! HeHeHe!!!

        • Hey D,

          Good to hear from you.

          Agree with you about Bette in being a better person. But I think Tina is just as patient. She’s willing to let Bette set her own pace & be totally comfortable in their growing relationship.

          More romance to come & enjoy that Cool Breeze!!!

          Thanks pal.

          Chat soon.

      • Hey Watson,

        Thanks so much for checking out this new update. It’s been a while since we chatted.

        So glad that you are enjoying this novel & the story that I am laying out. It is a bit different as it doesn’t follow the usual storylines & part of it is set in England with Bette being British. But they do have many of the great qualities that JB & LuH took great effort in creating for Tibette.

        I’ve tried to bring as many of the OG characters into the story as possible – James, Helena, Shane, Carmen, Helena & Peggy. Although I will say that Shane will have a diminished role moving forward since, I have lost all respect for KM & how she has behaved & acted towards Tibette. Her comments are totally disrespectful & unprofessional.

        Writing the banter between Helena & Bette was fun & it just flowed naturally.

        Their first date & time together is approaching fast – next few chapters are focused on their date & their first time together.

        Until the next chapter.

        Take care & stay safe.

        • Think the same about KM. She’s such a disappointment in her attitude and words about Tibette. In reality, she won’t have the career she’s had with TLW and the fantastic success of Tibette.
          She should be eternally grateful to JB & LuH for their dedication to Bette & Tina & their ability to create this wonderful fandom.

          I certainly don’t support Shane or Shess.

          And don’t get me started about LH either!!!

          Looking forward to them dating & getting back together in the future.

          • Agree with you about the grateful part. They both act with such jealousy & disrespect for the amazing characters that JB & LuH created that has lasted nearly 2 decades.

            I think we all believe that OG won’t have lasted as long as it did without the enduring legacy of Tibette. JB/LuH have to be given credit for this everlasting couple. Tibette endures because of them.

            You are right – dating on the horizon for sure.

    4. There was so much in this chapter to reveal about Tina and Bette and how they are connecting.

      Loved the moments of small talk between Bette and Helena and then between Bette and Tina.

      Hope they confess their growing love for each other other very soon.

      Keep them coming.

      • Hi Erin,

        This was a fun chapter to write & I enjoyed writing about Helena. It furthers the background on Bette’s history & helps explain her emotions and abandonment issues due to her mother’s early death.

        2 more big chapters on their way & lots of talking & feelings involved.

        Thanks for connecting & thrilled that you are enjoying this novel.

    5. AWE . Helena with the zero filter and the zero hold back of what she sees.

      while reading this story as bette and tina get closer now that they have discussed their feelings for each other. my greatest fear is how and why they are apart in present day in your story ( and GQ lol)

      lovely chapter

      • Hey Ashley,

        Isn’t Helena a blast? Right- no filter, but in a good way in challenging Bette.

        Their first date is next & what lies beyond that & their connection.

        So as far as what happens in the future – in FF, many, many relationships have angst, regret, breakups & possible reconciliation.

        Remember, I will only write Tibette stories/novels that eventually have a happy ending. For me, Tibette will always be endgame. How they get there is sometimes a challenge, but that’s life too.

        As far as GQ is concerned, I DO believe that Tibette is endgame, but it will be a challenge to get there. Drama is Queen & we’ll have some of that this season too.

        Happy that you enjoyed the chapter & I’ll get the 2 sites we discussed on equal footing.

        Thanks for commenting & until the next chapter.

    6. I love Helena! I’m loving her and Bette’s friendship, and reading their backstory. This is a great line – “Yep, she’s in love alright. Helena thought to herself. She just doesn’t know it yet.” – your best friend always knows…

      And such good advice she gave Bette – “Don’t let fear or what ifs stop you from opening your heart to her.” Good advice for all of us, I think.

      My favorite line – “Everyone has a perfect partner, Bette. Someone that they just fit with. Like the perfect match.”

      I’m a sucker for Bette & Tina dancing, but their slow dance here was on another level. They are each other’s perfect partner. Perfectly written, Collins.

      What a great ending to this chapter. They know they’re falling in love, and I am loving the buildup to their first kiss.

      Thanks for this update. I’m just loving this story.

      • Hi Westy,

        You picked out some of my favorite lines too!

        And the ever lovely Helena – Rachel molded her into a likeable character that was eventually a true friend to Tibette. I wanted to create that same dynamic in this story between Bette & Helena – establish that deep bond between the 2 friends that will last their lifetime.
        She certainly doesn’t shy away from the hard questions or in challenging Bette.
        We’ll see more of her in later chapters.

        When hasn’t magic been created when Tibette dances together???
        They make a truly magical couple that we all cherish.

        Next up – physically connectijng at long last & creating that once in a lifetime bond.

        Much more to come & will post again soon.

        Warmest regards my friend.

      • I’m a big fan of great lines too and Collins never disappoints!

        Helena was great too with her spot-on assessment of Bette and her deep feelings for Tina.

        Lovely comment.

    7. Hey Collins,

      Okay, so I’ve had time to check back in with this update and I am still tingling with anticipation of what is yet to come for this couple.

      This was so jammed packed with lots of tidbits, feelings, emotions and awakenings.

      Loved your portrayal of Helena and what a great friend she is to Bette. She keeps Bette honest with herself and isn’t afraid to call her friend out on her feelings and actions. You nailed their close relationship and it was great fun to read and experience their banter. Please keep Helena in the story and I hope we see more of her soon.

      Loved the info on Peggy too – love Hollard Taylor – she is such an immense talent. Miss her immensely in GQ.

      And great pictures this time around too – always paired so nicely with the action and text of the chapter. Loved the younger pictures of ‘Bette’. Were they from JB’s younger modeling days?

      And the Flashdance reference – that was awesome! And Bette’s reaction – classic that she doesn’t see the connection herself!! So funny.

      Fav Line this time – wow, there were so many –

      Helena challenging Bette – ‘Answer the bloody questions’ – classic and then point-blank asking Bette ‘Are you in love with her then?’ – Bette’s got nowhere to hide!! And then – ‘Sod off Porter’!!

      And Tina’s perfect partner statement – ‘Everyone has a perfect partner Bette. Someone they just fit with. Like a perfect match.’ How true for them – they are the PERFECT match.

      The slow roll at the end with the almost kiss – so sweet and torturous. They both want to remember their first time, their first true connection of hearts and souls.

      Can’t wait for the next step and their weekend together.

      • Hey K,

        Back from my trip back east & trying to catch up on some comments. Thank you for your thoughts & fav lines.

        Helena is a key person for Bette & will play a major role in their future & she will always support Bette with her honesty.

        Jammed backed indeed – so will the next 2 chpts as well.

        Honestly, we should have had a lot more of Peggy & Helena in OG instead of stupid SLs with Max, Jenny’s BS & Mark with Shane & Jenny.

        Anyway, you’ll get plenty of the Peabodys in DOH.

        Their first time will be memorable for sure!!!

        Thanks for your support & encouragement.

        • Yes!! I just love Helena and Peggy – Rachel and Holland are such talented actresses and entertainers. There are far better than anything that train wreck Marja could have thought of or created.

          Looking forward to more of the Peabodys!

          Please post soon!!

    8. Hey Collins,
      So many adorable characters in very different roles, I love how different it is.

      I know Bette and Tina haven’t kissed yet but can’t help wondering what happen to make them go there separate ways.
      Such a loving tender story, can’t wait to read more

      • Hey Janice,

        Thanks for commenting. Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. I had a death in the family & had to travel last week.

        Yes, believe that Tibette will connect in a powerful way very soon & will be a couple for a measurable amount of time. Their love is eternal.

        Yes, they will fall apart in the years to come for a variety of reasons as you will learn. Will their love survive & will they find their way back to each other???

        Stay tuned.

        Thanks for reading.

      • Hey bre,

        Thanks for checking in.

        A little bit of fun with that Flashdance reference. As we all know, Bette can’t see the forest for the trees sometimes. Wait – was THAT a reference to JB??? Ha, ha.

        But yeah, Bette certainly has her own mind & I just thought it would be tongue in cheek to tease. In my mind, in some point in time in the future, Tina will make Bette watch the movie & Bette will eventually confess to her that she’s seen the movie & Tina will extract her revenge in a fun way!!

        Hope you’re enjoying the novel & please check out the newest update that was posted last night.


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