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    Chapter 12 – MOMENTS

    Author’s Comment –

    Hi fellow Tibetters.

    Things are starting to heat up for this soon to be couple. Feelings are building in both women for the other. And as some relationships begin, a little angst is a part of the early equation.

    In this chapter, I wanted to show Bette previously being a bit of a player and her devil may care attitude could have consequences at some point in her life. She’s now realizing that she didn’t want or desire those types of relationships any longer since she’s met Tina. She now desires something more with Tina, something bigger, deeper and beyond anything she’s experienced before. She wants a relationship far better and lasting.

    But she’s still our Alpha Bette in many ways and will take on anyone that attempts to intrude on her goals and desires.

    Let’s see how Bette handles this intrusive woman.

    And Tina – she’s finding out just how much she’s come to care for Bette and is ready to take that next step towards a relationship with her. But she’s unsure how Bette will react to a possible involvement and how that relationship will evolve. 

    So, is romance on the horizon for these two???

    Let’s get started to find out.

    As always – thanks for reading & please enjoy. Give me a shout and let me know what you think.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Previously from Doctor of Hope Chapter 11 . . .


    As Tina took in the surroundings, she noticed many women in the pub blatantly staring at the tall Brit by her side. They seemed to be undressing Bette with their eyes. Tina looked from them back to Bette and found the brunette beside her seemed obvious to their adoration. Bette’s attention was actually on her attractive roommate.  The blonde chuckled.

    “What?” Bette frowned.

    “Nothing.” Tina smiled as she took a sip of her ale.

    “Come on.” Bette pouted as if she was missing something. “Out with-it Kennard.”

    “Well, if you insist.” Tina drawled, in that delightful American accent that Bette loved so much. “It seems like every woman in here is starting at you. Actually, some of the men are too.”

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    1. Hey Collins,

      That’s how I like to start my day, with a new chapter of a good story !

      I think that woman is definitely Helena, who else in London ??

      Tina, sweet Tina, I think she needs to toughen up a bit if she doesn’t want to have her heart broken every 2 minutes because in my opinion, she’s not done crossing paths with Bette’s one-night stands yet..

      Thanks for the chapter,

        • Hey K,

          I haven’t meet anyone yet taht didn’t like the second version of Helena. Rachel is obviously very talented as an actress. Do miss her in GQ – she would have been a great addition.

          Maybe, maybe in GQ3 we’ll get a glimpse of her yet.

      • Hi Izzie,

        Thank you so much for your comment – Glad I was able to make your day better!

        So, you think Helena huh. Could be!!! Ha! But what version of Helena is the question. Hmmm??

        Yeah, Tina is still very young, even though she’s dated several women. But I doubt anyone with the same type of magnetism such as Bette.
        TBH, I hadn’t planned on any more ONS of Bette’s showing up for a while. But never say never. When we get back to present time in a few chapters – all bets are off!!!

        You are so welcome.

        Take care & stay COOL in all this heat.

    2. Hey Collins,

      Again, another great chapter.

      Wow, this Raegan is even worse than that bodybuilder when she came onto Tina at the gym. Bette handled this in her usual commanding self –

      “Let me give you a piece of advice that you should heed immediately.” Bette offered a warning with a dangerous degree of ferocity in her tone. She pointed her right index finger in the woman’s direction and stepped directly in front of her. Bette’s voice thick and resolute as she spat out the next words. “Have whatever fun you want with anyone else you want. But for your own personal safety . . . FORGET . . . you . . . ever . . . saw . . . Tina. DO NOT contact or follow Tina or myself tonight or at any other time. There will be serious consequences if you do. Have I made myself clear?”

      That was awesome and who could argue with those statements? Bette is super protective of Tina and will go to any means to keep those unsavory characters away from her.

      Now, they just need to admit that they like, want, desire and falling head over heels in love with the other!!
      But I’m sure you have that all figured out for us already – sly Collins!

      Agree with Izzie about Tina’s vulnerability around any of Bette’s ex-lovers or ONT’s, but I think she’s learning and reading herself for what still may come down the road. She’s the one that suggested they let their past lovers stay far in the past and move forward together.

      And Bette is showing signs of being whipped, along she doesn’t want to admit that just yet. But the cracks in that self-made armor are starting to show and Tina will eventually break it all down.

      Loved the banter between them – so them with the effortless back and forth.

      And is Izzie right about Helena being the surprise visitor???
      I would love it if its’ true! After OG2, Helena was a great character and friend to both Tina and Bette. Right now, Bette needs someone to kick her ass and get a move on with Tina – time’s a wasting.

      Thanks for the chapter and looking forward to that special guest.

      • Hey K,

        Bette has had her fair share of od women attracted to her & some she’s actually hooked up with. Our cool, beguiling doctor to be attracts all kinds.

        She likes to take matters into her own hands, especially if they involve Tina. Ever the protector.

        As for the love part – next couple of chapters will answer that question loud & clear for everyone.

        As I explained to Izzie, TK is still very young – only 20 – & hasn’t ever been a relationship to the depths she will enter into one with Bette. So, she’s cautious, unsure at times, second guessing herself. Her time is coming – promise.

        The lovely Helena – a younger version for sure & her temperament – well, we’ll see in the next chapter. I think you’ll like how she presents herself.

        Ok, get ready for lucky Chpt 13 – should be posted very soon. It’s ready to go & LONGER!!!

        Thanks & keep well.

    3. Hey Collins,

      Great chapter and my guess it’s Helena too!

      Bette being a player before she met Tina, that brings difficult or embarrassing situations when they are both out in a club. Bette was really harsh and so cold to that drunken one night stand but understandable with that behavior of her. Tina needs to grow a pair and not jump to conclusions that fast, Bette is a smart and hot woman to look at, of course she would have had one night stands or past relationships. And wasn’t she the one that past lovers should stay in the past and move forward.

      At least they admitted they wanted to know each other better and maybe they will finally admit that they want to move on with each other in a romantically way.

      You are torturing us and them with the slow build

      GQ drama and rumors, i have to say i don’t follow it that much, after all the heartbreak they put us Tibetters through i lost my interest. If we get a reconciliation, they will milk it out just to hold the few people who still watch it.

      Hope everything is going well for you!

      • Hey Bibi,

        Thanks for posting.

        Sorry that you thought Bette overstepped & was unnecessarily harsh towards Raegan. I looked at it from the prospective that
        1- the woman actually did physically assault Bette by grabbing her neck without permission, touching her body as well, locking her lips with hers too
        2 – she made sexual suggestions about Tina that were demeaning and offensive
        3 – she tried to force herself on Bette once again
        4 – she entered into a sexual act with Bette that was compromised by their excessive drinking

        So, I don’t view it as Bette being harsh. I think she’s acting appropriately given what happened & in her defense of Tina.

        Yes, several readers have commented about Tina’s lack of confidence
        1 – She’s only 20 – Bette will be her first serious relationship
        2 – Bette is a sexually charged woman that many other people want to be around and involved with. Tina needs to learn how to navigate that landscape & she will
        3 – She’s in a foreign country with no emotional support except from Bette
        4 – They haven’t declared their intentions yet to each other – so Tina’s rightfully unsure of her status in Bette’s life

        Yes, it is a slow build – I previously mentioned that this would be how the story was told & how its playing out. The next few chapters will cement their relationship moving forward.
        Chpt 13 is longer & more will be revealed.
        Chpt 14 is a key chapter as well that sets up their future.
        Chpt 15 – Game changer

        GQ3 is still perplexing to us & nothing confirmed. We’ll just take it one episode at a time. But the indication that there will be a Tibette cold open to explain things bodes well for us.

        Thanks for reaching out.

        Hope all is well with you as well.

        • Hi Collins,

          Maybe i didn’t comment it in the right words, yes Bette was harsh to that woman but it was necessary to make her point. I wouldn’t like it too and be mad as hell when someone approached me like that.

          GQ has dropped stuff before that gave us hope and crushed us. So I will see what they bring us.

          Working nights shifts this weekend, been over a year that i had them. It doesn’t help that we have a weat wave at the moment. Wish me luck .

          Looking forward to read the next chapters!

          • Hey B,

            I just wanted to represent Bette as a protector to Tina & herself for that matter. She’s no pushover by any means. Glad you understand the point I was trying to make.

            I am hopeful about GQ3 & JB & LuH. They will bring it home for the fans at long last.

            Sorry to hear about night work. That sucks!!!

            It’s been very hot here in TX – a bit cooler this week but projected to be back up near 100 again next week!!!

            Have several chapters in final editing stage – 3 total.

            Get some rest after work & stay COOL!!!

    4. Collins,

      This story just keeps getting better every chapter.

      I really liked that Bette stood up for Tina and laid that nasty piece of work out. Is it a thing in England to have threesomes???

      Loved the interactions with these two knuckleheads too! Bette needs to grow some emotional balls and admit to Tina that she wants to be in a relationship with her. Stop being afraid and take the chance!!

      And Tina is so sweet and understanding but needs to push Bette against a wall or something and demand what she wants!!

      But I have a feeling that is all still to come, and you won’t disappoint.

      Bette is so defensive about Tina and will fight for her against anyone.

      I like the pace of the story and how it is unfolding. You did say early on that this would be a long novel and you have demonstrated that thus far and I love it.

      Agree with the others, think its Helena too. Hope she’s Bette’s great friend in this story.

      Great update and PPS!!

      • Hey Leigh,

        Thanks for taking the time to comment. Love it!

        Not sure that the English have a monopoly on threesomes – maybe it’s just a TLW thing! Of course, Bette would go to battle for Tina – every time – no doubt.

        Think Tina & Bette are both feeling each other out still, trying to ascertain just how deep their feelings so & what to do with them. But they will – slow burn & all that.

        Tina is being patient at the moment, but it won’t last forever. She does have needs & wants too!!

        Thanks too for being patient about the pace & how it’s all being mapped out. Step by step.

        So far, all the guesses are Helena – we’ll see.

        Yes, will PS!!


    5. Hey Collins,

      Another great chapter to this story! Enjoyed Bette’s interaction with Raegan, she made it clear she wasn’t in for a repeat performance. And that she wouldn’t be into sharing Tina. We know that, lol. Raegan was right, though – Tina has Bette hooked…

      And Tina – “Secretly, Tina wished to be able to tell other people – the whole world really – that Bette Porter was hers’ and hers’ alone. She wanted to shout that Bette Porter belonged to her.” That day is coming soon…

      My favorite part was Bette watching Tina dancing – “To that beautiful blonde across the room that she couldn’t take her eyes off of. The woman that had her mesmerized . . .” Oh yeah

      Like everyone I’m thinking this is Helena?

      And I have to say I love the 3rd pub, it would be my favorite.

      All the GenQ speculation lately is making my head hurt, lol. S2 was worse than S1, but I’m optimistic about S3. Eventually they have to get it right.

      Thanks for posting this chapter. It’s so well-written. I love your writing style.

      Hope all is well with you

      • Hi Westy,

        I wanted this chapter to show just how far Bette had gone with her casual hookups & unrewarding associations. It makes her so much more appreciative of Tina and what she can ultimately have with her.

        Happy you liked her reaction to Raegan & how she handled her. She’s not going to let anyone mess with Tina.

        You’re right on track about Tina & her feelings. She’s far more open about them than Bette & will continue to push the brunette to be more open as well.

        When I was doing research on gay pubs, etc in London, was sad to discover that there really aren’t many lesbian bars, pubs there. So, I had to invent my own & what I would have liked to have seen on one. I try to put in as much realism as possible – I believe it adds value to the story. Back when I was in England in college, the music scene in London was all punk & some of it was scary.

        Glad you liked the dancing. There will be more of it in the next chapter & they even dance together!! And yes, Bette will be keeping a very close eye on Tina once again.
        There will even be a reference to an old goodie that we love for JB.

        Keep the Tibette faith – it’s been a long time coming, but I am certain Tibette is endgame.

        Thanks for your kind words, I truly appreciate them.

        Take care, stay cool on the coast & stay safe.

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