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    Let’s make our baby!

    After leaving Emma Bette and Tina felt pretty good about how things went with the session and their readiness to start on the journey to getting pregnant. They had a few hours to kill so they drove up the coast to Vintage Grocers in Malibu to pick up the makings for an antipasto salad for dinner and a couple bottles of wine. They would eat light this evening but expected to be ravenous after a night of lovemaking, so they loaded up on provisions for midnight snacks, breakfast, brunch or lunch the next day depending on what time they rolled out of bed. Next stop was Lush in Santa Monica to purchase body lotions, bath bombs and oils and bubble bars designed for the ultimate in pampering and intimate bath experiences. Last stop was to Santa Monica’s Cryobank to pick up Marcus Allenwood’s magical juice.

    They’d spoken to Peggy and Angie earlier. Everything had gone well with pickup at the school, getting Angie’s things from Kristen at the gallery and taking Riley with them. As usual when Angie was with Peggy, she barely missed her parents, so Bette and Tina had no worries about leaving her for two days. Bette told Peggy that their cell phones would be silenced for the next 24-48 hours but if there was an emergency or if Angie wanted to talk to them, she should call the house phone.

    When they got home, they put away all the groceries. Tina started on the antipasto salad and opened a bottle of wine while Bette took the Lush items to the master bathroom to get things set up. They kept the vial in the container in the bathroom until it was time to thaw it.

    For the next hour or so they ate dinner, drank wine and talked. After cleaning up the dishes they moved into the living room where soft music, low lights and aromatic candles set the mood for romance and intimacy. They drink more wine, and slow dance and kiss unhurriedly sucking and licking and tasting lips. Hands and fingers with minds of their own caress, unbutton, unzip, and pull clothing from supple bodies as the touching intensifies and arouses.

    As they stood naked holding each other in all consuming passionate embrace Bette suggests they move their amorous activities to the master bath, where Bette had already prepared the tub with scented aromatic essential oils and bubbles. She had only to turn on the water to fill it tub after which she turns her attention to her beautiful wife.

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    1. That was really lovely. It was a lot more intimacy than the first time on the TLW. During the rest period afterward, Alice, Shane and Dana show up to get help with determining whether Lara Perkins was lesbian. Shane after figuring out what was going on asked if they should leave and give Bette and Tina some privacy. And Bette says nah, we’re finished anyway. Poor Tina, not exactly a romantic moment for her. But this story where Bette takes time to stay with Tina and continues to show her affection until they fall asleep appears like a far more intimate experience. Even if pregnancy doesn’t happen, the journey is well worth the experience for both of them.

      I really hope for success for both of them. I really want to see this couple with a second baby.

      Thank you for this chapter….love your story.

      • Hi Martha3128. Welcome back. I missed seeing your comment on the previous chapter. If you get a chance to go back, let me know what you think. Thank your for commenting on this one. I wanted this time to be special and so different from the previous one. I hated what they did on the LWord with this scene having the friends barge in. I loved the whole Lara Perkins thing but they should have hatched the plan at the Planet or some other time. Unfortunately that was a pattern on the LWord. Whenever Bette and Tina had really lovely scenes they always cut away to some other characters and gave them more air time. Another interruption that I really hated was when Bette and Tina were dancing at the fund-raiser and they kept cutting to Shane having sex in the bathroom with the actress and Helena and Dylan. However they gave uninterrupted screen time to Jodi and her partner.

        Anyway, I’m going off on a tangent :-)

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