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    Busy Lives

    Alice, Jamie, Tina and Kit met at the Planet to plan the 2nd Annual Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center Charity Event being held at the Planet for the 2nd year in a row. The event was scheduled for the first Friday Night/Saturday Morning in November. 12-hour marathon event would go from 7:00pm on Friday until 7:00am on Saturday.

    “So, where were we?” Kit asked coming back to the table after excusing herself to use the bathroom.

    “We were talking about the MC. You know Bette and I were able to get Robert Bolton last year. He’s committed to doing it again this and increasing the hours from 4-6. He will once again match the donations raised during those hours. He says he will talk to his counterpart Debra Johns to see if she will volunteer for the other six hours. That way they would alternate and cover the entire 12 hours for us.”

    “Alice that would be tremendous. Robert was a big draw last year. If we can get two well-known TV personalities on stage that would be a real coup.” Jamie was excited at the prospect.

    “Yeah Alice, that’s excellent. Thank you. Did the radio station agree to the free advertising spots?” Tina asked glancing at her notes and checking it off her list as Alice gave the update.

    “Yeah that’s already in the works. I asked Robert to record them, so we get even more exposure having a celebrity voice making the petition for people to come out and donate. They are also doing the live broadcast for a couple of hours during the event.”

    “Perfect. Alice. Thank you. Kit will your music friends be willing to help again. The bands we had last year were fabulous.” Jamie loved how much easier it was to plan year two than the previous year when they were starting from scratch.

    “The Betty Band is going to be here. They had a prior commitment last year so they couldn’t join us, but they are looking forward to it this year. Carmen is going to DJ between sets. I might even get up there and do a couple of numbers myself. Maybe we should add Karaoke?”

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    1. Our girls are busy with their lives and getting things in place to operate when the time comes that they need to take time for the birth of the baby. With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming and their families getting together and growing in numbers is going to be a really joyful occasion for the Kennard-Porter family. Family is not something Bette had a lot of. And since Tina met and fell in love with Bette, her family virtually disappeared as well. They now have more family than they ever imagined.

      Why is Jodi snubbing Tina? Jodi ended the relationship not Tina. Jodi didn’t want the relationship and Bette finally saw it. I think its a true and correct assessment that Bette and Jodi will not be friends. Bette was just a shinny new toy in Jodi’s life which she quickly got board with and wanted to move on. And unlike Jodi, Bette was looking for a committed relationship with love and grace and self-fulfillment. That could only be Tina.

      Thank you for this chapter….keep them coming…more please?

    2. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Technology has changed so much in such a short period of time. Bringing Jodi back to town makes drama very present. I hope this time Tina and Bette don’t take their eyes off the prize. Keep posting, please.

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