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    Life’s Unpredictability Chapter 19

    Shane’s, Tina’s and Angie’s tour of the USC Campus took a lot longer than they had thought.  Rudy Torres, their tour guide was informative and funny.  However, he liked hearing himself talk resulting in the three having to excuse themselves early to make it across to WPH B30 where the Gender and Sexuality class on Lez Girls was being held.  Lisa texted them directions to the Hall, which only resulted in them getting lost.  Like all college campuses, if you don’t attend the school, it is nothing but a maze.  Walking into the classroom breathless drew all eyes to the door, and a big smile from Professor Lisa Wright. 

    Professor Wright set up the introduction of Tina and Shane with an overview of their resumes.  Tina and Shane had requested the presentation to be more a panel type so they could support each other during the talk.  Shane for her part, discussed more the behind the scenes issues and concerns from the actors and crews point of view, while Tina spoke more of the story’s intent to reach young women struggling with coming out.

    ”I want to thank Tina and Shane for their presentations and perspectives, but now I would like to open it up to a few questions from the students.”

    ”Ms. Kennard, can you talk a little more about the impact that the market research had on the name change and the ending change?”

    ”Sure, all films, especially those that are different or are testing new cultural areas are market tested. This film got a major distributor and in hindsight that may not have been such a good idea. Money became a driving force and ultimately ended up causing the change in the ending and the title. If the film had remained more of art film, falling more within the independent sector, the money would not have had such an influence.”

    ”Ms. Kennard, do you think that Jenny Schecter’s voice was lost with all the drama and changes that occurred?”

    ”Well, for sure with the change in the ending. Having Jessie go back to a heterosexual life really took away from what the film was all about. It was a coming out story, it was not ’lets experiment and then go back to what is accepted by society’.”

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    1. Oh yea. Bette is still on top of her game when it comes to Tina…. it won’t be long before these two will be in the same bed comforting one another in a most intimate manner.

      Poor Angie. Being the good Samaritan and having a accident as a result. Not great for Angie and I know she feels guilty as hell for it being Tina’s car. Well, crap happens. Angie, next time Jordi gets drunk, take her keys and put her into a cab and call Jordi’s mom and tell her she is on the way home via cab.

      I like the way this Bette and Tina are interacting with one another. It seems more like the Bette and Tina of Season 6. Just not a couple yet and not quite worked out being one just yet.

      Thank you for this story…. this is one of my favorites….

    2. I am gonna respond to all of of you as one. I can’t thank you enough for the encouragement. I started with a dream in college to write for TV, but as Martha has said many times, life happens and my journey took me somewhere else. I am a social worker by profession, and don’t regret the decision I have made that allowed me to be in the most noble profession. But my love has always been writing stories. And in another life, I would hope I would be a TV writer. My wife, was shocked when she read the first 3 chapters. She new I had a degree in writing and had heard from the old friends that I was a storyteller. But again life has a way of throwing curves. When I came across this site, I was recovering from a very serious illness that resulted in surgery. I kept my mind busy writing, but I was very nervous about posting, fragile ego and all. But I read how supportive you all were and I took a chance. Again, thank you for just reading and the comments. It has allowed me to do something I love and give other joy with my ideas.


      • K, you are phenomenal. I love this story so much, you kept true to the characters but added so much depth to explain their behaviors. This could be Season 2 of Gen Q. I wish the L word would recruit you as a TV writer. You’re so talented.

    3. From one social worker to another, BRAVO. I see you Super K. This story is fantastic. And… hey, newsflash you ARE a writer. Can’t wait for the next chaper


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