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    Day 3


    March, 10th, Los Angeles, Bette Porter’s house, 6 am.


    Bette is already in the kitchen making breakfast; she is preparing coffee, fresh juice, and toasts for her and the young girls sleeping upstairs. While mixing eggs, meat and vegetable to put them in the skillet she remembers yesterday, when she was preparing the university meeting and her ex-wife came to pick up Angie…, how beautiful was Tina when she opened the door; even though she has prepared herself for the encounter, she couldn’t avoid the blush on her face, the nervousness when she offered her something to drink and the sensation in her body when her ex touched her wrist while talking at the dining table, she froze, couldn’t glance at those hazel eyes nor even at the pale and skilled hand pressing softly over hers, no, she didn’t want to.

    Several weeks ago when Tina came to visit them, due to an Angie’s call, the brunette was amazed and hopeful, in the middle of her desolation for the events surrounding her nomination for Major of Los Angeles, she couldn’t hide her attraction and affection for her. In that opportunity the blonde extended her stay, creating expectations in Bette’s heart, they were three amazing days, Tina was around, talking with Angie and hanging with their friends, until that dinner when she told her that Carrie had proposed and she had accepted, damn, Bette…, what a fool you were thinking that, perhaps, in the middle of all those hard moments there were still hopes for them, for a future together…, Bette couldn’t almost control her tears and disenchantment, no, she would never fall again for those beautiful eyes, that tender voice, those kind words…, how many times Tina told her that she still loves her that they were family, but Bette knew that to love someone doesn’t mean to be in love with that someone; yes they are a family, and they will still be a family, they have a daughter and they had a life together, and all those many things they went through during more than twenty years, most of them living under the same roof.

    The voice of her daughter took Bette out of her thoughts.

    Angie: “morning, mom”

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    1. This is a good story… Tina and Bette are having their personal drama with lovers in the wings who are thinking that life is good and all with the back drop of an unknown disease creeping into their world.

      Tina is definitely not in love with Carrie. She may not be in love with Bette either but there is something there still. I like Helena. She is definitely the friend Tina needs right now. I like Louise as well. She is causing Bette to think about things in her life as well. Neither are directing their friends in any particular direction just giving them things they should think about.

      Carrie is a bit controlling. She should never have arranged a party which they were both required to attend without Tina’s knowledge. Is this not reminiscent of her relationship with Bette? With Angie suddenly being ill, I’m not sure that Tina will be on that plane to Toronto. Not a good idea – she has been exposed to whatever Angie has.

      Good story – love the drama…

      Thanks for this chapter.

        • Hi Deanna:

          Thank you.

          Yes, I think Carrie is a controlling person, as they say in my home town ”
          protect me from the calm waters that I take care of myself from the rough ones”

          We’ll see when Carrie’s mask will fall down.

          Thanks for reading and commenting.


      • Hi Martha:

        I’m glad you liked the chapter, and I agree with you, I don’t think Tina really loves Carrie, but what about Carrie, does she love Tina?

        The other interesting thing that pointed out here is if Tina sill loves Bette, does she? Well, that we’ll read in the next chapter.

        And of course the logic next question is does Bette love Tina?
        That is also to be seen.

        I hate that I have to deal with the but precedent of GQ story, I was sad knowing that TIBETTE broke, but then I have hopes in EP 6 seeing Tina coming back to visit, those words she said to Bette “if you need my help, I’ll be here” and I know that sounds like a “best friends” thing but to me, it felt like “I’ll be always here for you” as a love.

        Anyway, it’s like a nightmare.

        Thank you very much for reading and commenting.


    2. I agree with Martha3128 completely. This is getting interesting. Tina has checked out of the hotel and also is helping out with caring for Angie. She may even get sick as well. Looks like she’ll be quarantining with Bette and under lockdown. It will be even more interesting if and when Bette may have to take care of her. Can we all hear “goodbye Carrie?”

      • Hi SG:

        I’m very sorry for the cliff-hanger, I would like it were different but sometimes that encourages me to write the next chapter faster.

        I understand that Tina is irritating you, but there are reasons why she behaves in that way and why she took such a decision to leave Bette, and I hope I will bring that in future chapters.

        Thank you for reading and commenting.


    3. Fantastic chapter!!!

      I agree with SassyGran, Tina is irritating me too. I am not quite sure what it is but i don’t like her so far.

      Maybe because she puts all blame on Bette and doesn’t take responsibility for her own flaws and faults in their failed relationship.

      Bette isn’t innocent either but how can she know what bothers Tina if Tina doesn’t talk about it?! Yes, she was busy as always but i don’t think she was that selfish as she is portayed now. And yes, she is clueless at times, something that Tina realizes now?! Some people doesn’t always notice what happen around them or are mind readers. It seems they fell in the same behavior as in the past and didn’t talk with each other about how they felt.

      Louise and Helena gave them advice and gave them insights to think about.

      I think Carrie is even more of a control freak than Bette has ever been. She pretends to give Tina plenty of space, but in the meantime she makes appointments without first consulting Tina. It seems that Tina is thinking of going for an easy relationship where she is valued and given the space for her career, but that is going to disappoint her. She is not in love with Carrie but settles down for what she thinks is a simple and easy relationship.

      And Maya, i think she is really in love with Bette, but Bette not with her, i think she even doesn’t love Maya but just want someone in her life.

      I am worried about Angie and this disease that is increasingly emerging.

      Chances are Jordi has infected her and may be passing it on to Bette and Tina. I hope it doesn’t make Angie so sick and i think that Tina, Bette and she should be quarantined together in Bette’s house.

      That will give Bette and Tina time to talk seriously and to get rid of their problems, reconcile and dump Carrie and Maya!

      Thank you for the update! Stay save and healthy 🙏🙏🙏

      • Hi Bibi.

        Thanks for your kind words, my friend.

        I understand what you mean about “Tina being irritating” it may be because Marja and GQ, Ep 7 killed me, but I saw something in that episode that gave me hopes; the other thing is that so far Tina looks a little “cold” like she broke with Bette, then they divorced and she got a girlfriend in a little more than a year and now she will marry her new girlfriend, sounds like a masquerade.

        Well, I want to give a chance to Bette and Tina and see what each of them has to tell us and if there is a chance to mend their lives and love.

        And, Bibi, I really expect that they will quarantine together, whether it’s a mild or acute condition, and even if there is a confirmed or unconfirmed infection everybody has to quarantine for the safety of the community. So be prepared for a quarantine under the same roof (????????????)

        Thank you very much, my friend, for reading and commenting.


    4. Great chapter P,
      I am really liking the build up to this story! Never count Tibette out. First, last and forever. I think that both Bette and Tina being in isolation and cut off from their hectic work lives will have them focusing on Angie and focusing on all the ways they both went wrong over the past 20 plus years. It will bring them right back to one another. At least, that’s what my little raw Tibette heart wants. Haha. Can’t wait for the next chapter!


      • Hi RK:

        Thank you, I have the same feeling, I’ll like to know what went wrong with them and perhaps they need to reflect on their whole relationship, perhaps the problem is not only in Tina’s past but also in Bette’s past.

        As TIBETTE, we all have a “baggage” of issues carrying in our shoulders from childhood, or from later, and the daily life doesn’t give us time to think about those issues and we just keep going,

        I hope they’ll solve their problems because I want them together 4ever.

        Thank you for reading and commenting.


      • Hi SK:

        I’m very glad you like the story, and yes I also want to know what will happen with TIBETTE, what Tina and Bette are going to do, and if there is any hope for them which I hope it will.

        Thanks so much for reading and commenting.


    5. Hey P,

      Agree with the assessment of the previous comments.

      Tina seems clueless about Carrie & what she might be in for in that relationship.

      Bette needs to decide to talk to Tina or not & if she does – do it NOW.

      Feel for Angie & Jordi – who probably have COVID!!!

      Although none of us want anyone to be sick – it would be nice to have Tibette in LOCKDOWN & have them confront their issues & RESOLVE them & get back together to stay this time.

      Thanks so much for your story.

      Keep safe & healthy yourself.

      All the best buddy.

    6. Hi Collins:

      Yeah, you’re right, Tina will be surprised about Carrie is she really knew her, it is clear they don’t have so far a long love relationship.

      I think there is a big possibility that the would have to quarantine… together ????????????

      But, I don’t want any of them to be very sick, but this a fantasy, so anything is possible.

      Thank you for reading and commenting and you take care too, my friend.


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