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    B.I.T.C.H. Chapter 18: THE VAULT

    Brooklyn – Tina’s apartment –Tuesday 3 am.


    Although the number on the screen was unknown, Bette decided to answer at the insistence of the ringing.

    Bette: “hello”

    Tasha: “Elizabeth Porter?”

    Bette: “who’s calling? Wait a second, is it you, Tasha?”

    Tasha: “yes, happy to hear your voice”

    Bette: “huh… why? What you mean?”

    Tasha: “we were very worried for you”

    Bette: “we? Who? I don’t understand”

    Tasha: “well, let me explain to you…; a little bit after midnight there was an explosion in your parking garage, it was strong, around 25 cars were affected most of them totally burned, the fire and shock wave affected the adjacent building where you live, some apartments were damaged”

    Bette: “wow, I should check mine”

    Tasha: “that would be the minor problem, the situation is that the bomb that produced the explosion was set in your parking spot, my people were looking for your car, but couldn’t find it, and as you weren’t in your residence, the officers in charge thought you were dead or hurt in some place, so, they called to your sister because the concierge of the building said that she’s your next of kin and legally entitle to look after your business; I wasn’t here at that time, I just came a half an hour ago and took charge of the investigation, I am going to pass you to your sister, but you must come here for the debriefing, okay?”

    Bette was pale; someone has set an explosive to blow her car, perhaps to kill her.

    Bette: (astonished) “yes, I will…; let me talk to Kit, and thank you, Tasha”

    There was a hubbub on the other side of the line

    Kit: “Bette!!! Are you fine?”

    Bette: “Kit! Yes, I’m fine, oh my God, what happened?”

    Kit: “where are you, baby?”

    Bette made silence, she must think, she looked at Tina who was very concerned at her side hearing the conversation.

    Tina: (whispering) “you can’t tell her that you’re here”

    Bette: (murmuring) “I know…”

    On the other side of the line, Kit was waiting.

    Kit: “Bette, are you fine?”

    Bette: “yeah, I am with someone”

    Kit: “someone? Who?”

    Tina: (whispering) “shit…, tell her you’re with me”

    Bette: “I’m with Tina”

    Kit: “thanks, God”

    Bette: “I didn’t know it would happen so soon”

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    1. Sounds like there’s going to be an unscheduled meeting at the bank between Melvin and his crew and Bette and her crew. Except Bette will have prior warning from Helena….. Now the plot thickens! They need to get their business done and get out of there before the bad guys arrive. But how long can it take to get access to the safe deposit boxes and get one opened and leave the bank? The group is already about to enter the vault, so ten minutes at the most? Surely Aaron cannot get across town that quickly. And they have been very careful that Melvin never see Tina throughout the story. Will he see her for the first time? Bette and Tina need to be gone quickly as well.

      Good chapter – things are moving along in the mystery and the romance between Bette and Tina. Now to resolved all this intrigue over the company….

      Thanks for the chapter… please give us more when you can. Thank you for this update….can’t wait to see what happens next.

      • Hi Martha:

        Thanks, you always write valuable and interesting comments.

        Yes, the plot s getting interesting, I don’t know how long it will take to leave the bank for Bette’s team, but for sure there will be some hubbub there.

        The question is why the elders don’t want Melvin to see Tina… Why?

        I am very sorry I couldn’t update every week as I was thinking, but when chapters are short it is easier when they are long it takes a little more time, but I’ll do what I can to post more frequently.

        Thanks for your comment and for following the story.


    2. Great chapter proteonomics!

      Oh oh, you leave us again with a cliffy!

      Will it come to a confrontation between the two groups or will Bette have the luck and time to get the papers and be gone before Melvin and his group arrive at the bank? One thing about Melvin, he seems honestly to care that somebody tried to harm Bette and take action to punish the bastards who did try to hurt her.

      Is Tasha going to do anything about the fact she knew Melvin lied and denied to recognize some of the men in the pictures? Did she order to follow Melvin?

      The plot thickens and it seems there will be a confrontation! Make sure nothing bad happens to all the girls!

      The relationship between Bette and Tina is growing, lot of love and trust, Bette still is insecure about some things, but yes they are trusting each other and will be there for each other.

      Great chapter my friend!

      Take care of yourself and stay save and healthy ????

      • Hi Bibi:

        Sorry for the cliffy, but I can’t continue because the rest is a lot.

        That is a good question will both teams meet at the bank?

        Melvin is Bette’s father, and perhaps Bette is the only person in the world that Melvin still has some good feeling, you know, even the worse persons need to love someone, perhaps it is the case of Melvin.

        Tasha has her own game here and maybe she is up to something.

        I will always try to protect TIBETTE, but certain things may happen, hope they act smart enough.

        The love and trust between Bette and Tina is growing, but there is a difference,
        while Tina thought Bette was dead, and find her again was a blessing, Bette thought Tina betrayed her and she is still insecure of herself more than of Tina.

        Thank you very much, my friend, for your comment and your support.


      • Hey Escorpion:

        Que bien que te gusto el capitulo, yo estaba un poco en duda si les gustaria o no, yo se que te he dejado intrigada, pero tratare de subir el otro pronto.

        Gracias por seguir la historia y por tu comentario.


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