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    LOCKDOWN Chapter 4: E.R.

    Santa Monica Hospital – Los Angeles, March, Friday 13th, 7:30 pm


    Bette has parked her car and rushes toward the ER building, she has been crying in the way from the university, soon she sees Tina standing close to a nursing post with her face covered by her hands, presumably crying too; the brunette approached coming for behind.

    Bette: “Tina…”

    Tina turns around, her face is red and her eyes are swelling, definitely, she was crying and had her dress wet in the side.

    Tina: “Bette, Angie’s very sick”

    Bette: “where is she?”

    Tina: “she’s in radiology; they are doing a chest x-ray right now”

    Bette: “I want to see her”

    Tina: “her nurse will let us know when she comes back, so you could see her”

    Bette: “did you talk to the doctor?”

    Tina: “yeah…, the doctor told me she has a very high temperature, she’s been vomiting and is congested”

    Bette: “oh my God, how this happened, Tina?”

    Tina: “I went to your house at six as we agreed, when she opened the door, I saw in her face that something wasn’t right, she said she was feeling tired and cold, when we were walking to the living room, she passed out, I brought her here immediately”

    Bette: “was someone else with her?”

    Tina: “I don’t think so, I didn’t see anybody”

    It was then when Bette fixed her eyes in the wetted part of Tina’s dress

    Bette: “what happened with your dress?”

    Tina: (almost crying) “Angie was coughing and nauseous, she vomited at the door, I was holding her, I clean a little in the restroom, I wanted to change but I didn’t want to leave her alone”

    Bette: “shit, she was vomiting; I need to know how she is now”

    Tina: “they gave her an injection, she was a little better”

    Bette: “oh lord…, Tina, do you have clothes here?”

    Tina: “in the car…, can you wait for her while I’ll bring some clothes to change”

    Bette: “sure”

    Tina went to her car and brought a sweater and pants in a bag and went to the restroom to change, then she put her dirty clothes in the bag and returned to Bette’s side.

    Tina: “any news?”

    Bette: “they are bringing her in a few minutes”

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    1. Hey Pro,

      So sad to find that Angie has Covid & has now exposed Tibette.

      Carrie – does she really think she has a chance against Bette????? Is she an abuser or more of a control freak than Bette??????

      Can’t wait for her reaction to Bette’s response with Bette knowing what Tina said to Carrie on those phone calls. Carrie may be a badass in Toronto, but this is LA lady & Bette Porter doesn’t take any shit from anybody!!

      Thanks so much for the chapter & so looking forward to a Tibette true reunion.

      Stay safe yourself my friend.


    2. Wow, what drama! Angie has the disease, Bette and Tina have been exposed. So life is now going to change for the next couple of weeks at a minimum. If they continue to care for Angie -quarantine should last until Angie gets well plus two weeks thereafter. They continue to be exposed as long as she is sick and they are caring for her.

      Carrie…Carrie? Her friend Minuet says that sooner or later Carrie will reveal the real to Carrie to Tina and questions how long Tina will hang around. So they are still in the “dating” stage putting their best selves forward and hiding their flaws and not so nice traits. Not a good foundation for a marriage. And all this checking up on Tina does not bode well for the relationship. It shows that Carrie does not trust Tina if she is going to people and telling them hands off of Tina, she belongs to Carrie. That is a big red flag! She has already talked to Helen; now she’s going to talk to Bette? Possessive and jealous are not strong enough words to describe Carrie. When Tina figures all of this out, I give the relationship about 10 maybe 15 minutes in longevity. If Carrie does not trust Tina at this point, she will trust her less as time goes on. Tina’s life will be miserable.

      This is a very revealing chapter. Tina is still in love with Bette but engaged to Carrie. Why did she say yes? Looks like Tina is going to have to do a lot of self-analysis to figure this out.

      Thanks for this chapter. I am enjoying this story… Thankyou. More PLEASE….

      • Hi Martha:

        Yes, this will be a long quarantine.

        I hope Tina will see the truth about Carrie, who is already showing the claws.

        Would it be worth to marry someone else with the same or even worse flaws?

        Let’s see what comes from the last phone call.

        Thank you for reading and commenting.


    3. Carrie sounds like a real nut job. I really don’t understand Tina agreeing to marry her after such a short time. It’s like Tina wants her independence but doesn’t want to be alone? And to marry someone new when still in love with your previous spouse? And someone so manipulative. Tina has some issues to work through. Stand up to her Tina! She already showed her dark side by calling Helena. Between Angie having the virus, the mandatory quarantine, the potential for Bette and Tina to get it or already have it, and the crazy girlfriend about to go off on Bette – really good stuff!!

      • Hi Billy:

        You’re right, as some of us, Tina wants her space, to make her dreams true, but she also needs company. But the question is: does she really wants a new lover? Why is she doing this so fast after her divorce?

        But one thing is clear, for Tina the most important thing in this word is her daughter, even though she left her when she divorced.

        Thanks for reading and commenting.


    4. Hey proteonomics,

      Wonderful chapter!

      Why oh why is Tina with Carrie? She is a manapulative bitch and hides her true nature to Tina, she is possesive and a bully. And she didn’t answer Minuet, but she isn’t in love with Tina, like Tina isn’t in love with her. So why is Tina with her? So that she isn’t alone? Glad that Bette accidentely overheard both phone calls and knows that Tina still is in love with her. Will she get Tina to talk to her about her feelings she still has for Bette and reasons to get involved with Carrie while pursuing her dream job/ career and her indepence she claimed she wanted, only to end up with that loser?!

      I really hope that they are going to have a few honest conversations now that they have to stay in quarantaine for two weeks and hopefully will reconcile, but i still am not so sure about this Tina.

      Poor Angie, so sick but glad that she got back to home to sick this out in the care of both her mothers.

      And Carrie on the phone, wanting to speak to Bette. Wonder what she has to say, maybe to warn Bette to keep her hands of from Tina! Like Collins sad, this is not Toronto, but this is LA lady & Bette Porter doesn’t take any shit from anybody!!

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

      Take care of yourself and stay save! ????❤️????

      • Hi Bibi:

        I know, Tina is still a puzzle,

        Why is she with Carrie? Because Carrie hasn’t shown the caws, she is just showing them now.

        Why isn’t Tina alone? Good question, perhaps she fears that she will be tempted to go back to Bette and is looking for a way to fill her love life; I believe it was in some way similar to Bette in the OG.

        What will happen on the phone? That’s the topic of the next chapter.

        Thank you, my friend, for your comment.


    5. P
      I am totally digging this story. What the heck is wrong with Tina? Helena so gets it, Tina should listen to her.

      Carrie may have claws, but I suspect Bette will pull hers out too. Can’t wait to see these too go at it.


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