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    Love in Control – Chapter XIV – Capricorns, Leos, Sagittarians … and Janet King

    Lying on the wooden floor, exhausted from the encounter, Bette reached for Tina’s hand but found, to her delight, that her hand had slipped between the blonde’s slick wide-spread legs instead.   Slowly, she stroked the warm, wet inner thigh, nudging upward with each stroke, running a fingernail around the hard nub when she got to it. A quick suck of air followed then she felt her still-panting wife tremble slightly at the contact.

    “Bette! Tina!” the voices outside coincided with a low moan inside.

    “Not a second too soon,” Tina croaked.

    “Where’d they get to, do you know?” Alice’s loud voice floated past the thick wooden door into the darkened room that Bette and Tina had backed into, while kissing desperately, soon after Bette had arrived fifteen minutes earlier. They were somewhere in the first floor of Aerin’s penthouse, well-hidden from the motley crew that had gathered to listen to the mixes Tiler’s DJ friend had put together for Tiler’s parent’s upcoming silver wedding anniversary party.

    Dana’s response was non-descript as she and Alice shuffled past the door.

    “What the hell’s come over you?!” Tina whispered hoarsely after things grew silent in the hallway outside again, as she fended off repeat attempts by her wife to get round two of their impromptu “sexy time” going. Bette easily overcame those somewhat half-hearted attempts to keep her at bay, grinning as she resumed rubbing the hard nub. “So wet,” she murmured, delighted again, as she slipped two fingers deep into Tina’s gushing snatch.

    “Somebody could fmhmmfp….” Tina tried again but her words were smothered by a wet, all-consuming kiss. Discernible whimpering joined low-pitched groans shortly after.

    Just as Tina felt another orgasm gather speed, the familiar tingling sensation in her nether sensation giving way to … pounding feet rumbled in the hall past the door, accompanied by Shane’s voice, interrupted them again. G&*^%$mn it! “Lara, I swear, I had no idea that Alice was going to make that big a deal of it!”

    “Yeah? No idea? None at all?” Lara’s sarcastic come-back was muffled but unmistakeable. Bette and Tina heard the doorknob turn a little and the door begin to open. But Shane shouted something back at Lara, in a distinctly teasing tone. The doorknob snapped back around and the door remained just slightly ajar.

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    1. Fantastic update!

      I really enjoy this story, with all the different characters. And it is really cool to read about Tiler and Jia developing relationship.

      Thanks for the update!

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