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    Love in Control – Chapter XV – Oh, Pretty Baby!

    She wandered quietly to one corner of Aerin’s cavernous living room, converted tonight to a dance hall, unaware of being observed by more than one set of eyes, as she floated past noisy groups that had haphazardly formed and scattered around the floor. She paused beside a tall squarish side table, groaning with half-empty whisky and champagne bottles, not far from the path that led to the main kitchen of this vast penthouse that overlooked Central Park. She poured herself another glass of the Dom Perignon Rose’ that Aerin had popped open earlier.

    What the fuck am I getting into? Do I seriously think this will work with Tiler?   I mean, really, what can she get from me that she can’t from all the other chicks she’s dated, or from the vast pool of blonde hotties out there who she’s yet to meet, or date, if that’s what she’s into? 99.99% of whom are likely to have both legs intact? Then she wouldn’t have to adjust all the time, and try to hide that she’s trying to adjust when she does.

    Do I try to get out of this now before we both make a huge mistake? She’s admitted she has the worst track record with relationships, so yeah, fair warning, Jia. Plus there’s my shit: I KNOW that my sustaining a relationship with someone new, given my realities, has about the same chances as Angie and TJ would have building a pile of snowballs in the middle of Central Park on any given March weekend. That is, for the kids to do that, it would take a near-miraculous late spring snowstorm blasting out of nowhere. And for me? Well, it would take a miracle of greater magnitude than that in order for this thing with Tiler to work, too.

    So, yeah, that is not a good combination of odds, on her side and mine – and if I count on a miracle happening, and plunge into this anyway, if this doesn’t work, this is going to hurt like … I can’t even describe it. It’s going to hurt. And I will be so fucked.

    “So, Jia, are you hogging that bottle or are you sharing?” Rian asked, as she eyed their new friend, who was caressing the neck of the Dom Perignon Rose absentmindedly, while staring into space, looking miserable for some reason. The night had been a happy one for everybody else, as far as she could tell. People had been dancing, laughing, and singing their lungs out. Earlier, Jia had been cheering Tiler along together with Rachel and Rian, even.

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    1. This was great!

      And a fantastic idea from Ethan, glad that Jia did it. She and Tiler are made for each other. They remind me of B&T, hot and sexy.

      Thank you for the quick update!

    2. so glad you enjoyed the chapter (tx to my gf, who introduced me to those songs <3 ❤️ ). The last song is streaming on iTunes btw or you can find it in YouTube also (to those who've been wondering). Could inspire your night tonite!

    3. You took me down memory lane.  My “Posse” and I would meet up at a all girls club in the “valley” then travel down to “Studio City” to a “high end” ,male dance club before we ended up in West Hollywood before it was known as “We Ho.”  All in search of the “hottest” DJ’s “spinning” the best “mix” of the night.  Mind you “mix” was the term used way before “Playlist.”  Hottest sounds equals finding attractive babes to impress with our attire and dance moves.  It never gets old does it?  Thanks for the trip, I needed the vacation from the world.  Please keep distracting me!

      • Oohhh you will be sooo distracted by the next chapter, then, Valley Girl! I bet you had the whole valley girl accent and hair flip goin’ didn’t cha? So I watched 2 seminal 80s films recently and have to ask: are you partial to “Breakfast Club” or to “Pretty in Pink?”

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