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    Love, Loss and Living chapter 1

    Bette Porter’s two friends were already eating when she walked into The Corner, a popular eatery that the three friends had frequented since moving to Silver Lake. Alice Pieszecki was very animated as usual and Shane McCutcheon just nodded while sipping coffee.

    ”Finally,” Alice exclaimed, ”I was starting to think you were bailing, like last night.”

    Bette pulled up a chair and ordered her food before Alice continue. Once Alice starts telling a story, getting her to stop, was like standing in front of a train.

    Alice began again with her elaborate description of the evening events, when suddenly Alice jumped up waving to four people walking in the door.

    ”Sophie Suarez and Sarah Finley, she goes by Finley, are working on my show, Dani is Sophie’s girlfriend.  If you guys hung around I would’ve introduced you to them last night”, Alice said sharply.

    ” Alice,” Sophie and Finley said in unison.

    ”Great party last night”, Sophie said, ”Totally wasn’t expecting the gossip.”

    Just as Alice was about to introduce her friends, Dani Nunez, who had been staring at Bette, said, ”Aren’t you Bette Porter? Theeeee Bette Porter running for Mayor?”

    ”Yep, Theeee Bette Porter and she is going to be the next Mayor of LA,” Alice squealed, ”and we are going to be there for the whole ride!”

    Sophie looked at her inquisitively, as Alice’s Producer, she was used to surprises.

    ”What a great opportunity to discuss your platform,” Dani said. ”I don’t agree, especially your stance on the Opioid crisis”.

    Bette shifted slowly to get a better look at Dani, trying to figure out this brazen young woman.

    Bette gave her the best disarming smile she could muster. ”I agree, a very complicated issue,” Bette said.

    Shane watched, not really sure what to say. She had seen that look on Bette’s face before and knew nothing good would come of it.

    ”I met Micah Lee last night”, Shane blurted out, attempting to change the subject.

    Sophie stood in shock.  Dani spoke her mind, and was used to conflict.  This was not that going to end well and could cause Sophie a problem with Alice.

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    1. So you promise to get Bette and Tina back together again…..Then I’ll bit to see how that happens. I have a few theories myself to make it work out for Tibette but I’ll wait and see how you do it….

      OMG…another “Lez Girls” adventure? Please say it ain’t so!!! Okay…lets see how you handle that…

      Poor Bette – she cheated one time and this follows her everywhere she goes – published in Lez Girls Book, put in Film of Lez Girls the movie, brought out in her mayoral campaign and probably mentioned in her divorce suit. In the words of Buck Owens and Roy Clark “If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck a’tall, Pain and Misery on Me.”

      Let’s see how this goes – publish when you can.

      • I haven’t written in ages, but after what the writers did, I couldn’t help myself, so many gaps and questions. It’s gonna take a minute but I am hoping you enjoy the ride.


    2. I was a tibetter only if and to the extent Bette was a tibetter (I always wished she would change her mind), so I am fine with whatever way you go. There will still be readers. In the age of the dinosaurs, I wrote one fic that was not tibette and it was so disliked that people commenting on my other stories would insist upon reminding me how much they hated my non-tibette stories story and how they would never read it. I am intrigued about how Bette will prepare Angie for the reveals. Did lesgirl include that Angie killed Dana?

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