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    It was suicide Chapter 2

    Bette Porter stared out her office window, trying to shake the negative thoughts and feelings that were conjured when Shane McCutcheon, one of her best friends, mentioned ”Lez Girls”. So much time had passed, over ten years since Jenny Schecter’s death had been ruled a suicide. She felt a tightness in her stomach as she recalled Shane and herself pulling Jenny out of the water. Shane doing CPR to no avail. The EMTs wheeling Jenny out, passing all of them including Angie. None of the close knit friends talked about it. The interrogations were brutal. So many things came out that were hidden, Tina’s incestuous relationship with her older sister, by far was the hardest for Bette. Such a big secret, but it made so much sense when it came to Tina and her insecurities and inability to assert herself. Tina went into counseling at Bette’s insistence after they arrived in New York, who would have guessed the counseling would eventually lead to their break up.

    Dani Nunez had joined the campaign a few weeks ago, just after she had been introduced to Bette by Alice Pieszecki, another one of Bette’s closest friends. Bette still wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. Dani’s connection to Big Pharm was not settling well with Bette, but Pierce Williams, her campaign manager insisted that she needed her after what occurred at the press conference and the revelation of Bette’s indiscretion with a married Felicity Adams. Bette held herself as she continued to stare out the window. Today was going to be tough, Dani was insisting on having a conversation about the past and was asking for full disclosure about things that could be used against Bette in the campaign. Bette had avoided the conversation thus far, but with the ”Lez Girls” news, she had no choice but to dig up the past.

    Bette was brought out of her trance by a knock at the door, ”Come in”, Bette said as she took a long deep breath.

    Pierce and Dani came in and sat at the table. Bette watched them as they discussed an up coming event at ”The LBGT Center”. Pierce and Dani were bantering back and forth about how to handle the Felicity issue. It had been decided to have Felicity come and give her side of the story. Bette just sat and watched, almost like an outsider, but she was anything but an outsider.

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    1. The appropriate way to respond to Lez Girls is the same way she and Tina responded in the original TLW. Announce publicly (and only when asked) that the book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to any living person is purely coincidental. The characters in the book are fabrications of the authors mind. And the movie was based on the book and added its own interpretation of the characters to produce a marketable product. After all in the movie ends when the heroine of the story leaves her lesbian lover and goes back to her ex boyfriend and they live happily ever after. Does anyone know anyone in which this would be a reflection of their life?

    2. Hi SuperK. I love how you are taking this story bit by bit and elaborating on what was not revealed in the episodes on GenQ.

      As for the technical part you might want to post your story as a book and add chapters within the same book so it’s all together. The way you are doing now is posting each chapter as a stand-alone. Jacky can probably help you with how to do that. Just a suggestion.

      Thanks for taking this on. I’m working on a similar story to try to fill in the blanks of the past 10 years so I may stay away from yours for a bit until I have mine done. It will be interesting to see the different ideas of how they came apart, and how Bette and Angie ended up back in Los Angeles separated from Tina.

      • Thanks for the tip. I was having trouble figuring out the system but I think I got it now. BTW I am a big fan of your writing. I look forward to seeing what you come up with regarding those missing horrific 10 years that lead to Kit’s death and Tina and Bette’s divorce.

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