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    Lover in the Dark: Chapter 18




    Thirty minutes later Tina came out of the shower wearing a white robe and her hair wrapped in white towel. She sat in front of the transitional styled vanity with hinged tri-fold mirror for a side-to-side view to apply moisturizer on her face before putting on the makeup. A few minutes later she noticed she had 1 missed call and 1 voice message. She checked who the sender was but it was an unknown number.

    Normally she wouldn’t bother answering or listening to an unknown number but only few people knew her personal number and she thought maybe it was something important.

    Once done applying moisturizer on her face she decided to listen to the voice message. She pressed the play button


    Beep… HI! Oh wait is this working already?”


    Tina furrowed her brows for it was the first time in her life she heard a child’s voice on her phone, so some kid left her a message?


    “Oh yea it’s playing already… (clears throat) HI! Ms. Tina, remember me? I hope you remember me, its Angie, the pretty little girl that you met at the park? My birthday is on Saturday or Sunday?…Oh wait I think… ooops hihihi yea yea it’s on Saturday June 21. I want all my friends to come so you are invited. My mommy will make me a BIGGGGG cake and I’ll have so many balloons with my favorite colors! Here’s the address it’s XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX — ok got it? And oh one more thing don’t forget to bring your gift OKAY? SEE YOU AND BYE!!!




    Chapter 18




    After playing the voice message the third time Tina looked at her reflection in the mirror and saw a woman smiling back at her. That had to be, if not the, then one of the cutest messages that she ever heard in her life and of all people it came from a child. She never thought she would hear from the adorable little girl again and she was so happy of getting that precious voice message. She always liked children but for some reason there’s warmness inside her heart whenever she thought of Angie and she didn’t know why but she felt some familiarity with the kid especially whenever she looked in those inquisitive and bright little brown eyes but she just couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

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    1. Yep 2 months and 2 days since the last update and I’m glad that you haven’t forgotten this story yet so thanks so much for all the patience you know it means a lot to me. Just a heads up ladies this story will go on for 2 to 4 more chapters so I hope you’ll stay with me until the conclusion.

      Now time for some love (shout outs)

      Pie_Fair – Oh thanks for taking the time to read this humble fic despite the fact that you are juggling several stories at the same time, now that’s really impressive Pie and maybe you can tell me a slice of your tricks (; Kidding aside thanks again and hope to have more time to read your fabulous stories and comment too(:

      wkm—Yeah me too that pretty little girl Angelica is really adorable ain’t she? Thanks so much for being one of my most loyal readers, hope you’ll like this one too (:

      cellphone48—Sorry for the cliffy my dear friend you know I just want you all to miss this story and just a heads up I ended this chapter with another cliffy too (dodging bullets) but I promise I will do my best to make you all smile on the next chapter. Peace! (;

      SassyGran—Do I skate? Hell no! I was about six years old when I first tried skating and it was HORRIBLE! LoL! I fell hard too many times and had a lot of bruises and on top of that my older cousins were teasing me so I said I’m done with skating. Period. But thanks for the bet, that was cute and really appreciate your patience and the extra push (:

      mamadoc91—Yes and still feeling better thank God! Thanks for reading and your continuous support here and on Twitter, please enjoy! (:

      majicspider60—Progress indeed and thanks for the insight. Angelica might be a deal breaker but let’s just wait and see, who knows the little munchkin, might be the one who will make the connection even stronger (; Thanks for reading and leaving a comment really appreciate it! (:

      tibettenation1—So sorry for the cliffy and for the long wait but hope this chapter will make up for it. Thanks for continuously reading even though you are busy with your fabulous stories (:
      avanred– Yea no rush when it comes to Bette and Tina. In this chapter Bette will be more open to Tina; lots of talk in this chapter too so hope you’ll enjoy. About Bette’s family we’ll know more of it as the story near its conclusion. Thanks my dear friend (:

      azmama—Awww that’s so nice of you, thank you! (: Sorry though for the long wait but hopefully this will make up for the long absence.

      jajiay_LJ—Oh dear so sorry for the cliffies but I’m back and there will be another one in this chapter. Hope you won’t hate me (:

      mscully—Oh sweetie you are so generous with your words THANK YOU!!! Just 2-4 more chapters to go and we will see how Bette and Tina will end up so I hope you’ll still join the ride (; 10 HUGS to you! (;

      Bibi28—You are most welcome and really appreciate you for loving my humble stories. Yep still feeling good and hopefully that will continue and I wish that to all readers as well. I too, feel sorry for Tim after everything that he went through with Jenny’s affair but I just thought that even if it will hurt, Bette still needed to be honest with him. I agree Angie is one cute and adorable little girl and pretty if I may add. About the address though, all I can say is that, it’s not what you think and you’ll know it after reading the chapter. Thanks for understanding my point over respect and so sorry for the long wait but did try my best to whip a new chapter so I hope you’ll enjoy, thanks! (:

      lipitora—When I start writing this story although the title somehow might give impression that the story is all about sex and possibly BDSM I made it very clear in my authors notes that this fic is not about sex and if readers are quite familiar with my previous stories they were never about sex in fact I seldom write NC17 and even R ratings because I believe you don’t always need sex to entertain readers and I don’t have problem with writers who do that Instead I’m more leaning onto the romantic side of the story and Tibette’s journey to the road of everlasting love. I want to keep it that way and I’m glad that you like the slow burn because there are some readers who are getting impatient and I totally understand and even take it as a compliment it only means this Tibette is making them crazy (; Thanks for your thoughtful comments here and on Twitter. I know I told you on that it will be a romantic date but as I was writing this chapter somehow it led me to a different direction but the romance is still there, well I hope. Please enjoy my friend (;

      ut—Thanks a bunch and same looking forward to see Bette and Tina’s reaction so better watch out for that! (;

      chasingdreams—Aww thanks a million! I always want to put smile on my readers’ face and I’m glad I was able to achieve that and hopefully that will continue. Pretty Woman huh? Yeah probably but it’s definitely a huge compliment for you to link this fiction to a movie I considered to be classic. Sorry too for the long wait but here’s a new chapter and would love to know your thoughts, thanks again! (:

      Aiyannah– Oh thanks for your kind words made me feel like I have a personal lawyer in you (: Glad that you liked the ice skating rink scene and good luck if you wanna try it, in my case, after all the bruises and trauma that I had when I was a little kid, I don’t think I’m going to try it again unless of course Tina will give me a private lesson only then I can make a room in my schedule in a heartbeat LoL!

      Interesting point you have about the dinner invitation, I totally understand what you are saying but I respectfully disagree. Despite their set up and brewing romantic ties Tina is still Bette’s employer but I don’t think that when Tina sent that black dress and the note that she was implying that Bette doesn’t have a choice but to accept the invitation as her subordinate. The note was written in a respectful way and that’s the point I want to get across.

      As for their date, I’m excited too but it’s not gonna happen yet in this chapter but I surely hope that you’ll enjoy, thanks for reading and leaving a comment my dearest friend(;

      tibettepk—That’s so kind of you thank you so very much! It’s my pleasure sharing this story and knowing that people enjoy it warms my heart, CHEERS! (:

      curiousme—Painfully delicious huh? I love it! Thanks a bunch and hope you’ll like this new chapter too! (:

      Amsi—Hey thanks for the two comments and for your patience hope you’ll enjoy this one too! (;

      demiteekate—Hello there! Thanks for loving this story and for your kind words! Take care too! (;

      dandygreen—I hope this chapter can make up again for the long wait. I love slow burn but sometimes I hate it too lol! But I’m glad that you are still patiently waiting super appreciate you! Angelica can warm anyone’s heart; I’m telling ya so please enjoy this new chapter!

      jalex—Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m glad that you find starting the chapter with the elevator scene enjoyable (: I’m not too sure about your last statement but I guess this chapter would answer that still, well hopefully, please enjoy and sorry for the long wait! Hugs! (;

      skycaptain—I am okay thank you and I miss posting a new chapter as well and seeing comments from different readers. Thank you so much for liking this story and I hope you’ll enjoy this one too, thanks in advance! (:

      kingg—Hey I am still here (; I’m not gonna leave you forever hanging on this one and with all of my other stories although it may really take time to finish them all but I will. About Bette getting the surprise of her life when Tina shows up in Angelica’s birthday, well that is a guarantee but it won’t happen just yet, not in this chapter at least but hope you’ll still like this! CHEERS! (;

      ALRIGHT all done with my shout outs and I just want to say one last thing, this story will go on for about 2-4 more chapters and so I truly, truly hope that you’ll stick with me till the end. THANKS TO ALL READERS, SILENT OR NOT! Enjoy your weekend everyone no matter which part of the globe you live and just like what a friend told me once…The world may seem a bit crazy, but it is our world, and our mission is to love it as best as we can… p


      You can also check my other stories and leave comment in my personal site

      and can follow me on Twitter…@phaceyIsMich

    2. I’m back! Thanks Randall came to his senses. Bette would have whipped his ass I’m sure! Frank was only a few steps away but I’m sure he wouldn’t have done anything. I’m sure he was downstairs in the car. Anyways, thank you Jesus Tina got out. This was great! Oh by the way! Welcome back and now on to the next. PPS

    3. Phacey thx for an awesome post…I’ve always like the romantic side of you!….Boom!…your characters are top notch…you write with so much feeling…now to the next update please!….btw, thx for the shout out…yur a good egg!…Bang!

    4. Great update to the story. I really like these characters. I like that you are giving them time to grow… Well develop characters are easy to identify with. Both Tina and Bette have some demons to slay, maybe your next update will bring back the parents, the finances, memory of her sister, ex husband, etc. I can’t wait. Post soon please.

    5. sigh I’m out of words right now can you believe it lol…how dare you stay away so long gosh every week I long to see your name and that you posted another chapter of this amazing story…yes im sooo happy that they are admitting their feelings for each other but my hopes and dreams are about to be granted if im not mistaking..Tina is about to meet Angelica, that’s what I been waiting for this whole story….I’m so happy that you didn’t make this story all about really bothers me when some readers think all Tina and Bette do is have sex all the time and don’t understand the depth of what their relationship is really about and that is love, family, and the struggle to always find their way back to each other through all the drama that seems to always bind them..i love your writing and will following every word til it ends…Phacey is back ladies and gentlemen!!! What a beautiful day it is in the neighborhood. Lol


    7. Wow wishes do get granted! Great to have you return with this story and thanks for the update. You had me worried for a while in that hotel room. Glad you kept Tina safe. Look forward to the 2-4 Chapters and trust they won’t be 2months 2 days between each one!

    8. oh my God! I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw the update from you. you have made me a happy woman: that’s honor: my friend!
      you’re right, you don’t write about sex, and this is good for this story, this is the lack of :P (but I don’t deny such great writers like you, Benmac, Pie, BetteOPorter, and so on the line, I know, you take a wonderful thing)
      Randall is a pathetic male chauvinist asshole! sorry :P it just flunked out of me :D
      not be possible to come to a garbage truck when he takes off the sidewalk? :DD good, that this may be an exaggeration, but he annoys the hell out of me :)
      but I’m glad that Tina was not hurt. I trust in you and your abilities.
      this chapter was amazing, and I love this story and I’m looking forward to the sequel.

    9. My God, i am so happy that you are back after 2 whole months and days.

      I was feeling so sorry for myself, had to work and wait editie for almost 9 hours before i could read this marvelous story, my boss certainly wouldn’t appreciated it when i read it during work.

      About the update and your shout out, you don’t need R or NC -17 to produce a excellent Tibette story. I love the way you are writing about them, gives us insight information about them.

      I am glad that you let Randall come to his senses, he is a grieving man who lost his dream woman and tried to make her his again in a wrong way, but they had a “fucking” relationship and i can understand him in certain ways.

      Oh yes, Bette wants Tina to meet her cute, adorable and PRETTY daughter, that is the next step in their relationship to be.

      Amazing update! But please don’t make us wait that long again.

    10. Finally! I’ve been waiting for ages! Truth be told i keep checking if there is an update to the story. Thanks for coming back!

      I was very scared that randal might have force ra** tina but thanks God it didn’t. U scares me i can’t think of any possibility tina will live peacefully with bette should randall succeeded his mission. It will be a very dark spot in tina’s life. Pls i beg u don’t hurt tina!

      Can’t wait for bette to introduce angie to tina. I bet it will be very suprising to the blonde and all the connections she felt to the little boo will now make sense. But where this will head is a little intimidating to me. Im afraid will Angie be able to accept her mother n tina’s romantic life? Will she become the reason tibette fall apart or will she become the ultimate reason for tibette to glued together?? Oh gosh i really can’t wait the continuation!

      Pls don’t take too long to post again..pleashhh… ;)

    11. First off thanks for coming back and I wanna give you a bear hug for not forgetting us your readers. 2 months and 2 days seems like forever but I’ll get what I can get from you.Moving on to the new chapter, Tina can already feel the deep and special connection with Angelica without knowing that boo is Bette’s daughter how cool is that? Even though I’m angry for what Randall did to Tina I still feel sorry for him because he is loving the woman who never loved him not ever once and that is the saddest thing. It doesnt matter if there’s no dinner date yet, the scene in the park made up for it big time. Love this story and i m hoping and praying for a fast update.

    12. Finally you come back to continue this story, I really want Tina to meet Angie with knowing Bette is her momma,let them build a family together. No more drama but a smooth journey to be together. Please don’t go away for too long yah?!

    13. Phacey !! My smile was like the Cheshire cat, when I saw your name.
      I told you that oddly enough I love the pace you
      takes this story, in a water bath.
      And I will not be hypocritical, I like history: NC 17, R, BDSM, since,
      they are well written, nothing absurd.
      Your NC 17 stories are some I know to count on the fingers, and
      I will not stop reading because your works are wonderful!
      I’ll keep watching everything you write.
      I will await new chapter.
      10 Stars.

    14. We really missed you and this story. Thank you for not forgetting about us. This is an awesome story. Only a few chapters left huh? I’m gonna miss this story. You really bring these characters to life. Looking forward to your next post.

    15. I just love how despite the lack of sex scenes this story is just so romantic that makes me want to read more and more and more. You my friend is one of the most loved writers of the entire Tibette universe and you have real talent of making your readers ask for more. Please don’t leave us too long again looking forward to Angelica’s birthday party. PPS

    16. I’m with everyone else. I too can’t wait for Bette to introduce Angie to Tina. Just a truly beautiful story my friend!..

      Wonderfully written as usual!

      And of course I will wait patiently for your next update!.. ; )

    17. I practically screamed with happiness when I saw this new chapter!! I missed this story so much and I really don’t want it to end anytime soon… Hint hint :) I was equally screaming and telling Randall “NO” but I’m glad he came to his senses and could see the hurt in her eyes. Poor Tina. With that said, please post soon and I can’t wait to see what happens!

      • After re-reading certain parts of this story I’d also like to add that I hope you give us a bit more Bette and Tina behind those office doors! Tina really knows how to make Bette flustered is all I can say!

    18. Just 2-4 chapters left????!!! Oh please NO!!! I don’t want this lovely story to end. I was so worried when Tina went to the hotel good thing Randall came to his senses. The relationhip is going to the right place and we are heading to Angie’s birthday and I can hardly wait please post soon pretty please!!!!

    19. Finally! After 2 months, a new update from you. Thank you so much for taking the time to write a new chapter.

      Well, what can I say… Wonderful chapter as always. Oh Bette was so sweet. Her affectionate endearments for Tina… really loved it!

      So goodbye Raldall! Hello Angelica! Looking forward to the date… birthday party…Hmmm… I wonder how you would end this story in 2-4 more chapters… But of course a brilliant writer as you are can do it.

      Hope you can post another chapter soon, if nothing will get in the way (a crazy friend perhaps).

      Hey Phacey can you please whisper to me who’s that crazy friend of yours who’s taking so much of your free time? I really need to have a word with her.

      Thanks and enjoy writing!

    20. Tina should have known better going to meet Randall at a hotel room for goodness sake. I guessing Tina is not quite understanding what Bette is saying about having a daughter name Angelica. Loving this.

    21. Hello, Phacey, I’ve read many tibette stories , but your got me hooked up… All I think about now is the ending, please finish ASAP. Although you say your english is not your first language, thumbs up for your writing style. Please keep on the good work :)


    22. So sorry if I’ve been missing in action lately, life has gotten in the way and to those who are so kind enough to ask if I’m ok or not, I’m well, thanks. I truly hope to finish all of my stories one day.
      To all of my wonderful friends and dearest readers I wish you all excellent health and a blissful life.

    23. Hello,
      Thinking of you once again! We understand about life getting in the way! We are truly missing this amazing story! Wishing that the one day was here today for us to get a post. Be Blessed and waiting to hear from you soon. Prays and Blessing for you. PPS

    24. My God where is the rest? No.. Come back and finish it…love it..geez I was so wanting the kiss there in in park and the dinner and Birthday party..father apologizing to Tina for being an ass…so many lose ends..please come back.

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