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    Chapter 1 – Made for Each Other

    Bette rolled over to watch her fiancé sleep, elated in these last few moments when she could call Tina just that. The sun hung over Tina’s shoulders like a halo, drawing Bette’s mouth to the soft skin. As she scooched closer, the contrast of the damp sheets and the warmth coming from Tina’s body made Bette sigh deeply into Tina’s back. She brought her arm over her hip letting her fingers slide in between her soon-to-be wife’s breasts. Bette always enjoyed touching her there, but their matured fullness created a warm pocket for Bette’s hand to slip into when in this position. Her fingertip followed a bead of sweat escaping to Tina’s abs, causing Tina to stir, and roll on her back. Bette let her hand glide over her midsection, down to her thighs. Bette’s head rested on her own elbow, smiling at her beautiful bride-to-be. These few silent seconds made Bette think she was still dreaming. Dreaming of having the love of her life back in her bed, back in her life, back as her partner. And how the years between their wedding days brought them a new kind of happiness. Bette continued smiling as she dusted Tina’s supple lips, nuzzling their noses before bringing her mouth to Tina’s neck, kissing the spot above her collarbone that always caused Tina to lose a little control. 

    “Happy wedding day,” Tina mumbled, smirking with one eye open. 

    “Happy wedding day,” Bette responded, kissing her lips between each whispered word. Bette moved Tina’s hair behind her ears, then traced her soft cheek, reveling in how the blonde still took her breath away.

    “Did I thank you for last night?” Tina asked as she rolled to face Bette. 

    She loved the way Bette was looking at her. Calmness and hunger bundled into a luring gaze from the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. And she was all hers. There would be no more interruptions, no more running, no more lack of fulfillment, no more crazy. Tina knew this, this adoring look of love in Bette’s eyes right now was what they both felt, hopeless devotion to one another for the rest of their lives.

    “I think you thanked me in more ways than one, thank you very much!” Bette leaned into Tina, kissing her shoulder. 

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