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    Chapter 2 – The Porch Scene

    Tina hurried into the living area fanning herself. “Is it hot in here? I’m soooo hot…have you heard from Angie?”

    Bette mumbled yes, you are…smirking as she poured Tina some water. “Not yet,” she calmly replied. “Here have some water, let’s go outside. She’ll be here shortly.”

    Bette opened the door for Tina and watched her frantically pace the porch while rambling about Angie’s wrinkled wedding outfit. Memories of their first wedding suddenly collided with the present. How Tina had picked out Angie’s dress, wanting her to be the one that wore white instead of them. How Tina had been so calm before the ceremony and Bette the nervous wreck. How Tina had held on to her arm tightly as Bette had to climb the stairs of the courthouse one by one. How Tina had never let go of her hand as they waited for their names to be called. How Tina had filled the time with stories of when Bette made her feel the most safe and loved. How Tina had fixed the hem of Bette’s skirt when she caught it in her heel in midst of a tizzy. How Tina had made sure Kit brought Angie to the courthouse just in time for their ceremony.

    Bette dropped her chin as she thought of her sister. Kit was there, behind Bette’s eyes, singing in her mind. Her voice bounding over the scenic landscape, you belong together! with her warm chuckle.

    Bette? Bette!”

    “Yeah, I’m right here, T.” Bette looked at the Adirondack chairs but chose to sit next to Tina on the step. “I swear I could hear Kit just now.” She smiled up at Tina.

    Bette’s mention of her sister turned Tina from fraught to somber and her eyes filled with tears. “Do you think she would be happy for us? I hope she would have forgiven me.”

    Tina’s hazel eyes searched Bette’s inner thoughts as Bette wrapped her arms around Tina’s knee, and gently kissed it. “T, don’t. She would be ecstatic for us. I promise.” Bette moved a strand of hair out of Tina’s eyes hoping her bride wasn’t on the verge of a total meltdown.

    Tina could only nod until she was able to form an “ok.” She ran her hands through her hair, tying it up into a loose bun, off her neck. She undid another button of her emerald green blouse moving the satin in and out to cool herself down. The blush on Tina’s chest didn’t go unnoticed as Bette stroked her thigh.

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    1. So the morning begins… Tina and her hot flashes… nerves and Alice having not taken care of everything that she was suppose to… Oh well… This is an omen… not going to be the perfect day…

      Thanks for the chapter… look forward to more.

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