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    My first time…a Sci-Fi Story Chapter 15 – THE WAR

    New Pasadena, 10:00 am. Monday, January 15, 2057. New CalTech-Biochemistry building – Louise Rossi’s office

    After the news about the appearance of a new portal in the vicinities of Old Santa Barbara, Melvin has contacted his friend Dr. Rupert Giles, an English historian and librarian, who has an especial connection with a team that fight dark forces organizations related with some of the entities in those portals; Dr. Giles is a peculiar man, Melvin met him during his adolescence, when he has 14; then, Giles was already an adult on his late forties, however today, that man looks like in his early fifties, more or less as Melvin, and indeed a little younger, even though his age should be around eighty or ninety; the observation per se was a conundrum that was eating Melvin’s brain since their last encounter five years ago; and most strange is the fact that Dr. Giles classes, as Melvin inquests pointed,  were done in the modality of teleconferences and almost no one has seen him in person in the classrooms of New London’s Global University. After many years of haven’t seen him, an hphone call, five days ago, from England astonished Melvin; Dr. Giles was asking for a meeting with Melvin and ‘his people’, surprised Melvin asked what ‘people’ it could be, and Giles answered, ‘your people of New CalTech, the professors, your older daughter and the two students, your younger daughter and her friend…hmm … or girlfriend, I believe’; he wanted to talk about the portals; at that moment, Melvin didn’t give him a date, but after the last news about Old Santa Barbara’s possible portal, Bette’s father decided to call the meeting for Monday at 10:00 am, and here they are in Louise’s office. Louise is filling some tea and coffee in her visitors’ teacups and some juice for Tina and Bette, who are a little uneasy because they were told that the guest was an old guy with probably conservative ideas and it should be better for them to behave as good friends and not as lovers, Tina, of course, replayed ‘mom, what if I touch her…? or if we hold hands, or if we  hug, we can’t avoid that, is not in our nature’ and Louise told her, ‘baby just pretend, until we know how he is… or I will show you both, my nature…’, anyway here they are and all eyes were focused on Rupert.

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    1. I was happy to get a notification that you posted a chapter, but girl, 46 pages , what a happy surprise.
      Sadly i have to wait before i am able to read it.

      Just give me a Day or two and i hope to give you a proper comment.

    2. Good lord, what a fantastic written chapter and beautiful picture !

      It was an incredible journey to read the story, i didn’t understand all the scientic, but you managed to pull me through it. You even managed to make me feel sorry for Henry, no one deserves that kind of abuse! It makes me very angry.

      And now they are in war and the couple have to say goodbye to each other but they are bonded forever in mind, heart and soul.

      I am looking forward to your next story!

      • Thanks Bibi

        I’m glad that you like it, my friend, yes I know there is a lot of technicality and sci-fi, but I wanted to be ‘consistent’, sorry about that.
        Respect to Henry, yes it is sad and in real life sometimes it happens, I witnessed a similar case in my life and I was and still am very angry; from my point of view, is like a chain reaction, he is a rapist because he follows a model where he was also raped, it is very sad and I didn’t want to excuse or justify his behavior because we all have free will and we can change or stop at any time; but what I wanted, when I wrote this part, is to emphasize that hate begets hatred, and sometimes abuse breeds abusers and whatever is the cause, it has to be stopped and punished,
        Yes, our girls love each other and that bond (I want to believe) is ‘unbreakable’, but let’s test it in the new story and find out what their legacy is.
        The picture is really beautiful and as I said, mscully made it and it was very kind of her to let me use it.
        Thanks again Bibi for reading patiently this story (this is also ‘my first time’ writing a story, I didn’t even write one in my native language but I’m trying to learn)
        I hope I’ll post the new one in few days, see you.


    3. Wow! Wow !!!
      My God proteamics.!
      It was a real roller coaster ride.
      Finally the enemy declares himself and we have a combat team, it is necessary to join forces and have an elaborate reaction plan even before the invasion occurs, now
      Is “War on the Aliens”! And this mission will not be easy because
      This team commanded by Bette will fight hand-to-hand with these beings of another dimension to be able to destroy the portals. I am very anxious !
      And I imagine that the arrival of these aliens on the planet was because the Earth scientists themselves were transmitting signals to space, both crooked and right, and the aliens detected these transmissions, and with that they arrived at the
      Planet through the portals … sorry I’m in my daydream … I think it’s due
      The remedies I’m taking to stick the bones off my toes … lol.
      And I believe that the reason for this invasion is because of the Earth’s resources that are valuable to these beings of another dimension, and humans are a major drag on their path.
      It was very sad to have to separate our couple, but the separated ones are stronger.
      All universe
      Bear hug.
      I’m waiting for the next chapter.

      Note: I want to thank you for using one of my photos in your story, this is
      an honor .

      • Hey my friend:
        Thanks for reading and commenting, I know SciFi is not something everybody likes, but there is always a ‘public’ who likes this and we all like lesbian’s stories, and this is it. Yes is a roller coaster, so many things together in one chapter, but I needed to finish the story and start the new one that is already posted. To tell the truth, I have another additional story in the oven and it will be ready to post pretty soon, so I needed to end this one. You are not daydreaming, There are resources on our planet and many other places of our universe that are a real temptation for any civilization (do you know there is a celestial body composed of diamond).
        Our girls are going to be separated but will work together (far from each other); temptation and other attractive girls are in the way, so, we will test the strength of her love and commitment during the war.
        I am very grateful for your picture, I hope you may lend me others for the next story.

        Thank so much my friend

        Bear hug


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