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    War, Love, and Commitment…a Sci-Fi Story Chapter 1 – HELLO, GOODBYE.

    New Pasadena, 10:00 am. Monday, July 30, 2057. New CalTech-Biochemistry building – Top-floor lab


    The huge mirror has been activated; Louise approaches and uses her index to push the tiny spot on the surface, almost at the center, the surface yields, professors and students are anxious, and a new room appears, behind the mirror; Angus sees no one in his visual and starts walking toward the mirror, but Louise is staring at something or someone.

    In the other side of the mirror Giles is looking amazed the opening formed in what it looked like a water wall that appeared there a few seconds ago and suddenly became a huge entrance to a sophisticated Lab, in front of him and his group; Louise could see the history professor, and beside him, at his left, a short and thin blonde, who is looking suspiciously the new people in front of her and behind her at her left a redhead girl is talking with a brunet one,  there are also two boys at the right side of the redhead and behind Giles.

    Redhead: (whispering) “that’s the one…, the blonde at the big table with all those weird devices…”

    Brunette: (whispering) “…hmm… the one that is embracing the beautiful tall brunette girl?”

    Redhead: “the same one…, isn’t she cute and gorgeous?”

    Brunette: “sure she is…, and the brunette is a real beauty”

    Redhead: “and all of them are lesbians…”

    Brunette: “wow…, this is going to be great…, wait… how do you know?”

    Redhead: “I saw some of them kissing and holding hands through the interdimensional gates I created”

    Brunette: “I hope Buffy could learn something…”

    Redhead: “and if she can’t, who cares…, finally we are going to have some action…”

    Short thin blonde: (turning to the girls) “shush…, I heard you …”

    Giles: (coughing) “ahem ahem…”

    The group started moving forward to the lab until they were visible for everybody there; it was Louise who gave them the welcome.

    Louise: “welcome everybody, I am Professor Louise Rossi, just call me Louise please, come inside the lab, could you do it…? hmm…but if you can’t because it is any environment hazard for you guys, we will understand”

    Giles: “thank you Louise…, but we don’t have any health issues outside of the wormholes; at least the ones of us who are here present…, (moving out of the mirror and inside the lab) come with me guys; let’s each member of our group introduce themselves, this are few members of our team, we are more of course; for the ones of you who don’t know me (addressing to the students inside the lab), I am Rupert Giles, I am a university professor, but just call me Giles”

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    1. What a fantastic continue of the story! Bette and Tina needs to be very careful, Willow and Faith are already trying to break their relationship.

      And why o why did you leave me with that ending, you writers love to torture us with cliffhangers.

      I don’t mind that Buffy is in your story. I did watch some episodes and loved it.

      And i was so happy to see they named their puppy Jessie, the same name as my dog that passed away. Coincidence?

      Looking forward to the next update!

      • Hi Bibi:

        Nice to read your comment, and yes Jessie, at least for me, she is part of our family in LesFan, and the name of Bette and Tina’s puppy is after her. Willow and Faith are those confused girls jailed inside the wormhole for years and they don’t know how to solve their emotional problems and they don’t even know how to ask for help on their personal issues, in the right way,
        Sorry for the cliffhanger, but I will update soon, the chapters are shorter than in the former story. Again, thank so much for reading and commenting


    2. Excellent update.
      Bette and Tina are in an affectionate relationship, and will go through certain situations and difficulties in this relationship, because it has become clear that Willow and Faith are very committed to spoiling this harmony of our couple. And unhappily they are forgetting the true motive of this mission, and This can lead to failure.
      Envy is a bad feeling …
      Awakening BETTE!
      Every universe.
      Bear hug.

      • Hey my friend Mscully:

        Yup, it looks like our couple will have to deal with serious problems with Willow and Faith, but I think there is something else behind their behavior and that will be shown in the next chapter; but you are right about their mission; it is urgent they close the alien portals otherwise the planet will be invaded soon.Thank you so much for reading and commenting I will post soon.

        Bear hug


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