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    “So how was your Thanksgiving?” James asked Bette as he handed her a cup of coffee. Bette was working her way through her post and James had arrived late after a trip to the dentist and had immediately started to make some coffee for them both.
    “It was good – what about yours ?”
    “Tooth ache didn’t help”
    “When did it start?”
    “Wednesday afternoon it was aching a little bit but I ignored it – which was why I was out buying painkillers on Thursday morning”
    “What did the dentist do?”
    “Took out the broken bits of the tooth and he will either rebuild it or take the root out next week”
    “Does it still hurt ?”
    “The shot they gave me hasn’t worn off yet “
    “So you haven’t had a good weekend ?”
    “The painkillers I was taking helped and I was drinking a lot of bourbon “
    “Not sure if that was why Mr. Beam made his fine liquid “
    “It wasn’t – it was a welcome side-effect – well it got me through until I could get an appointment – tell me about your Thanksgiving. How did it go seeing Roger?”
    Bette gestured for James to sit down.
    “Do you remember The Planet ?”
    “Of course – don’t you own some of it ?”
    “I own most of it “Bette said “I offered to buy the café back “
    James raised an eyebrow
    “Nice “
    “You like the compromise?” Bette asked
    He nodded “You get an asset and I assume you will be more generous than Kit deserves – thus appeasing your conscious. Does this deal come with Kit not contacting you again?”
    “I don’t know about the last bit – but you are spot on about the rest”
    “What does Tina think of it?”
    “I suspect Tina still thinks that I should cast Kit and Roger aside because of all the shit in the past. That said – she seems to have come around to the idea and she was talking about what changes we could make to the café when we get it “
    “So is it a done deal ?”
    “No – Roger has to agree to it – and he has to talk Kit into it “
    “That might be a problem right ?”
    “Him agreeing or her ?”
    “Both “
    “He seemed to accept that it’s probably the best solution but getting Kit to accept it -that’s going to be the hard one”
    “How are you going to get around that?”
    “I could say that it’s not my problem -its Roger’s but that’s not true. I don’t want a bloody fight with my half-sister. When you get time – no hurry to it – -get Penn Harper on the phone “

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    1. I am very happy for the update!

      Hmm, Tina and cocktails, not a great match ;-).

      Poor Roger, dealing with the woman he loves so much and now in hospital, i really hope that this will be Kit’s wake up call to change and fight her addictions.

      And Bette is doing what she can to help, but she is right, she can’t go back to LA.

      Great update! Thank you.

    2. Loved it. I love Peggy and all her antics. Feel sorry for Roger but Kit was headed there for awhile. Hope the parents moving closer won’t be an issue. Thanks, I just love your style of writing

    3. Thanks for the update AllyE, a very pleasant and happy surprise. Tina has to remember that she can not keep up with Peggy when she drinks and besides Bette can’t stand the taste of alcohol on Tina nor the smell since she no longer drinks. She has told Tina that already and Tina should remember that and let Peggy drink alone, she will understand. Besides Tinas’ mother couldn’t drink either. Great chapter AllyE. Thanks again.

    4. I echo “Sassy Gran”….enjoy your writing a lot! You are at the top of my “faves” , even though
      sometimes I can get lost in your British colloquialisms. Not a problem…even cute at times.

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