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    New York Minute 111

    New York Minute
    Chapter 111

    “Guess what “James put his head around the door of Bette’s office
    “I cannot begin to guess “Bette replied as she typed away at her laptop
    “Guess who is back today who was here yesterday”
    “Oh fuck James – if it’s the good brother I do not care how much he has with him I am not going out of my office. I am staying here and you are dealing with him”
    James grinned – it amused him how much Bette was always thrown by that one particular client
    “You can untwist your panties – it’s not John”
    Bette looked up “Did you just say what I think you just said?”
    James grinned “You were getting very worked up”
    “I like the days when you were just plain scared of me – do you remember that when I shouted all the time and shouted mainly at you and I swore. I mean I swear now but man I swore so much more in those days – and then there were the threats” her voice was harsh and cold
    Bette was amused to see the smile vanish from James face – even though she didn’t show it
    “I remember the threats “
    “Usually involving threats of damage to your anatomy “she relentlessly continued
    “I prefer the current version of Bette “James said
    Bette laughed “So do I – don’t worry James you are safe. I am not going back to the old Bette. So if it’s not John who is in today? “
    “Peggy “
    “Nearly as bad – she got Tina well steamed on cocktails and she was grouchy for most of the evening”
    “Pre wedding nerves “James suggested
    Bette stood up “Yes – well that is possible. Or she was just hung-over. What sort of mood do you think that Peggy was in?”
    “Her usual self – however many cocktails she had didn’t seem to bother her “
    “Why am I not surprised at that – thanks James”
    Bette went out to her gallery followed by James who went back to his desk. Peggy was half way down the gallery looking at some of the work on the walls. Bette strolled down to her
    “Good morning Peggy”
    “Bette darling – – how are you?”
    “I am very well – but I wasn’t trading cocktails like my future wife “
    “The girl knows how to have a good time – I like that in her. She does seem like she was up for a party – pity her mother was giving her the disapproval rays”
    “The what?”
    “The looks of disapproval – I am very good at it with Helena – well I say that – what is probably closer to the truth is I USED to be good at controlling Helena just with a look. These days it will probably take a Taser to control my daughter “
    Bette shook her head- had that comment made any sense? Never mind – the customer was always right. Even if Peggy might also be a friend – she was always a customer as well.
    “Tina had a good time “Bette said in a non-committal way
    “I hope we can have many more – especially as I am planning to get a permanent base in New York.LA doesn’t suit me and once your wedding is over I am looking forward to getting into the production business with Tina”
    “It’s a very difficult world”
    “Oh I know that – luckily I have a lot of contacts who are much more experienced than me. And of course Tina has lots of experience “
    Bette still wasn’t 100% certain about this career as a future for Tina. She wanted the very best for her wife but she was also aware that Tina was bored with not having a job and she would take anything to challenge her.
    “Tina is very good at knowing what makes a script works and what doesn’t. She has years of experience “
    “I have no doubts that she is the reason that Helena’s little venture into film making lasted as long as it did. Never mind – that is all water under the bridge. How are you feeling with the wedding being next week?”
    “I am very calm about it “Bette said “I am trying to get the gallery into a state so James can take control from next week for a month”
    “Ah yes – James. He seems to be very loyal to you “
    “He is – we are like an old married couple. Between them he and Tina they know me better than anyone else. I couldn’t do what I do without him – regardless of how much fun he likes to have at my expense”
    “I was wondering what progress you have made on finding those pieces for me. I would like to get my present giving well under way “
    “If you want to come into my office I can show you what I have found. We might have found a couple of the items. A gallery in Boston is closing at the end of the year and they have just put all their stock online. It’s a matter of how long it will take them before they start taking offers that are well below market value”
    “While I do not want to pay a lot above what they are worth I do not want to penny pinch”
    “It never crossed my mind Peggy. I know what these items are worth and I am not going to spend any more of your money than I have to “
    Peggy slipped her arm through Bette’s “That is a comment that my daughter has never said in her life. Let’s go into your office and I will tell you her latest misdemeanour – if anything it will make you laugh and I am sure that Tina would find it amusing “

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    1. Hello! What a surprise to see my favorite story before work! Just got called in! I told her I can’t be there until 2:30 instead of ASAP. I had a chapter to read of my favorite story(LOL)! They can wait especially since I wasn’t due in until 6:30 pm. I love me some Peggy! Hopefully when I get in at 1:30 am or so you will have another surprise post for me. Thanks and PPS

    2. Oh AllyE what a wonderful surprise to have another chapter so quickly, we really do appreciate it. Really do love Peggy for many things and one of them is how much she loves and cares for Bette. She also gives great advice, just love her to pieces. Thanks for giving us another chapter to enjoy this weekend. Do hope you are doing well and Rocky too.

    3. Thanks Ally, you pack so much into 3 pages but still I’m wanting more!

      Peggy is great, almost as wonderful as B and T, almost :)

      You cheer up a dark, wet weekend, will it ever stop raining here in the UK??!!

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