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    Only Ever You – Chapter 8

    “I’m going to kill you”

    “What did I do?” Alice exclaimed with a squeaky tone as she shrugged and held an arm out at her side. She looked at the woman standing in her doorway with a legitimate clueless expression. She had expected Bette to be the one on the other side of her door and not the brunette currently in front of her.

    “Lara” Dana looked at Alice with annoyance as she crossed her arms over her chest, “I took your advice and spied on her”

    “You did what?” Alice gasped with surprise and looked at her friend through wide eyes as she stood off to the side to give the troubled brunette access to her apartment. “Whoa, I did not tell you to spy on her, Dana!”

    Dana whipped around with her hands in their air, pained regret covering her usual carefree expression. “You told me to find out what she’s been up to!”

    Alice rolled her eyes as she closed the door behind her, “Yeah by asking her and confronting her about what you saw not going all James Bond on your girlfriend”

    “Actually it was more like Johnny English“ Dana mumbled as a wave of embarrassment flashed over her eyes before speaking in a much louder, more audible tone. “And how was I supposed to know that anyway? You should be more literal with your words!”

    Alice sputtered as she struggled to come up with a reply, having been taken aback with Dana’s response. “Yeah, well with you I guess I have to”

    Dana groaned as she covered her face with her hands and slumped down onto the nearby couch, “Al, what am I going to do? Lara was really pissed. She won’t even return my calls”

    Alice gave her friend a sympathetic smile as she walked over and gently sat beside her. Wrapping an arm around Dana’s back, Alice tried her best to soothe the saddened brunette.

    The old Alice would have been overcome with joy at the situation given the fact that Dana was finally in her arms but the present version of the blonde found no satisfaction in what was happening. Not only was her friend hurting but Alice found that she wanted to try and mend the fractured relationship between Dana and Lara rather than add to its demise. She no longer had a desire to replace the redhead in her best friend’s life.

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    1. Now we have a bigger mess….Brenda has hope that there is a chance with Tina. Tina wants Bette badly but is wondering if she will truly breakup with Emma. Emma is in some self-centered world in which she views Bette as her most adoring fan. And Bette is afraid that someone’s feelings are going to be hurt. News flash…seldom can two people end a relationship without one of the parties being hurt. So, Bette, if you really want to be with Tina, you need to just break up with Emma… just do it. As time goes by it will not get easier.

      Good story…thanks for posting… Hope to see another chapter soon.

    2. Sorry to hear about your troubles and your bronchitis!

      Can we move the party fast forward or better, Bette has to break up with Emma ASAP!!!! She will be hurt anyway and B&T are hurting too.

      Emma thinks she was clever to invite Brenda and that stupid bitch still thinks she can pursue Tina.

      The party will be torture for B&T and for us readers.

      I hope you can update asap.

      Take care of yourself!!!

    3. In last two chapters i really can’t decide is Emma a very narcissistic and absolutely not playing attention on anybody else besides herself, or she just dumb.
      I guess we’ll find out in next updates.
      By the way – thank you for the chapter!

    4. Geez those two lol.. I feel the love.. do do wish Bette would just tell Emma… this my back fire and it seems more cruel to go through with the party pretending especial if she has friends your bringing Breada back into the mix Jesus. But I see the drama your creating, it a fun read..they all seem to have a touch of Alice in them lol.. Emma so blind but i had a feeling she my be the devil if poked hard enough.. thank you sorry so late reading..

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