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    Out of Closet (TiBette time-travel romance), Ch. 67: Long road back home

    Out of Closet (TiBette time-travel romance), Ch. 67
    Chapter: Long road back home

    Place: Orange County, CA
    Year: Early July 1886

    The next morning Bette woke up at the crack of dawn with excruciating pain in her neck, realizing that she fell asleep at the table and didn’t move all night. The letter she wrote last night was propped against the inkwell, already sealed. She rubbed her eyes, trying to think when did she finish it. Last night was such a blur and all she remembered was the baby being born, Christina asking her to stay and that she made her final decision.

    Bette was exhausted physically and mentally. She felt someone presence in the room and turned around, finding Christina sitting in a rocking chair with baby in her arms. “Oh my God, what are you doing here out of bed? I thought the doctor prescribed you more rest.”

    “I’m a little fatigued but I’m feeling just fine. You disappeared so suddenly so after awhile I went to search for you.” Christina smiled, rocking slowly back and forth with little baby Daniel. “You were asleep so I just watched you for a few hours. You are so beautiful, Elizabeth.”

    Bette blushed and stretched her arms to relieve the tension. “May I?” she asked and took the baby from Christina’s arms and the little boy stirred up, starting to cry. Bette began pacing around, but the baby kept fussing so she started humming softly, cradling little Daniel in her arms. Christina watched her every move, enthralled with her grace and beauty.

    The baby finally calmed down and Bette gently kissed his forehead. “You are so natural with children, Elizabeth. Have you considered motherhood?”

    Bette laughed softly and shook her head. “Tina and I haven’t discussed it. We were too busy getting to know each other while I was discovering the whole new world.”

    “Oh yes, the future,” Christina stifled a yawn and winced from the soreness in her body.

    “You should really be in bed, Christina,” Bette said worriedly. “Let me help you up.”

    Bette held the baby close to her chest with one arm, trying not to wake him again. Christina took her other hand and they slowly walked up the stairs to Christina’s bedroom. The room was empty and Bette put baby Daniel back in his cradle, covering him with a soft wool blanket. She made sure he was fast asleep and then helped Christina to get into bed. She sat down on the edge and took Christina’s hand into hers, watching her relax.

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    1. Hi! Thank you for your decision to continue and finish this story!

      So, about the chapter – i must say i never like Helena. In some stories and TLW i hate her, in some stories i indifferent to her. In your story – first option.
      But i hope Bette was not too late and it was her in bed with Tina.

      Waiting for the final chapter!

    2. O-M-G!! You made my day. Hell, my entire year. Wonderful update. Such imagination with the entire plot line. Great character arc for Bette. Love, love, love this story. So happy we’ll finally learn how it turns out. No pressure now, but I think a fitting day to post your final chapter is October 18, the 10th anniversary of Chapter 1.

    3. BetteAndTinaForever

      Wow, it was about time, I honestly was thinking to send you another pm as the last year, asking you for a new chapter; but is fine, I have problems with my time too, jobs are always in the way.

      As Zhenya, I also pray that the one beside Tina is Bette and no the psycho of Helena.

      I hope you could update soon, and write another story later, maybe a little bit shorter because of the time, but I really would like to read more of your stories, this is so good, please, keep writing.

      Thanks for the update and again, please post soon.


    4. Finally!!! It does not matter to wait a year to read this story because they are so good that it’s worth it, but please finish it before I’m dying to know the end (an ending that many pages). Congratulations and thanks.

    5. BetteandTinaForever,

      It is now the last day in August 9 days since you posted this Chapter.
      I have done a complete re-read and enjoyed it more, I think, than the first read. although, as a 75 year old, I am a little disturbed that all your Grandma characters seem to be in homes and losing their minds!

      Please, Please post the Final Chapter of this great story this weekend and make my day! Certainly do not wait until October – I love CellaNox but think this a stupid idea! :-)

      This is a great story and I will be sorry to see it end and will be first in line to ask for an Epilogue

      Living in hope


    6. Great to see a new chapter of this wonderful story, I’m hoping Bette showed up in the knick of time kicked Helena’s ass and fell asleep waiting for the drug to wear off. They really don’t need this type of crap after all they have been through. PPS

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