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    Out of Closet (TiBette time-travel romance), Ch. 68, Finale part 4D: Last curtain – Epilogue

    Out of Closet (TiBette time-travel romance), Ch. 68, Finale part 4D

    Chapter: Last curtain – Epilogue


    Place: Tina’s House, Los Angeles

    Time: Two days ago, Monday, October 16


    Alice grinned and rubbed her hands together, “Here’s what we going to do…we are going to make them believe that you are going to jump and go back in time to hide from the government.”


    “What?” Bette asked with confusion in her voice. “Why?”


    “Think of what Helena knows.”


    “Pretty much everything,” Tina replied with a shrug.


    “Yes,” Alice nodded excitedly. “She knows almost everything so she is aware of the only two possible outcomes. Bette gets to some secret FBI facility to be probed and experimented on, or she goes back in time where no FBI agents can find her…or Helena, for that matter.”


    Tina added, “I’m pretty sure Helena heard almost everything we talked about the night you came back, Bette, including the portal being open for one last time.”


    Bette nodded in agreement and Alice continued, “Helena is smart so undoubtedly came to the same conclusion as we did…going back in time is the only plausible solution. She also knows that there’s no way in hell Bette will do it alone. She knows you wouldn’t care where you are as long as you are together, so it would be easy to predict her next move.”


    Alice beamed and Tina asked, already guessing where her friend’s mind was going. “What is the next move, Al?”


    Instead of answering, Alice asked them a question, “What is it that Helena wants the most at the present time?”


    “Me,” Tina sighed, “Though I still don’t know why.”


    “I do,” Bette smiled fondly and took hold of Tina’s hand, kissing it gently.


    Tina blushed, “You are biased.”


    “Oh, I totally am.”


    “Guys, gross,” Alice shook her head in a pretend disgust. “Concentrate.”


    “Yes, ma’am,” Tina saluted mockingly. “You have our full attention.”


    “Someone has to jump and there’s no way that snooty, fancy British bitch would want to end up in the 1800’s so she could live happily ever after in a little house in a prairie. It’s more of a Candace forte. They’ve been plotting since Helena discovered Bette’s true identity and they would stop at nothing to separate the two of you.” Alice looked at her friends with fondness and love and continued, “This is our only choice and I’ll be there with you every step of the way.”

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    1. I’m very glad that you were be able to finish this amazing story, so thank you!

      And yeah, i was right, it was Helena. So, i think they both deserved what they have.

      And once again – Happy Birthday!

      And maybe on the next Birthday you’ll start the new story, why not? :)

    2. Very nice story…. Going back to the 20th century would not be pleasant for anyone, even with someone with money like Helena Peabody. I cannot imagine that Candace and Helena got along all that well. Too bad about the bar brawl.

      Glad to see a happily ever after for Bette and Tina. Love your Alice… Plan C finally worked evidently…

      Thank you for the story….

    3. Thank you for the update and finale! :) such an interesting story with a twist here and there!

      Whoever re-read the 1st chapter will know how to appreciate your story better.
      Hint: gonna re-read! Hahah..

      Thanks again for your dedication and sharing the story with us here! Really appreciate that :)

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