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    Perfect Timing

    Bette was sitting in the bedroom on the window seat when Tina came into the room from the bathroom. She’d thrown on yoga pants and a top to see Angie off to school about fifteen minutes earlier, but she’d changed into a robe as she prepared to shower. Bette had already showered but she was slow to get dressed that morning. One of the advantages of not having a commute to work. She simply had to go downstairs to her office or the gallery depending on what was on her agenda for the day.

    “Hey Tee, can we talk for a minute?”

    “Sure Babe. What’s up?”

    “Come sit with me.” Tina walks over and sits on the window seat facing Bette.

    “Babe is something wrong?”

    “No. Nothing is wrong. I just want to talk about the baby.”

    “What about the baby.” Tina was about to tell Bette that she’d just taken the ovulation test, but she had a feeling this wasn’t what Bette wanted to talk about.

    “I’d like for us to check in with Emma; maybe set up a few couple’s therapy lunches with her. We haven’t done that for a while.”

    “I’m fine with seeing her, but why do you think we need to check in with Emma about our decision to have a baby? I thought we’d talked about everything.”

    “We have but considering our history I think it’s a good idea at least for me to talk through some things and I’d really like for us to do it together.”

    “I’m all for talking things through. If you think we should do it with Emma I’m fine with that, but can you talk to me first. What’s going on?”

    “I talked to Peggy about keeping Angie for us during your ovulation period so we can focus on us. That started a conversation about the first time we tried to start our family. She was heartbroken hearing our story. She pointed out a lot of parallels between our situation then and now. She suggests that we put some safeguards in place so we can control our reactions better and so we don’t repeat old behaviors.”

    “So, this is Peggy’s idea. Babe I don’t know if I’m comfortable with you discussing our personal lives with her. I appreciate that she’ll keep Angie, but how we manage is between the two of us. You’re always getting on me about overstepping boundaries with our friends.”

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    1. That was nice….but I wonder how this visit will go with Emma? Tina is very agreeable to go, but is she doing this to make their relationship stronger or just to please Bette? Sometimes going to a therapist can be painful and uncomfortable because we discover things we are not quite ready for. Hopefully Bette and Tina are now mature enough to discover their truths and can manage to incorporate the changes necessary to have a successful and pleasing pregnancy.

      The up coming weekend sounds delightful and who knows, maybe they will be successful on their first try. Bette and Tina may want to rotate the visit schedule around for the insemination sessions to Alice, Shane, James & Lisa, and of course Kit, Emma and her partner (especially since they have a new baby). I’m not sure Peggy is ready to entertain an eight year old without the aid and assistance of helpers. I think she is fine as a supervisor but the hands on participating in activities with an eight year old might be a little much.

      Thanks for this new chapter….looking forward to the next..

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