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    The Kennard-Porter family has fallen into their new routine of living at the beach house. Angie is old enough to take the bus to school and they offer door to door pickup and drop off service, so her parents need not worry about driving her. Since they lived above the gallery there was always someone on the premises to greet her. After school she would go upstairs, change clothes, grab a snack then come back down. If Bette and or Tina were there, they would usually spend a few minutes talking about her day or anything on her mind then she’d go to her office and do homework. If her parents were away, she would stop in the gallery and spend a few minutes with Kristen or Lauren then they would make sure she did her homework.


    Bette, Kristen and Lauren worked on the finishing touches for the Fall Artist Showcase that is scheduled to open in a couple of weeks. Bette is slowly transitioning all management of the art gallery over to Kristen and her assistant. In the meantime, she is also working with Peggy to transition to her new role as the Director of the Peabody Arts Foundation. They had a lot to do to relocate headquarters from New York, hire new staff and select new board members.


    Bette is in her office at the gallery when she gets a call from David. “Hello?”

    “Auntie Bette. I just wanted to let you know that your great-niece is here, and she is truly great. I’ll send pictures as soon as I get to a computer. She is so beautiful, and Gina was so brave. She had a long labor, but they are both doing fine. I can’t believe I’m a dad. I’m about to burst I’m so happy. You should see Kit, Auntie. We’re going to be in so much trouble with the amount of spoiling she’s going to do to her granddaughter.”

    “David. Congratulations. I’m so happy that everything went well. I know you have more important things to do, but I do want to see pictures as soon as possible. Kit isn’t the only one that’s going to spoil your daughter so get used to it. What’s her name?”

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    1. Great job Peggy. Fortunately, Tina and Bette have had some this conversation a 18 months ago when they were reconciling. They talked about Tina’s role in keeping the two apart during the pregnancy. Tina admitted that she stayed with Helena because she felt loved, appreciated and gratified with the attention. She admitted that she was not ready to allow Bette to fully participate in the pregnancy but didn’t have an explanation as to why. Was she punishing Bette for all the problems she had getting pregnant? Tina did admit that she never really considered what her actions were doing to Bette. She only considered her feeling and desires at the moment, That was obvious when Bette was taken by complete surprise when Tina said she wanted to move back in with Bette just prior to the baby’s birth. Anyway, this is a good time for Tina to see Emma and rehash some of those things. Why did she keep pushing Bette away? There is something more to the reasons Bette and Tina separated to begin with. Perhaps Tina is still not aware of what that is, but she needs to bring them to the surface so they will not cause the same response. And what is she going to do to avoid the same reaction with this pregnancy and the attempts which are bound to happen? How is she going to keep from feeling like a failure when each month the test say there is no baby?

      Bette and Tina are in a better place and they are communicating better. They have made some drastic changes in their lives just recently. New jobs for both which are entrepreneurial in nature and call for more hours and more stress to get off the ground. Now Bette has accepted the Director of the Peabody Foundation which is somewhat of an unknown as to the amount of hours and stress in that job. They are both older by eight years and have a precocious little girl who will need her parents as much as ever. Perhaps they need to see Emma before the insemination starts. Peggy is right. Tina has to pledge to be there for Bette and their family just as much as Bette does. But she must do more than pledge, she must be ready with the tools and skills to avoid the pitfalls of her history so there won’t be a repeat.

      Great bit of writing. The story of the search for the donor was priceless. I agree with Bette. I was funny unless you’re the one trying to get pregnant. Nice way to use some of the canon of TLW. There were so many little incidents like those that some times we just forget. And with stories like this, we can enjoy the enhanced version.

      Thank you for this chapter….

      • Hi Martha, as usual your observations are very insightful. Many of your thoughts will be addressed in the next chapter or two. Thanks for reading and reminding me that Bette and Tina did discuss some of this when they got back together.

    2. Great writing BAT2012!!!!

      Peggy is so right and i am glad that Bette takes her advice in consederation and acknowlegde it.

      Bette and Tina spoke about that time, but it is important that Tina looks to herself and be open about her feelings, her fears and actions.

      I think Martha made good points in her comment.

      Thanks for this wonderful chapter!

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