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    Pieces of Time, Chapter VI

    [Chapter 6]

    “What is it Alice?” I ask.

    Tina looks at me with a slight eye roll and smile.

    “I have a surprise for Tasha, I’ve worked hard, very hard on this. Also Helena helped me greatly.”

    “I was pleased to help, mother is also included in on this, she just couldn’t be here tonight.” Helena says with a smile. “And since I already know what this is about, I’ll go make sure I keep Tasha away.”

    Our bodies huddle in a circle in the slight corner of the room.

    “I love surprises, girl.” Kit says smiling with excitement.

    “It also involves you guys. I’m praying for some “yes’”.” Alice says.

    “Oh dear.” Tina says with a chuckle.

    “Tasha has always wanted to go to a beach resort, so I’ve got all 9, 11 including me and Tasha a week trip to the Bahamas.”

    “Shut the hell up.” I say.

    “Alice.” Tina says.

    “Listen, Helena and Peggy chipped in.”

    “Well, it is either gonna have to be one of us.” I say looking at Tina. “The kids.”

    “Nice try.” Alice says. “We have flights booked for them too.”

    “Alice, you didn’t have to do this.” I say. “Plus I have a job.”

    “That you practically own. Take a little vacation, Bette.” She has smiling at me. “We haven’t been anywhere with each other in a very long time. I thought this would be great, plus it is always something Tasha has wanted to do. She never got to relax much since the military.”

    I look at Rachel. “Are you in?” Her face pulls a smile this full time. “I’m excited as hell.”

    I smile. “Fine.”

    “Are you in?” I turn my view to look at Tina and Danielle.

    “Only if you are?” Danielle says.

    “Sure.” She smiles.

    “I’m going to chat with Tina about the kids for a second, do you mind?”

    “No, of course. Go ahead.”

    I step in front of Tina. “Mind if I steal her for a second?” I ask Danielle while looking at Tina.

    “No problem.” Danielle says.

    Tina and I walk slowly to another corner of the room. “You comfortable with bringing the kids?”

    “Well, if you are?”

    “I think Angie and Cole will adore it.” I smile. “Only think is, not really that much of a vacation.”

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    1. Bibi28 says

      You are forgiven, as long as you bring us a happy Tibette ending!

      Seems that Bette is only trying to move on, because Tina is falling for Danielle? !

      My heart is aching for Tibette happiness together, but i will follow your space time.

      Thanks for the update!

    2. Dainty says

      TIBETTE FOREVER!!!!!!! However much I can not stomach our girls dating other people, I will live with it re: your opening authors note telling us that even though they may be apart and seeing others, they will still be moving back towards each other. Can not imagine how long this will take but I’m in for the long haul. Thanks for updating regularly. Tina must face the fact that she asked Bette to do extra work for more money and now she is not getting enough attention from Bette; what the hell did she except from Bette. She more than anyone knows that Bette will work her fingers to the bone for Tina and the children to give them what Tina wants. Bette does not print money, only Fort Knox. Make up your mind Tina. You either Bette at home more often or you have more money and less of Bettes’ time. LOVE IS WAY MORE IMPORTANT!!!.

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