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    Pieces of Time, Chapter V

    Chapter 5]

    “I’m never late.” I laugh. “I do hope you know that was totally sarcasm.” I chuckle again.

    “I could hear it in your voice.” She says giggling back.

    “I’m glad you can hear sarcasm in my voice.” I say. “You look incredible, by the way.” I add.

    “Thanks. And so do you.”

    “So are you ready?” I ask.

    “Just one second.” She enters back into her home. “Now I’m ready.” She says now holding her wallet and keys.

    “So, guys.” I say looking at the kids sitting at the table munching on a little snack of cheese and crackers. “I have someone dropping over tonight and I would love for them to meet you guys.”

    “Are you seeing someone?” Angelica asks looking straight into my eyes.

    “Yes, sweetie. And I think it is time for you guys to meet her.”

    “Is she going to be our new mommy?” Cole asks.

    I chuckle at his small confused mind. “No exactly baby but you guys might see a lot of her.”

    “Does Mama B know?” Angelica asks again.

    “Yes sweetie. Mama B does know and Mama B has met her.”

    “Does Mama B like her?” Angelica asks yet again.

    “She is a very nice person, you guys will like her.”

    “I hope this place is ok?” I say holding open the door.

    “You have to be kidding me, is this place ok?” Rachel says. “I’ve been wanting to eat here for months upon months now.”

    “That takes a huge brick off of my back.”

    I walk towards the restaurant door and again hold open the door for her.

    We make our way to our reserved table and get comfortable.

    “There are so many things I’ve been craving to try.” Rachel says with a soft chuckle.
    “Order whatever your tastebuds desire.” I say.

    Minutes later our meals are serviced.

    “I’m a nurse.” Rachel says as she cuts a piece of chicken from her plate.

    “I was not expecting this.” I say.

    “Yeah, I can see that. It hasn’t been what I’ve always wanted to be, though.”

    “That would be?”



    “Yeah. But instead I became a nurse. What about you?”

    “I’m in the art business. I own an art gallery.”



    “Yeah, I kinda felt like you worked at an office job?”

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    1. Bibi28 says

      Thanks for the update!

      And thanks for the backflash. It was a mutual and wise decision they took, there should be love and laughter in the house, not the fighting all the time. But my Tibette heart is still sad.

      I don’t understand why they decided that Tina stayed at home and stopped working. That didn’t work out the first time around when they tried for a baby.

      They will always be their only true loves and Rachel and Danielle seems nice, but you promised that you are a Tibetter so i will sit out the ride back to each other.

      5 stars from me!

    2. selma sexton says

      You are an amazing writer. I have read a lot of stories in my life time, I am 71 and I find you one of the best. I am looking forward to your book. Your story “the eternal rocks beneath” will always be my favorite. Keep uptake good work, you are really good. Selma

    3. BnTinmyhead says

      Ok I’m all caught up now ready for the next chapter…I have a feeling they are going to slip if they where left alone in the right moment. Yes they fault before but Tina is back to work and Bette seems to have lots more time to Date take care of kids and money because now she is renting an apartment. so many things have changed since they split. thank you love the story,

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