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    Pieces of Time, Chapter VII

    [Chapter 7]

    “You don’t have to worry about it this time. I promise.” I say while smiling.

    “If you say so.” Kit says.

    I turn and take my steps back to the table again.

    “Everything fine?” Rachel asks me as I take my seat next to her again.

    “Of course.” I say. “Who wants to go for ice cream after?”

    “Yay!” Cole says in excitement.

    “I do.” Alice says from afar as she sinks herself down in her chair with a pouty face.

    “No ice cream for you.” Tasha says. “Because we have to leave, you have your meeting in an hour.”

    Alice pops up from her chair. “You’re right.”

    Tasha follows as they walk around the table.

    “Speaking of work, I have to get there now.” Shane nods as she stands to her feet. “Goodbye kiddos and I’ll see the rest of you when I see you.”

    “Yeah see you guys.” Alice says with a wave. “And bye my little squirts, I’m jealous of your day plan!”

    “Bye Auntie Alice!” Cole says.

    “We should also get going.” I say standing to my feet. “Ice cream time!”

    “Who’s excited?” Rachel asks looking at Cole and Angelica.

    “ME!” Cole says rushing towards the door.

    “Patrick we have been through this over a million times, changes to the screen makes our budget raise, remember what a budget means?” I say with my elbows rested on my desk and my hands slightly through my hair. “You fired our original male lead actor, now you have to deal with the consequences of this guy. So deal with it Patrick, because I’m sick of having to.”

    “You seen the way Anderson behaved, I did the right thing by getting rid of his ass.”

    “Patrick, deal with it.” I say.

    He turns and storms himself out of my office.


    I raise my head to see Shane.

    “Things not going too well in here?” Shane asks while handing me a coffee.

    “Thanks.” I say taking it from her hand. “If I had the power to fire that asshole, I would.”

    “I was just at the Planet, thought you’d like some good coffee.”

    “I couldn’t agree with you more that the coffee here does indeed taste like crap.” I chuckle. “So, who was at the Planet?”

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    1. Bibi28 says

      Move in? !!! . Oh My God, that is way too early! Tina, please, you are kidding, I doubt she is thinks with a clear mind and isn’t this something that she should discuss with Bette. This will have a major impact on the children.

      Give me a happy Tibette, please?

      Thank you for the update!

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