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    It had been a long emotional day. Tina entered the apartment. Took her shoes off by the door. Put her purse on the table and poured herself a large glass of wine. She took a long sip and plopped down on the couch. She picked up her phone, hoping Alice would answer.

    “Hey, Tee,” Alice said.

    “You called me Tee. Does that mean you’re not mad at me anymore?”

    “I was never mad. Just annoyed.”

    “I’m sorry I was such an asshole.”

    “A big asshole.”

    Tina rolled her eyes. “I’ve got some news. You will never guess who showed up on set today?”


    “Candace Fucking Jewell.”

    Tina could hear Alice’s mouth drop open through the phone.

    “Bette’s Candace?” Alice said without thinking. “Shit, I didn’t mean that, Tee.”

    Tina’s heart plummeted to her stomach. She knew Alice didn’t mean any harm but the realization of what Tina had put them through made her sick. She wasn’t Bette’s Candace and Bette tried to explain that to her several times. Tina knew she’d fucked up and she knew she had to be the one to fix it.

    “It’s…it’s okay, Al. I…I know what you meant.”

    “What the fuck is she doing there?”

    “That was my exact thought when Liz introduced her as…get this…the new set designer.”

    “Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Noooo.” Alice was a little too giddy about this information.

    Tina knew she would eat this up. She was hoping to smooth things over with Alice before she dropped her other news.

    “Yes and I blew a fucking gasket. At one point, Liz had to stand in between us. I don’t know what I was going to do but I took a step towards her.”

    Alice giggled picturing Tina about to whip Candace’s ass. Alice couldn’t control her laughter. Tina joined in.

    “What the fuck were you going to do, Tee?” Alice said in between giggles.

    “I have no fucking idea. I’m glad Liz stepped in though.”

    Alice was howling at this point.

    “Oh my God, Tee. I didn’t realize you were so gangster,” Alice continued laughing.

    “I was so pissed. I couldn’t believe she was there. The only thing that saved her was the fact that she seemed equally as surprised to see me. She looked scared.”

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