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    Candace stood silently in her overalls. Not sure what to say or do. She seemed just as shocked to see Tina. Liz didn’t understand why Tina’s mood shifted from remorse for her earlier actions to abrupt anger.

    “I cannot work with her,” Tina fumed.

    “Did you say you can’t work with her?” Liz asked, confused.

    “That’s exactly what I said.”

    Exasperated, Tina took a step towards Candace, which made Candace immediately take a step back. Liz stepped in front of her boss.

    “Tina, what…why? She comes highly recomm…”

    “She’s a home wrecking whore, Liz. That’s why,” Tina interrupted. Not letting Liz tell her how highly recommended Candace apparently came.

    Liz gasped. Standing there with her eyes as big as saucers and her mouth hanging open. She’d never seen Tina this shade of red or this upset before. Her face immediately matching the flames in her eyes. Liz thought this morning was horrible. But this…this could be catastrophic to the entire production. She remembered Tina telling her about Bette cheating with a carpenter. Liz surveyed Candace as she looked at the floor. It couldn’t be.

    “Tina…” Liz tried.

    Tina’s phone lit up again.

    “I’ve got to take this,” Tina began to storm off. She spun around suddenly and said through clenched teeth while pointing at the carpenter, “I want her gone by the time I get back.”

    They both watched her stalk away in a huff. Liz looked at Candace and then back at Tina, shaking her head in disbelief. Liz did not have a solution for this predicament.

    “Julia, you won’t fucking believe this,” Tina barked into the phone.

    “Hello, Tina,” Julia said in her calming voice.

    “Sorry. Hello. Thanks for calling me back.”

    “You’re welcome. Now, take a deep breath and tell me what’s got you so agitated,” Julia said. Her voice always made Tina feel like she was wrapped in a big hug. It was warm and disarming like it was dipped in honey. So smooth and sweet.

    Tina breathed in slowly, letting the air travel its course. It helped calm her a bit. She held it until her lungs started to burn, slowly exhaling. When Tina initially called Julia earlier that day it was to talk about Sam and how Alice basically told her to let Bette go and how she called Bette last night but she sent her to voicemail. But now, all she could think about was that bitch Candace Jewell.

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