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    Valentine’s Evening Chapter Two

    Bette looked up at the clock, ”Fuck!” Bette expressed in frustration. ”James,” she called out. ”Where are the caterers?”

    James looked up from his desk where he had been filling out forms with the details of the various pieces that were for sale. The Olstin showing was sold out and eagerly awaited for by many. Bette suggested having the showing Valentine’s evening because of the title of this series. ”Blooming Love”, he shook his head. Only a woman would come up with a title like that he thought. ”They are on their way, I just got a call from them,” James sighed. He loved Bette like a sister and God knows she is the best in the business when it comes to curating a show. But, seriously, I’m the Gallerist he thought.

    Bette walked in waving her hands. ”They’re going to be late. People are going to be showing up in less than an hour. And you know how some of these eager beavers will show up early.”

    ”I know, I know. But the caterers will be fine. Everything else is ready. Even your special little surprise for Tina.” He smiled, ”Do you ever not go big when it comes to her?”

    Bette tilted her head and raised a brow. ”I’m not going to even answer that.” She smiled, ”When is Leigh due in?”


    ”The food is amazing,” Shane said as she walked up to Bette. ”And the sculptured glass, Wow!”

    ”I know, right? Pretty amazing.” Bette smiled at her friend of over two decades. ”It is hard to believe these started with a bulb of glass.” Bette reached for a bite to eat as the server passed by. ”Have you seen Nat and Alice around. I saw them walk in awhile ago?”

    ”Nah, they went over to look at the sculpture that Lea redid after you broke the original last year,” Shane gave a hesitent smile.  ”When you think about it, the shattering of her glass sculpture really embodied what happened that night.  I mean the emotional break down you had was rough, but it was also was a break through for your reconciliation with Tina.” 

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    1. Wow, I need another box of tissue… that is so sweet, so magnificent, so beautiful and so Bette and Tina…. the gift was not just the remembrance of returning of the earring but the gift of her heart and soul as symbolized in that huge blue diamond. “Blooming Love” what an appropriate title….

      This really touched my heart…. thank you….

    2. Martha is so right. Absolutely beautiful and oh so original. I can easily picture this unfolding. I love love love that this work was commissioned by Bette just for Tina. Forever commemorating their love. And a diamond representing the earring? You got some major writing chops to be sure. This is a real keeper. Love the long suffering James as well. Just amazing. Great present to wake up to!

    3. SuperK, so nice to see your name pop up on the site with two great chapters. Well written, sweet, engaging, romantic. It has it all! Love stories that have them happy and in love. Keep writing my friend!

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