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    Putting The Dream In Motion

    “I’m late,” Bette said without preamble as she walked into Kit’s office, not bothering to even knock first.

    Not surprised by her sister’s sudden entrance Kit looked down at her watch. “No you’re not, you’re right on time,” she said smiling, happy to see Bette’s natural confidence had finally started to surface again after being trounced on by Tina several different times in the not so recent past. But, no matter what Tina did or said, Bette worked hard at not allowing her ex-partner to dictate who she was and how she felt about herself and her life…and she was succeeding.

    Despite it all, it had been four amazing and productive months since Bette had announced to Kit that she wanted to have another child. Motivated by her ache and desire to be a mother and spurred on by her vision of Henry standing in her kitchen, holding onto Tina like he owned both the house and the woman, Bette had found a doctor and made an appointment for a physical within a couple of days of talking with Kit.

    While she waited for the day of her physical, Bette had made several visits to the local sperm bank pouring over potential donors. She still wanted her child to be creative, however Bette now understood that creativity came in many different forms, so the obsessive control freak that insisted the donor be an artist during her first experience with Tina was nowhere to be found. In her place was a mother, who while reading the bios of the donors was looking for certain traits, such as creativity, kindness, compassion, humor, really just wanted her child, whether it be a boy or a girl, to be happy and healthy.

    The more had Bette searched for the right donor the more she’d been convinced that an anonymous donor was the right way for her. Even though there had been times when she’d struggled with how impersonal it was to pick someone out of a book, like choosing something to eat off a menu, she’d wanted no legal complications over who would be parenting her child, especially since Tina’s announcement a mere month after the kitchen scene, when she’d walked up to the table at The Planet where Bette was sitting with Alice and Shane and calmly said she was officially withdrawing the adoption papers, needing “more time to assess what is the best course for my daughter’s familial future.” Not saying anything more she had quietly turned and walked out of the restaurant, leaving behind a crater size heartache within Angelica’s other mother.

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      • Mercy sakes!!! Tina pregnant too, please don’t let it be with Henry; good Lord that would be just awful. Don’t know how I missed this story when it was first posted but, at least I’ve found it now. Post soon please. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Omfg, this can’t be happening. They are both pregnant, i’m happy for Bette, but i really hope that Tina is not pregnant from Hellry.

      Jeez Seahurst, talking about a bombshell!

      you maybe a slow writer but a very good one.

      I do hope you will post aan little bit faster then this one:)

    2. Oh good Lord! Now that’s a huge cliffhanger. I can’t believe Tina’s pregnant too, and please tell me the baby is not Hendick’s and that she used Marcus’ sperm, or I might really go and kill him(and Tina), I don’t want to go to jail, and I love Tina too much to be able to kill her.

      Seahurst, you’re great and I love your stories, I can’t wait to read the next chapter! I will be waiting impatiently!

    3. OMG! This can not be happening!
      I’m glad you’re back, I’ve been expecting this story. and now I got a mild shock. :)
      Tina pregnant? can’t be Henry! that there are no words :)
      Seahusrt tell me that before Tina used to Marcus sperm.
      Please posting very soon. We’ve got to know what happened. you can not leave us for a long time with this. :)

    4. Hey Seahurst!

      I hope that Tina is not pregnant with Henry. Maybe Tina still used the sperm of Marcus after all they like to have more children right?

      Anyway, Tina is always the cause of Bette’s heartaches. Maybe you should teach her some lessons. Give B some girl who would be willing to take care of her but please not Jodie. Hehe

    5. Say what! Oh lord, there’s only one good way this can end- and that is Tina broke up with Henry and self inseminated with anyone’s sperm but his. And this was done out because she thought she’d never get Bette back and was going to create her own family…leaving the door open for a reunion when they both need support during their pregnancies! Your stories are always wonderful, so I can’t wait to see what comes next!

    6. I do want the share this with Alice and Shane, but I…” Bette looked out the window for a moment, and then looked back at her sister, her eyes filling with tears. “I just want this to be ours for a while,” she said. “I just want to experience the first trimester with the two of us. Then, when I’m past the “danger zone”,” Bette used her fingers to indicate quotation marks. “Then I’ll tell everyone. Do you mind?” She asked her big sister.

      My heart breaks for Bette. She didn’t even get to see her baby on the sonogram or feel it move or even have the doctor confirm that everything looks good for her to enjoy her pregnancy experience before Tina enters the picture to steal her thunder and probably destroy her happiness.

      Regardless of whether it’s Henry’s baby or she got pregnant by someone else I hope Tina isn’t using it as a ploy to get Bette back, and I certainly hope Bette’s pregnancy doesn’t take a backseat to Tina’s. She’s obviously further along and probably past the danger zone so Bette better focus on her own health and well-being.

      I’ve very mixed feelings about the turn of events and I am shocked that you would take the story in this direction but we’ll just have to wait and see what you have in mind.

    7. OMG Im hanging off the cliff :) update please. Running out Tibette stories to read everyone of the authors Ive stumbled on from the comment sections have been great. Not sure why some wrote and never finished theirs stories. I know its summer but please post the next chapters soon……

    8. Wow! Seahurst! That is an amazing cliffhanger! I’ve reread many of your stories and remember why I loved your writing. You do put your words together very well and create quite the incredible story lines. Thank you! I have to say that I didn’t see that one coming ( Tina being pregnant) And like the others, I hope it isn’t with Hendick, but it is your story and you’ll write it your way! Can’t wait to see where you take this one.

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