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    Real Tibette – Thanksgiving 2023

    ‘I love this room when it’s like this,’ Bette said.

    Tina smiled. ‘You’re a mind reader.’

    Her voice was husky, had been off and on for weeks now. A summer cold followed by flights to the west coast for AMPTP stuff had dried out her vocal cords. The doctor advised fluids and not talking.

    The kettle boiled again and Bette poured water on a camomile tea bag. ‘Honey?’ she asked.

    ‘Yes, sweetie pie?’

    Bette smiled at their old joke, and at the way Tina looked up from stroking Solly. Her hair in her eyes in a most becoming way.

    ‘Sure,’ Tina said.

    Bette went to the cupboard. ‘I’m not sure this is a good idea, y’know.’


    ‘Giving you honey when your voice is so sexy like that.’

    Tina chuckled. ‘I sound like Bette Davis in All About Eve.’

    ‘My namesake!’

    Tina laughed. ‘It’s pronounced “Betty”. I just say it that way to make you happy.’

    ‘Good,’ said Bette, bringing their cups and the honey to the table. She leaned down to kiss Tina then stopped. ‘I like being indulged.’

    A look of deep, drowsy affection passed between them. Bette leaned closer and almost rubbed her nose against Tina’s, then sat down. Tina added honey. Solly flopped down on top of her left foot.

    ‘Busy brain?’ she asked, after a minute.

    ‘Mhmm.’ Bette was quiet, outlining the handle on her cup. ‘Busy but not productive. I thought I had an idea, but then it got away from me again.’

    Tina watched her. The success of her memoir, which came out in September, had had a mixed effect. It proved to Bette that she could write, but she worried about how to follow it.

    ‘You’ll find something,’ Tina said reassuringly. ‘Harry believes in you. And he knows shit from Shinola.’

    Bette laughed at the accent Tina adopted – not a bad approximation of Harry’s Brooklyn drawl. She reached across and squeezed her wife’s hand. Then pulled her chair in and put her arm around Tina. Tina leaned her head on Bette’s shoulder. Bette kissed her hair.

    ‘How are you?’ she asked.

    Tina hesitated, then: ‘Been better.’

    Bette held her a little closer. Work had been heavy for Tina lately. The SAG-AFTRA strike had ended, but the implications of the deal meant that a slew of decisions needed to be made, and made fast. Scripts had to be fast-tracked. Teams put on notice to return. And being on the unpopular side hadn’t been fun.


    1. Hey pal,

      ‘Waves’ from across the pond!!

      Is it really as simple as just ask & receive??? Ha!!!

      I’m waiting on a relative to arrive at my home & got the hot news flash that you had posted an update!! My heart sped up & of course I had to seed for myself. What a huge surprise & a much welcome one.

      Thank you in advance & I’ll comment further when I’ve consumed every word!!


    2. I love this TiBette Universe you have created and I keep coming back to read your stories. I was really excited to see you had posted again and I loved this new chapter. Please keep writing! And thank you for the stories!

      • Hi there, alisanne
        How nice to meet you and to hear that you like this little world. That makes me so happy.
        I will keep updating this family – Christmas story is in the works. Also one for Another Left Turn, if I can manage it.
        Thank you for your encouragement. It means a great deal.

    3. Totally AGREE w/these comments. NOT surprised that the REAL Tibette fam is adorably caotic as evah!!!

      After u’ve calmed down from from the Holloman exhibit maybe there’s a chapter wth yall meeting up wth the Kennard-Porters . . .

      • Hi Dumplin!
        Yes, I’m enjoying the family growing up – working out what the kids are into and how having Alice in NY affects things. There’s a lot of moving parts. Thanks for taking the time to read it and comment. Means a lot.
        Take care

    4. Largo,
      I correct the previous comment . . . DISagree that U have been “arrogant” by calling this masterpiece as “REAL”. Pfff! It certainly I S that!!!

      Authors on this site have enraptured us with exquisite insight in filling gaps that were not revealed in TLW nor GenQ.

      BaddAss Writers U r!!!!

    5. This was so needed, missed & delicious to deavour.

      Excellent writing as per your usual postings.

      Tibette has so perfectly fit themselves into each other & draw such strength from one another.

      And Angie, trying her hardest to find the right fit & balance in her life & love. Hopefully we’ll get to read in the not to distant future who she meets & really falls in love with.

      Overall, a gem & this will join all your other endeavours as my all,time favorites.

      Thanks for making our holidays a bit more grateful & joyful.

      All my best.

        • Hey D,

          Yes, we are very blessed. I deeply appreciate the efforts of all the writers on this site for giving of their time & creativity in imagining these wonderful stories.

          We all need joy in our lives in any form.

          Take care my friend.

          • Thank you for your lovely comments. It means so much to me that you enjoy this Tibette world. I like writing them as a solid team in, as you say, a big messy family, just filled with love and support. Everything we never, ever, saw on the show.
            Thanks, friends

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